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Iman Balti

“Ramadan” was nothing but a man who was misled by his shaytan, and his misfortunes haunted him, in his youth and in his old age, and he became a 50-year-old son and had a family to support in the complete absence of consciousness. Take drugsand exaggerate violent behaviorIt was even his custom to go out in front of people at night to frighten, steal and attack them, and since whoever lived by something died by it, he went out to a young man with his wife and wished her harm, but she refused and became stubborn, and her husband managed to save people from the evil “Ramadan”, after killing him. In defense of his honor and honor. The details of that incident, which took place in the village of Denshway in Menoufia province, are narrated in the following lines.

Briefly, “Bassem” accompanied his wife to one of his relatives to visit him after the wedding ceremony, and on the way back they took a shortcut to his village, and since the road was dirt, with curves and bumps, the speed of “Bassem” ” on his motorcycle that he and his wife were riding was small, and because she was also nine months pregnant.

In a dark bend, “Bassem” was surprised by a masked man with a thick bat in his hand, and at that moment the masked man hit the motorcycle with the bat until he fell off the motorcycle, “Bassem” in the agricultural pool, and his wife on the road.

He defended his honor

After the wife fell to the ground, they hit her on the legs, causing her to lose mobility, and then attacked her, trying to tear her clothes. But his wife resisted him with all her strength, until Bassem got out of this pool, and as soon as he saw his wife in this situation, they defended her and offered to give him her money and phones in exchange for leaving his wife. But the masked man, Ramadan, refused to accede to his request. Instead, he persevered and picked up his stick and hit “Bassem” several times on the body with the stick, causing him many injuries, but “Bassem” managed to pick up the stick from him, and as soon as he took it, he beat him.

After “Ramadan” fell to the ground, “Bassem” left him and went to his wife to check on him. At that time, “Ramadan” took a stone and they hit “Bassem” on the head to kill him, but “Bassem” dodged the blow, and he started hitting “Ramadan” with the stick until his head bled. After making sure that Ramadan had completely lost consciousness, he took his wife, who was also unconscious, with traces of bleeding on her body, to the hospital, and there, after examining her wife and her fetus, she went to the Martyr Police Station. and reported her death. A report was issued about the event under the number 16428 Šehidi misdemeanor for the year 2022.


Immediately after the report, the security forces of the Martyrs’ House, under the direction of the investigating inspector, the head of the investigation, and the team of the Criminal Department and the State Prosecutor’s Office, went to the scene. There they found “Ramadan” lying on the ground, and after they were sure he was dead, he was transferred to the hospital morgue, and it took about 24 hours, nobody recognized him, until his picture was published on Facebook, and his family recognized him and went to the hospital to find out how he died and what happened to him.

In her interview with “Akhbar Al-Hadath”, Bassem’s wife said, describing what happened to her: “We were at my uncle’s house, blessing his son after his joy, and half an hour after the evening prayer, we lost our souls, and while we were on the road, a large and bulky man came out in front of us, with a stick made of Naboth, and hit the motorcycle hard, so we fell, and the first time I fell to the ground, he hit me on the back with a stick, and he attacked and cut off the black abaya I was wearing, took off my veil and pulled my hair.”

And she added: “Then my husband managed to get out of the cage he fell into, and he told him to leave her and take everything he wanted, money and mobile phones, and he said that you are forbidden to do that.” to harm her. But after that he got up and grabbed his clubs and hit him with them, and when he fell to the ground, he ran over me to make sure I was okay. met a man who stood up with a stone in his hand. Then in the name of Josie he hit him with his prophecy, after that I passed out, and I passed out only in the hospital.


“Hazem Sobhy,” Bassem’s lawyer, adds “News about the accidentThe husband, Bassem, was returning from the woman’s family, to congratulate the wedding of one of the woman’s relatives, riding a motorcycle, and took a short agricultural dirt road, but this road was almost unknown, and there were no pedestrians, the husband rode the bike calmly because his wife was nine months pregnant, and in the middle of the road, next to the little bridge, and on the side of the bridge there is agricultural land, with a nest, he was surprised when a bandit, masked and of strong build, with a big club, came out to them, and he was very hit the motorcycle and Bassem and his wife fell to the ground, he then beat Bassem’s wife who was on her back to immobilize her and allow him to attack her. As for Bassem, he fell into the agricultural water basin, and when tried to come out to defend his honor and honor, the unemployed man hit him several times with a bat, and Bassem receiving blows with his hand until his hand was swollen, and he begged the unemployed man to leave his wife in exchange for all his money and his cell phone, but this man is wanted something other than stealing.”

And he continued: “The bully Ramadan, as his wife explained, was in an argument with him, and they broke up 3 years ago, because of his drugs, and because of his frequent use of those substances, she preferred to live with her children in a rented house away from him.”

And he concluded: “My client, as soon as he informed the police about the incident, did not hesitate to surrender, and the investigation into the incident was taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office of Fallen Fighters, and “Bassem” was seized, and on October 29, a decision was issued to release him. on bail of 5 thousand pounds, and then the prosecution appealed against the decision. And on October 30th the decision was changed to jail Bassem for 15 days pending trial, then on November 12th he was released on £5k bail, then on the 13th the sentence was appealed and the decision was changed to extend the prison term for 15 days until the final report. Forensic medicine and explanation of the cause of death of the deceased man, and I see that the decision to extend it to him is in our favor, especially since the family to which “Ramadan” belongs did not understand the situation, and they did not see that “Ramadan ” made a mistake. when he attacked a young man and his wife, and they repeatedly sent verbal threatening messages. Therefore, Bassem is imprisoned pending investigation, which I think is fair to stop the bloodshed between the two families, especially since the family of the dead man is waiting for him to be released.

And about the black “Ramadan” file and his ancient criminal history, lawyer “Muhammad Saltah,” who volunteered to defend “Bassem” after learning about the incident, said: “A dead man will not be his only misfortune, on the same day, on in the same place, and half an hour before the incident. He mowed down 3 people, but when they almost beat him up, he ran away from them, and then returned and stalked Bassem and his wife, and added: Bassem was defending his wife in legitimate defense, and that we will prove with evidence, because he was under the influence of fear for his wife, who found her bleeding, so something like epilepsy happened to him, and he struck “Ramadan” until he realized how many blows he had struck him.

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