A retired player between satellite channel fame and coaching difficulties

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A large number of our retired players prefer the field of sports analytics, moving away from the coaching job, and satellite sports channels are teeming with a huge number of analysts who can achieve their goals under the cameras, but also by taking the easiest paths to fame and securing the future, unlike training, which he may need “courses”, continuing courses and certifications, and above all, the coach may not find a club that oversees his training, as we currently see in most local leagues, from the large number of national coaches that are shrinking, because there is only one coach in ADNOC to the professional league, he is Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, the technical director of the Khorfakkan club, while there are 6 citizens out of 17 coaches in the “amateur” league.


A number of these analysts made an unprecedented move on television, and the viewer waited and waited for a series of retired players to appear, to give their opinion, to analyze one of the matches of the professional league, and some of them gained experience by constantly attending the analysis of the matches, at the time when many players of our citizens are still Mu’tazila must pause before entering the difficult arena.


Muhammad Matar Ghorab, a technical analyst, confirmed that the technical analysis studio gives a player faster fame, but the path to training can be long and thorny, requires courses and has many obstacles.

He added: I still do not see a clear policy of localization of the coaching profession and I believe that the coach is tired of obtaining various licenses and certificates, and in the end he does not find a place that suits him in professional clubs, and Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, the coach of Khorfakkan, is the only one of the other coaches who has secured a firm place among the national coaches in the ADNOC professional league, and Al-Anbari is supported by his work, “Sharjah Council”, and therefore we currently see him with Khorfakkan.

Supply and demand

dr. Abdullah Misfer, Hatta’s trainer, confirmed that he considers himself one of the lucky ones who worked together in the field of analysis and training, emphasizing that every job depends on a person’s orientation and the level of his expertise in it, and said: There are big differences between analysis and training, which depends on many procedures related to courses and courses, then certificates and practical experience, and after this effort, the former player may not find the right club.

Mesfer believed that working in match analysis is the fastest and easiest for anyone who wants to improve their financial situation, and it is always related to supply and demand, and it is obvious that when the offer of analysis is good, the vast majority of retired players cannot return to work . rather than training that requires a lot of work and a half-day program. .


Mesfer noted that the analysis has freedom and creativity, and shows the individual abilities of the analyst, especially if the analyst is one of those who are distinguished by several characteristics, among which are gaffes and lightness, in contrast to training, in which the collective is overpowered. technical staff performance.


Badr Hareb, a star and former administrator of Al Wasl club, said that working in the analysis studios depends on personal characteristics, and the desire of a former player is considered a desire. As for training, it depends on several things, including the presence of the coach’s “charisma”, and he said: There are more ex-players who have a coaching license.(C), but he prefers a career in analytical work.

He added: The pressure is always on coaches, unlike analysts, whose work ends with the completion of the analytical study, and then thinking and preparing for the next episode, which can be a week later. Some do not want to enter into a direct clash with the players and the audience, so they shorten the journey and resort to the title of technical analyst. Training requires continuous work throughout the week, and the creation of training plans. In case of defeat or victory, training requires patience and the ability to face difficulties.


Jamal Al-Hassani, the former coach of Masafi and Al-Hamriyah, confirmed that it is not a requirement to be a player or a star, in order to master analytical things in football, in which there are many and accurate details, and said: He found with the professional staff of the clubs a coach specialized in analyzing matches and analyzing the performance of the opposing team, as well as analyzing the performance of the club’s players.

He said: The rapid trend of retired stars into the profession of technical analysis is summed up in the player’s fame and his relationship with satellite channels, and in this case, the path is paved for him.

There are players aged 32 and over who appeared on television channels right after retirement.

Emphasizing that this shortens the time, and they do not want to enter permanent training courses, and acquire C, B, A, Pro certificates, which are licenses that allow a coach to take over the job of a coach, and said: The field of technical analysis is very tempting, and it is an available job, and in contrast, when a player thinks about an idea or is interested in entering the coaching field, he looks to the future of this profession and its advantages, in the light of the great neglect of former coaches and their lack of sufficient opportunities in clubs, which do not favor civil trainer.

He continued, logically, the direction of the Mu’tazili analysis is the right decision.


The expert, Jamal Al-Hassani, gave important advice and messages to analysts who want to enter this field, to attend several specialized courses in this field, in order to benefit and benefit the viewer, and I believe that the field of technical analysis is great, and yes to convince the viewer, you must have presence, culture and information, and the analyst must choose the appropriate terminology, which is consistent with the match.

And he continued: Many times we hear the terminology for some analysts, whether they are on our local channels or external Arab channels, who make mistakes and miss, and some do not distinguish the style of play from the plan, and there are those who say that the mistake is tactical and not technical and so on.


The list of retired players who have gone to the studios for analysis includes many veterans, along with a few names who entered the field directly, including Fahd Khamis, Mohsen Musabih, Abdul Rahman Muhammad, Badr Hareb, Ismail Rashid, Yasser Salem, Ali Masri, Fahd Ali , Abdul Basit Muhammad, Ahmed Saeed, Saleh Obaid, Ayedh Mabkhout, Muhammad Sorour, Bashir Saeed, Muhammad bin Kadfu, Moataz Abdullah, Youssef Abdel Aziz, Ammar Al Dokhi, Bakhit Saad, Sultan Rashid and others.


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