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I still don’t know why you agreed to marry me? Among the village youth, there were more handsome, educated, cultured and respectable than me. They deserve the honor of hanging out with their daughter and the owner of the screaming beauty.. But suddenly I found her smiling at me. I am her neighbor and relative from afar. I actually didn’t believe her looks, until my sister calmed me down and told me that divi. Then, in our first meeting, she told me everything, she said, “Your morality attracted me and I convinced you of your future, and I did not look at your poverty and dark skin.. Days passed.. and recently I understood the answer to that perplexing question, and I knew that all this love was a mirage, and that the daughter of being would not change my heart.” your life and accept poverty regardless of how your heart directs it.

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Everyone whispered in amazement after the announcement of the engagement of a poor young man and a rich girl, questions about the two of them continued, and eyes were waiting to see what fate their relationship would have?! Whether the marriage would be consummated or not, but that young man did not care about all that, because he gained a security that made him ignore everything, when the girl told him that he was her only love.

The year of engagement passed without any problems, during which the young man was obedient, did not refuse her request, exchanged gifts and words of courtship, but she was happy and satisfied, and the two lived a beautiful dream, which culminated in marriage.

The husband was well aware of his poverty, so his salary from working in the analysis laboratory would not bring him the happiness he wished for his wife, nor compensate her for even a part of the rich life she lived in her father’s house. .
So he tried to make his love for her and work for her pleasure and obedience a part to compensate for his lack of resourcefulness to her repeated requests, but things didn’t go as he wanted.

The woman began to rebel against him whenever he refused her request, until she complained to her father, who intervened and gave her enough money to meet her own needs, but the young husband refused and forced her to return the money to her father.. Therefore. problems between the two sides began to grow.

The husband tried to convince the wife to look for more than one job in order to increase her income, but the girl was impatient, she left the matrimonial home and went to live in her father’s house, where she told everyone about her husband’s poverty. , she said that he cannot spend on her, she regretted and cried that she had married him, and asked her father to intervene to divorce that poor husband immediately.

The husband could not believe what had happened. He felt that he was living in a nightmare and that he had to wake up from it. He was sitting with his wife in her father’s house. He reminded her of her love for him and how she preferred the country youth to him. He tried a lot to convince her that what was to come was better and that his refusal of her father’s money was the right thing to do. You are happy with that.

And she doesn’t have to be angry with him, but she remained silent in front of him, and after a few minutes she told him that she wanted to live the rich life of her father, and that depends on him, and return to him again. it depends on achieving it.

Her husband did not answer her, he gave her a look full of anger and astonishment, and left with sadness controlling his facial features. Nevertheless, he was looking for an excuse for her, and decided to achieve what she wanted. He was looking for a job in one of the Gulf countries, and after a few months she got a free visa and he traveled directly to Saudi Arabia to start the “wealth” trip his wife wanted.

His relationship with his wife was completely broken, he tried to tell her through his sister after the trip that he would come back soon and fulfill all her dreams for her, but his wife did not pay attention to him, she ignored all this and decided to end her married life as soon as possible possibly before returning from a trip.

The wife agreed with the lawyer to file for divorce from the husband, and the proceedings began in secret, until the husband announced the case to the wife under the claim that he lived at home and had not traveled abroad. .. After several sessions, a decision was made to divorce the husband.

The news hit the husband like a thunderbolt after his little sister told him what had happened. The woman announced the news of her divorce in every house in the village. The husband got up from his seat as soon as he heard the news. was amazed at what had happened, and told his sister that he knew nothing, and wondered how it was done without announcing it?

The husband did not wait for an answer to his perplexing questions, so he cut short the trip and returned to his hometown. He tried to meet his wife to find out the truth about what she had posted, but she refused and told him that she was no longer related to him.

He went to one of the lawyers and told him what had happened, so his lawyer began to appeal the divorce decision, saying in the lawsuit: “What happened was fraud by the wife claiming that she announced the husband at home even though knew that he traveled abroad”.

The lawyer submitted his case to the Family Court of Appeal in Alexandria, and attached everything that proves that the husband knew nothing about the case, and that he was working abroad before the date of publication of the divorce suit.

At the first appeal hearing, the husband stood before the judge recounting his tragedy. He said: “My lord, judge, my wife deceived me, first when she told me that she loved me and that she loved me more than many other village youths, and secondly when divorced me without my knowledge.. In both cases I did not find an answer to them?
And the husband added: “I don’t want, sir, judge, apart from my right, to ask how my wife is divorcing me when I don’t know anything, and why I threw an oath of separation at her?”

The husband was sure he was going to win this case, but he still didn’t know what was going to happen? Will he forgive his wife? Or will she ask for a divorce in order to be freed and give up all her rights?

And at the third trial hearing… and in the presence of the husband and wife, the Family Court of Appeal ruled to cancel the decision of the Family Court on the husband’s divorce, and to consider it as if it did not exist.

In the explanation of the verdict, the court confirmed that the wife used fraud and deceit, and reported her husband to the matrimonial home even though she knew he was staying abroad, and therefore his findings were not related to the procedures for the course of the case. .

The family court indicated that it was established that the postal letters sent to the husband to announce the case were not delivered to him, and that the travel documents, passports and bank transfers confirmed that he was staying abroad, and he did not receive any letters or advertisements other than what the wife claimed.

As soon as the verdict was handed down, the husband’s face became happy, and he thanked God for the justice of the judiciary towards him, after which he refused all consensual solutions to end the matter with his wife, and returned to his work on the condition that the wife renounce everything in exchange for a divorce , and after a few days the wife agreed, the divorce followed, and both returned to the starting point.

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