The effects of cartoon characters on your child

Cartoons and movies generally appeal to young and old; Because of its lightness, fun and speed of recording, to the extent that children watch it from a young age and for hours, it has become common in families, but it is also dangerous; In addition to giving the child pleasure and teaching him positive behaviors, it gives him a wide, frightening imagination that destroys many values ​​and logical expectations that are beyond the child’s understanding. In this report, we follow the influence of cartoon characters on children, we were interviewed by Dr. Ibtihaj Tolba, an expert on children and a professor at the university.

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Children watch cartoons…a double-edged sword
  • Watching cartoons for children is a double-edged sword. Because it has its good and bad sides, and the family should follow the content that is presented in order to know its impact on children
  • In their free time, children watch cartoons every day that attract their attention. It includes imaginative visual and audio effects that dazzle them
  • The biggest problem is that some cartoons contain violence and bad habits, which cause psychological and behavioral problems in children

Positive effect of cartoon characters

Watching cartoons has a positive effect
Watching cartoons also has a positive effect

• It has a good effect on the child’s behavior and gives him some skills and knowledge, it also helps in the development of imagination through stories. What stimulates the child’s creativity
• Contains different stories that help strengthen social relationships, and encourage adherence to food etiquette, hygiene and cooperation
• Presented in Standard Arabic; This helps the child to acquire new vocabulary that he may lack in the family environment
• Cartoons show sound language; It leads to the development of language in the child, and simple scientific content; Which helps establish a simple science background for the child
• Cartoons develop cognitive skills such as memory and logic and help children develop their imaginative skills
• The role of parents in reducing the negativity of cartoons
• Set a certain time to watch cartoons no more than an hour a day

Negative damage for cartoon characters

Watching cartoons for a long time disturbs the child
Watching cartoons for a long time distracts the child

• Some films contain violence; What affects the child’s mental health, what develops aggressive tendencies in him
• Excessive watching of cartoons and excessive interest in them affects various activities that a child needs, such as playing sports and games that develop intelligence.
• Most of the movies are dubbed from western movies, and they include customs and traditions that are different from our eastern society, and maybe they are far from us.
• Sitting a child for a long time and watching cartoons can greatly affect him; Which reduces his interaction with family and friends
• Impact on the child’s health and eye strain as a result of prolonged time in front of the TV
• Not organizing the time and free time to watch movies can lead to not doing the tasks in the best way and not getting enough sleep
• Research has shown that watching movies for a long time in childhood leads to distraction and poor concentration in the child

The influence of cartoons on intelligence

Cartoon characters affect intelligence
Cartoon characters affect intelligence
  • Medical studies confirm that excessive viewing of cartoons suppresses a child’s imagination, reduces his mental abilities to think and negatively affects his intelligence.
  • Cartoons are based on scenes of violence and blood, which do not fully correspond to the mentality of young children. Since we find their negative influence occurring more quickly than expected, it appears in the form of inventing crises with brothers and friends, and resorting to violence before calmly reflecting; Which paves the way for the creation of a hostile personality that does not accept compromise.
  • Cartoons always adopt strange ideas, right or wrong, but they don’t fit into our Arab cultures. Which results in distraction of the child’s mind

It’s a pity to watch cartoons for a long time

It is advised that the mother monitors what the child is watching
It is advised that the mother monitors what the child is watching
  1. Parents letting their children watch these cartoons for many hours a day leads to addiction to watching them and then focusing on them instead of paying attention to studies or sports.
  2. The length of sitting in front of the TV leads to obesity in children, and staying for a long time increases the risk of weakening the immune system, considering their need for as much sleep as possible. long-term immersion with cartoon characters; It is difficult for a child to distinguish reality from fantasy, so he perceives superheroes as good role models
  3. Parents are advised to monitor what the child watches from movies and cartoons, and that the number of viewing hours does not exceed two hours a day.
  4. At a time when you need to pay attention to getting the child used to engaging in physical activities or an artistic hobby in their free time; so that he can use his energy in what is useful to him
  5. It is possible for a child to take a bad character from a cartoon as a role model. Which affects his social behavior
  6. It encourages brutal and aggressive behavior, it encourages violence, whether intentional or unintentional, like a cartoon character running away after receiving a dangerous blow; What makes the child think that the character is not hurt
  7. It also causes vision problems and obesity. Because of sitting for a long time watching movies, and it also affects if it is not suitable for the age of its viewers

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