Tablia Ashmawy is waiting for his wife’s killer in Damietta

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he sat down in his room per floor Earth, distance quarrel Verbal with his wife, You’re flirting in his head ideas black like black night, And inside it Revolution From anger, and the case From despair, suddenly Jump From above its headquarters, Orientation for the room sleep his wife quickly lightning bolt, And without any In water rush in on her paralyzed his movement menu that Fallen unconscious on her Meditate yes it is She passed away it is not Find baby but put on me bed and set it on fire fire with that, And he came out Harry up Ago that devour him flame, And once his exit From House remember his money that in And he came back get on her But Missed Eye his mind that for fate in His story Opinion else.. details Exciting We list it in lines Following.

The chapters of that tragic story began in Basarta villageconnected withDamietta GovernorateMore than 10 years ago, while Hadaya lived with her small family in a simple house full of kindness and tolerance, Hadaya obtained a technical degree, after which she proposed to her cousin Muhammad, despite the difference in the level of education between them, because he did not share her education since he works as a farmer, but Hedaya agreed to marry him, and soon their wedding took place amid a large family party attended by friends and family.

Gifts spent only a few days in the marital nest, during which she learned the meaning of happiness and true love, and suddenly the life of two lovers turned from a calm into a storm, from love into hatred, and from sympathy into cruelty and violence, permanent and continuous problems between to them, Gifts remained patient with the torment she was living in, she did not ask for a divorce because soon she began to carry a fetus in her womb and she thought that this child would bring them happiness again, but the situation remained the same, and days and years passed and they got have three children, and every time he beat her, she remained silent and unmoved, fearing for the lives of her children. The three of them are from homelessness, if they are the bonds of married life, they were separated, despite the torments she was going through, but she did not want her children live between separated father and mother.

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One morning in June 2022, the husband woke up early, and asked his three children to leave the house to buy bread from one of the bakeries in the village. He was possessed and controlled by Satan, and instead of separating from her or after good sex with her, he decided to end her life with a tragic end without mercy or pity.

He entered the room, pounced on her and paralyzed her movement so she fell unconscious. He thought she had died. He thought for minutes about what to do, until he came up with a satanic plan, which was to set her on fire, and after that he says that the gas stove exploded in the kitchen where food was being prepared, and he began to implement the plan… he poured gasoline on her, then set fire, closed the door of the apartment, and ran away from the house, but came back again because of fear for his money, he tried to take it, and at that time Hedaya started to wake up from a coma, trying to seek help from someone, begging him to save her, but he was busy taking his money And it was justice that he also burned, and the flames surrounded him with his wife.

The fire started to spread, the screams and wails of Hadaya’s neighbors who were trying to put out the fire, and the police were also informed, who immediately came to the scene with an ambulance, the couple was taken to the hospital, and at the same time the three children were returning and found the ambulance to the help that took their parents away, Hadaja was alive Doctors are trying to help her, and her husband is in the same hospital being treated for minor burns, and when they asked him the reason, he said: A butane tube exploded in her, and when he tried to save her and he was injured Urgently, and no one suspected that this husband tried to kill her, until the wife spoke up and told her sister that Muhammad her husband had set her on fire, when she refused to give him his legal right, and her last words to her family were, “Don’t forget my right.” After that, she went into a coma. She stayed for 20 days, after which her soul was taken to heaven. Immediately, her sister informed the detectives, and the husband was arrested, who was evasive and denied his crime. However, an eyewitness examination found that the butane pipe was intact, which refutes his story. However, her family said in the record: There are constant disputes between him. Well, even his children testified that only a week before the crime, he tried to kill them by burning them, and when the prosecutor’s office confronted him with all these conversations and investigations, he broke down and confessed to his crime, and was charged with premeditated murder, and the case was transferred to the Criminal Court, and her family was convinced of the just retribution that the Court would judge.

A state of sadness and shock reigned over the entire village, everyone testified to her morals and good voice, they were not gifts worthy of such an ugly end, and everyone escorted her from her final resting place in a magnificent funeral scene.


After 5 months have passed since that heinous crime, the Criminal Court of Damietta lowered the curtain, and the court ruled headed by Chancellor Ahmed Hossam Al-Najjar, the president of the court, and the membership of counselors Walid Gamal and Muhammad Banawi. , and in the presence of Hossam Abdel-Wadoud, Deputy Public Prosecutor, and Wael Al-Sayed, Secretary, to send the documents of the accused to His Eminence the Mufti of the Republic to take a legal opinion on the execution of the accused, and scheduled the next session for December 9 to pronounce the verdict. Let this verdict be the title of the truth and the end of the callous husband who committed a crime that chills his bones and breaks his heart, so what did he reap?!, Nothing but killing a soul without guilt or leaving his three children orphaned and deprived of the tenderness of a mother and the support of a father , because his life will also end in execution.

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