The government is increasing fines for trespassing on state land and charitable trusts

During today’s meeting, chaired by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, at the government headquarters in the new administrative capital, the Council of Ministers approved a draft law on amendments to some provisions of the Criminal Code promulgated by Law no. 58 from 1937, in order for the state to provide full protection for the land it owns and for charitable publications. in order to achieve complete deterrence.

The amendment prescribes the creation of an obligation, whose source is the law, for companies in charge of the management and operation of basic communal services, such as electricity, water and gas, to disconnect these facilities, and not to connect or transfer them, depending on the circumstances. , to the property that is the subject of the violation, until the violation is eliminated, provided that it is considered a criminal offense against honor and trust. from the public sector or any other entity whose funds are considered public funds by law or are in the possession of any of them. These are criminal offenses for which the law has recently provided for stricter penalties.

The council also agreed Several decisions were made, the most notable of which is the approval of the draft law regulating the General Directorate for Meteorology, as a public service body, for managing the meteorological facility, providing meteorological services and proposing a general policy in this area at the level of the Republic, taking into account what he considers necessary to achieve this.

The draft law stipulates that the Main Meteorological Administration specializes in the provision of all meteorological services, of all types and purposes, at all local, regional and international levels, in accordance with local, regional and international laws, regulations and procedures, to which the state is committed, and in accordance with the best standards approved by the organization World Meteorological Agency, and the Administration is responsible for broadcasting in various media.

The body’s task also includes issuing the necessary licenses and approvals for performing any activity in the field of meteorology, and work on the contribution of the private sector to the provision and expansion of meteorological services, with supervision of the establishment and preparation of meteorological and maritime meteorological stations necessary for the operation of all interested bodies in the state, institutions civil society and individuals. Legal and physical bodies dealing with meteorology, organization of processes for capturing, distribution and exchange of meteorological information, and their international broadcasting and participation in the study and research of accidents that occur in the country as a result of weather changes, in order to discover their causes and worked to avoid them in the future, while contributing to the stimulation of scientific research in the field of meteorology.

The Directorate is also responsible for representing Egypt in international organizations, bodies, federations, conferences and meetings related to meteorological issues, and monitoring scientific developments and aspects of activities in the field of meteorology.

The draft law stipulates that whoever commits acts involving the provision of meteorological services of any kind, the establishment or management of meteorological stations of any kind or meteorological forecasting centers shall be fined not less than 100,000 Egyptian pounds and not more than 5 million. Egyptian pounds. Alter the operation of the authority without obtaining a license from the authority, or post any inaccurate information related to meteorology or weather conditions on social media or by any means of publication.

The same penalty shall apply to anyone who issues any meteorological data, information, bulletins or studies, falsely attributing them to the Agency, or who purchases meteorological equipment or stations or stations specialized in measuring solar radiation, ozone or “agricultural weather” without a competent authority, or contrary to the technical specifications approved by it, and the court decides – in all cases – confiscation of devices, equipment and tools used in the commission of a criminal offense in favor of the competent authority.

The Council of Ministers also approved a draft law establishing the “Egyptian Intellectual Property Authority” as a public body specialized in the regulation, care and protection of intellectual property rights in the country, in accordance with Egypt’s relevant international obligations, while working to employ an intellectual property system in a manner which ensures a balance between the protection of these rights. To achieve economic, social, cultural and technological development and to build a knowledge economy.

This step comes as part of efforts to manage the institutional structure of this file, as one of the objectives of the National Intellectual Property Strategy (2022-2027) launched last September, under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.

The draft law defines the scope of work of the “Egyptian Intellectual Property Authority” so that it prepares and updates the national strategy for intellectual property, as well as the establishment of the necessary executive mechanisms for its activation and monitoring of its implementation in cooperation with the competent ministries and bodies, along with the registration of intellectual property rights , their registration, storage and allocation of protective documents as specified in the Protection Act. Intellectual property rights promulgated by Law No. 82 of 2002, as well as the preparation of a unified database and information on intellectual property rights, and use them in the development of the intellectual property system and make available to everyone within the limits of the provisions of the aforementioned Law on the Protection of Intellectual Property, while encouraging researchers, inventors, startups, and owners of medium and small and micro projects, in coordination with the competent authorities, in order to register their research results, inventions, creations and other intellectual property rights and obtain the necessary protection documents for them, in order to maximize their exploitation and benefit from them economically.

The Council of Ministers approved the draft of the Prime Minister’s decision on amending and supplementing some provisions of the executive regulations of the Law on the Regulation of Universities promulgated by Law no. 49 from 1972, regarding the establishment of the Faculty of Science at Luxor University, within the framework of the desire to develop the university education system and provide scientific disciplines to reduce alienation.

The Council of Ministers approved the draft decision of the government on the establishment of a private free zone called “Forward Egypt” a company for the sports and football industry, on a plot of 25,200 square meters in the industrial zone in the city of the tenth of Ramadan. in Sharkia Governorate.

The establishment of this private free zone aims to work in the field of production and production of all sports goods, and the storage of chemicals necessary for the production of sportswear and balls for international brands, since it will include 3 factories for soccer balls, shoes and sportswear and chemical trade, with a capital of 10 dirhams Millions of dollars, investment costs estimated at about 22 million dollars, and a workforce of about 800 workers, with an obligation to export no less than 80% of production.

It is planned that the football factory will be on an area of ​​7,000 square meters, and the sports shoes factory on an area of ​​14,000 square meters for the production of about 600,000 pairs of leather and sports shoes per year for international brands, as well as the establishment of a sports clothing factory to supply the local market and export.

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