She spent her childhood in America and changed her sect to divorce her husband and Ahmed Zaki beat her!!.. Secrets and secrets about Hala Sidqa!!

She diversified her roles between comedic and tragic roles and worked with great directors such as Atef Al-Tayeb and Youssef Chahine. So far, she has participated in the presentation of about one hundred and forty works, and she continues to give more, but that did not stop her from getting engaged and gives birth to children, so she married twice and had a son and a daughter.

The artist Hala Sedky, real name Hala Sedky, George Younan, was born on June 15, 1961 in Cairo, Egypt, to a well-to-do Egyptian family. She spent her childhood in the United States of America, and then returned to Egypt to study all levels of education in schools in Cairo.

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Swimming was her hobby in childhood and she practiced it a lot, and she participated in numerous tournaments

The artist Hala Sedky began her relationship with art after returning to Egypt with the director Nour Al-Demerdash, in the series (No, My Dear Daughter) in 1979, and her starting point was in the series (The Million’s Journey), and the period of the eighties the twentieth century is considered the beginning of its true glory.

The artist Hala Sedky has presented many prominent works of art during her career, which has continued to this day and has become one of the brightest stars. The artist Hala Sedky has participated in many dramas, the most prominent of which are:

“Egyptian Papers”, “Communication of the Public Prosecutor”, “Cave, Illusion and Love”, “Officer and Criminal”, “Righteous Father”, “Mother’s Nut”, “Mother-in-law”, “Jewish Quarter”, “Arabesque”, ​​​​”Adly Allam’s goblins”, “Man from the age of globalization”, “Arafat Al-Bahr.

The artist Hala Sidqi participates in the series “Faten Amal Harby” with Nelly Karim, the release of which is planned for the coming month of Ramadan 2022, where Hala embodies the role of an employee in the real estate registry, who is Nelly Karim’s colleague at work, with whom she returns to the Ramadan drama after a two-year absence.

She produced one series, “Jawz Mama, Part 1”, which was shown in 2010, starring: Talaat Zakaria, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, Engy Wegdan, Amr Osama, Salwa Azab and others, and the artist Hala Sidqi participated in several radio series, including: “Blago”, “Hulusi is a private guard” and others.

An artist, Hala Sidqi, married an Egyptian, “Magdi William”, and this marriage ended in divorce after her sect changed from Coptic to Syrian, and she continued through the courts for 8 years, then married a lawyer, “Sami Sameh Zakaria”. in 2007 and gave birth to twins, Youssef and Mary.

After a long struggle of various disagreements between Hala and her husband Sami, the separation and divorce came about through a video clip that the husband broadcast from his place of residence in America, in light of the statements with which Hala condemned him in her television article in 2020.

The artist Hala Sedky in one of the media interviews revealed the scenes of the filming of the movie “Escape” with the late star Ahmed Zaki, and she said: “Ahmed Zaki hit me with a pencil and it was a hard blow.” that the humanitarian organization that was on its ship was flying, and when the director said that the scene would be repeated, I cried because I was afraid that I would be hit.” Ahmed Zaki Lee.

But despite that, I enjoyed working with him, because he is a human being and an artist in the full sense of the word.” In 2019, artist Hala Sidqi survived a terrible car accident that nearly killed her and her children.

Actress Hala Sidqi denied what was written about her marriage in order to get American residency, a “green card”, confirming that she got American citizenship at the age of 18 and continued: “I helped him get residency, not the other way around.”

Hala Sidqi revealed the reason behind the dispute with actress Ghada Adel, over the arrangement of names in the sequence of Adly Allam’s series ‘Goblini’, and she explained that the quarrel occurred because Ghada’s name was written before her name in the sequence. , although the scope of her role is equal to that of Ghada Adel, and maybe more.

Also, her contract included putting her name second to the artist’s name, Adel Imam, and Sidqi said: “My name was included in the contract, second to Adel Imam, and it was her husband who refused and was not the producer or director.”

Muhammad Ramadan is the artist closest to the embodiment of Ahmed Zaki’s personality. Artist Hala Sedky confirmed that artists Amr Saad and Muhammad Ramadan are capable of embodying the personality of Ahmed Zaki in works of art.

Although the artist Ahmed Zaki refused to let the secrets come out after his life, noting that the artist Mohamed Ramadan is the closest to it.

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