10 best cartoons for children

It is hot summer time, we spend the summer vacation with the children, and there is no way out during the day because of the parents’ work. Children’s movies may be one option that distracts them, so choose what teaches them the love of adventure, the choice of friendships, fun and escape in their imagination and the many, many wisdoms that movie characters represent.

Watch 10 movie options with us, we’ll give you summaries about them, and you and your kids will share your thoughts on watching them.

1- Disgusting (disgusting)

The movie (Abominable) and the discovery of the ice man

The film deals with the discovery of the child “Yi” and her friends of the famous mythical creature “Iceman” on the roof of their house, and how she and her friends dare to return the Iceman to his original home on the “Everest” mountain, despite the attempts of their evil neighbor to keep

2- The Addams Family (The Addams Family)

The Addams Family Weird Movie

The first original feature version of this film was released in the 1990s, and it was a great success in the sequel. This film, the second version, brings “The Addams Family” back to the big screen with cartoon characters. The film deals with the life of the eccentric Addams family, and the friendship that unites daughter “Wednesday” with a new girlfriend, which incites a feud between the two families.

3- Toy story 4 (Toy Story 4)

The movie (Toy Story 4) and the story of the game Forky

The film represents the fourth part of the popular animated series (Toy Story), and deals with the merging of a new game named “Forky” who suffers from an identity crisis and does not know if it is a game or just garbage, until the rest of the games accept it, led by “Andy” among with them, and a new adventure begins.

4- The Secret Life of Pets 2 (The Secret Life of Pets 2)

The film (The Secret Life of Pets 2) is about what animals do in the absence of their owners

The film answers the question: “What do pets do when their owners are away from home?” Where the second part continues the stories about pets presented in the first part, after the evil rabbit (Kevin Hart) turns into a gentle pet adopted by a kind family, and the film also focuses on the character of the dog Max (Patton Roslet) after the new child joins the family that is raising him.

5. The movie Chicken (Coco)

The movie (Coco) and the child Miguel who dreams of being a star

Of Disney’s 3D films, it is a BAFTA award-winning film for best animated film, and the film tells the story of 12-year-old Miguel Rivera. Where he lives in a small town in Mexico and has a great passion for music, and wants to become a star like: “Ernesto de la Cruz”, despite the prohibition of music in his family, and decides to go visit the shrine of “Ernesto” on the Day of the Dead, which is held every year, where he ends up in the land of the dead, where he can meet his dead family and find out their secrets.

6. The movie Mr. Fox Follow Favorite

The movie (Mr. Fox) and the fox that steals chickens

Mr. Fox is one of the prominent animated films, and its story revolves around a fox, who chases and steals turkeys and chickens, and when he steals the farm, he is arrested along with his wife, and Fox stops stealing and looks for another job. And he moved to live next to a tree near one of the facilities, which are run by evil farmers: Walter Nathinal and Franklin, and they are trying to get rid of Fox, so Mr. Fox decides to oppose them.

7. The movie Moana favourite

The movie (Moana) is about a girl who saved the people of her island

One of the Disney movies that was shot in 2016. The film is about a girl Moana, born on the island “Mononoi”, the daughter of the island’s leader, who loved to sail since childhood, but her father prevented her from doing so, and the island is exposed to the danger of being controlled by darkness and the ocean chooses Moana to save her people, in the film, Moana dares to save the people of her island from danger, through the most sacrificial situations.

8. The movie The emperor’s new groove(The Emperor’s New Life)

The movie (The Emperor’s New Life) and the emperor who offers himself a summer resort!

An animated Disney film that revolves around Emperor Casco, who decides to give himself a holiday resort that he builds on one of the hills for his birthday.

9 – Klaus Klaus (Klaus)

Wolf (Klaus) and the story of the spoiled child Jasper

This movie will bring the family together to watch it because it deals in a simple comic frame with the life of a rich, spoiled young man “Jasper” whose father is angry with him for his constant lack of education and all, so he decides to send him to work as a postman on a polar island with a limited population, and he has the task of distributing a certain number of stamps. Post, in the middle of the film we discover that we are getting to know the fictional story behind the beginning of the legend of Santa Claus from the filmmaker’s point of view.

10 – up (above)

Film (above) Walnut Carl, who has regained hope

The third Pixar movie that deserves to be among the top 10 animated movies is the romantic movie Father which focuses on the scenes of old Carl’s memories of his wife and their beautiful love story that he still lives in her memory isolated from the world, who died and left him alone to live only to realize Her dream is to go to the forests of South America; But he doesn’t want to leave their home full of his memories with her, he deserves up Being a family film with a lot for adults and children to learn through Carl’s journey with the child Russell, whom fate has sent to disturb him a little; But with this inconvenience, Carl finds that he can still enjoy life again.

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