3 games of the start of the second round of the First Handball League .. today

One of the competitions in the last round of the league between Al-Bashir and Muscat


Oman Club is in the lead, and Ahly Sidab jumps to second place

The Handball First League continues with the competition in the last round of the first round in which there were fluctuations in the rankings, and this fluctuation could increase with the beginning of the second round considering the fight for the first four cards that will compete for the first three places at the end of the league, while they will be competing for Vruće od žeravice in the fifth place, which 4 clubs want to escape in fear of the podium, and the second round of competition starts tomorrow, during which 3 games will be held, and all will be held at four o’clock in the afternoon, because Nizwa Sports Complex hall host Nizwa club for Al-Seeb club, in When the people of Sidab will be the guests of the youth in the Rustaq Complex hall, the most exciting match will be in the main hall of Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher, which will bring together the Oman and Al- Basher.

Oman Club is the strongest offensively and defensively

The results of the first round of the league competition are concluded with several statistics, the most prominent of which is perhaps Oman Club, which won the title of the best team in defense and attack, and this is not surprising considering the capabilities of its players, because the players of Oman Club scored 193 goals, and on in second place is Al-Ahly Sidab with 173 goals, then Muscat Club with 154. In terms of defense, the strongest team was Oman Club who scored 108 goals, then Al-Bashaer Club with 117 goals, then Muscat Club with 125 goals. The weakest offensive line was Nizwa Club, which scored only 112 goals, while the weakest defense was Al-Shabab Club, which conceded 234 goals. That Oman Club achieved a full score in the first round and won all matches, while Al-Shabab Club and Nizwa have failed to win in the past six matches.

Nizwa and Seeb

It seems that Al-Seeb club will have a different opinion in this role, especially after the victory over Al-Bashaer in the last game of the first leg, which wanted to send the message that Al-Seeb is still present and able to compete strongly, as the expectations indicated that Al-Bashaer would win, but Al-Seeb reflected with the strength and determination of their players. This is in light of the excessive nervousness of Al-Bashir players and their departure from focus in the match to finish 21/25 in favor of Al-Seeb, so Al-Seeb will be impulsive with this win and will not be complacent, especially if we get back on track of the first game in which Nizwa were able to embarrass Al-Seeb and take advantage of them in the first half of the first half of the match, and Yahya Al-Mashari, the coach of Al-Seeb, realizes that his players have a lot to offer and they just have to focus on the flow of the match and apply technical plans and successful dribbles to ensure the result of the match and win it. On the other hand, Nizwa led by coach Hassan Ibrahim is aware of the difficulty of the task, but it is not impossible, but the team’s draw in the last match against Al-Shabab can cast a shadow to Nizwa Club who wants to stay alive this season, and that may seem difficult. If the team is tied in the next matches, especially those that will be in the second phase, their defeat will also be very difficult and expensive.

Ahli Sidab is on an easy mission

As for Ahly Sidab, who moves to the Rustaq Complex, his path will not be full of danger due to the different results between the two teams and the elements that each of them possesses. The team jumped from fourth place to second place, and Al-Ahly coach Sidab Al- The smaller Bou Ghattas may rest some of his players as he faces a tough match with Al-Bashir on the second day which is tougher than this match, but the match should not be completely tolerated as the real result will be after the original match time. On the other hand, Al-Shabab Club, led by Ali Al-Maawali, will try to lose at the lowest cost due to the difference in opportunities, but will also have a role in preparing its players for this role, which will be decisive in the end and may affect the other league stage, as Al-Shabab wants to continue its presence in the league. The first league after it was present in the last season in it.

Oman and Al-Bashir.. a strong top

The meeting at the top is expected to be strong between Oman Club and Al-Bashaer. The Omani Club lives in the best condition and Ben does not want the beginning in this role to be modest, but wants to continue to be at the top of the standings and gradually get closer to preserving the championship title. The first match ended with Oman Club’s victory with a score of 17/22 and surely Oman Club also wants to continue, even if the goal difference is greater than 5, while Al-Bashaer wants the opposite, and that the team has a reaction after the unexpected defeat against Al-Bashaer Club . Therefore, Muhammad Nawar’s teammates want to put their hands firmly in this game and for the team to win in it and thus turn around. teams confused with the start of the second round to determine which four clubs will qualify to compete for the top three places. On the other hand, Oman Club will not ignore that strong start and early preparations to start the league competitions, as it is the first team which started preparations for the league and the only team that went to the away camp preparing for the start of the season, because there will certainly be fun in this match, and the winner must be judged at the end of the original match time.

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