A verdict on happiness written by scholars, thinkers and writers

The Rule of Happiness Happiness is a positive energy that fills people’s hearts and helps them to accept reality and life in a wonderful way. .

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The meaning of happiness among people

Happiness radiates smiles and joy among people in the same community and avoids talking about any problems that disturb our happiness.

The importance of happiness among people

Happiness is an important and necessary thing for the continuation of life in its natural state and it must be present among people, because happiness is like open air that removes any heat that causes a person’s mood.

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The written rule about happiness

  • A happy person should give some of that happiness to others in order to put a smile on their faces.
  • A person’s life optimism is what makes them happy.
  • A happy person with a white heart knows that the truth is always on the way.
  • The mind is the main and fundamental source of true happiness.
  • Happiness is ice cream that hydrates your heart and mind.
  • White is happiness, dark is sadness, try to be white.
  • Be happy no matter how painful the circumstances are, and no matter what happens, you are stronger.
  • Happiness is a free source of freedom, anyone who can grab it, grab it now.
  • The closest way to a girl’s heart is to give her enough happiness.
  • There is no happiness in the heart without human dignity.
  • Happiness is contentment and contentment with everything a person encounters and under all circumstances.
  • You are the only one in control of your happiness.
  • Throw away sadness and hurt and win with happiness.
  • Happiness is a word of praise to God, Lord of the worlds, in everything.
  • It’s more the same happiness, feeling good everywhere.
  • To be happy, get used to being a self-controlled person.
  • The happiest people are those who think positively and don’t remember.
  • Too much free time will erase happiness from your vocabulary, so you need to make sure you don’t have it and occupy it so that you will be happy if you find it.
  • Happiness and joy give health to society as well as to the individual.
  • Longevity comes from happiness.
  • A man’s happiness is to complete his life with the one he loves and the one he loves.
  • Little children are the secret of happiness, when you see a child laughing and playing, it automatically puts a smile on your face.
  • Don’t rely on anyone to make you happy, you can only rely on yourself.
  • Happiness varies from age to age.
  • Good luck challenging your obstacles.
  • Happiness is something that relates to the human heart, not to people or circumstances.
  • If a person continues to think of others, he deprives himself of the feeling of happiness.
  • If you want true happiness, you must be aware of yourself.
  • She compares happiness to spices that give life flavor and color.
  • Have patience and strength to be happy with the happiness of this world.
  • Happiness is not limited to having a certain person in your life.
  • Happiness comes from your mind because the mind is responsible for sending signals to your heart to make it happy.
  • Laughter prolongs life, smile rests the soul, and joy brightens the heart.
  • An ordinary and orderly life is one of the most important aspects of happiness.
  • Happiness is the pink color of your life, so make sure you create happiness yourself and don’t expect it from others.
  • You have to look for happiness a lot, but if you don’t find it in yourself, then you have to create it yourself.
  • You truly deserve happiness because you make it yourself.
  • Happiness is a decision, not a choice.
  • Your joy and smile are the secret of your happiness.
  • Happiness is an inevitable path for those who have a long and patient soul.
  • Stay for the luckiest people, you have to be happy if you want to live in this Minya.
  • The human heart rejoices when it seeks the happiness of the hearts of others.
  • Enjoy everything that happens to you in this life, because it is the happiness that God sent you.
  • Happiness is peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind.
  • Bringing happiness and optimism into the hearts of those around you is one of the most important levels of happiness.
  • You wish you were a happy person…and you really are.

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Judgments about the happiness of sages, thinkers and writers

  • Dale Carnegie: The creative American writer and thinker Dale Carnegie said that happiness comes from human relationships that develop naturally without appearing in any way.

He also said: Doesn’t happiness ever depend on who you are? where do you live? Whatever color you are, however, happiness depends on what a person thinks about himself.

  • Mahatma Gandhi: Politician Gandhi had a different view on the meaning of happiness. One of Gandhi’s words, which is a sure sign of happiness, is when there is mental harmony between your mind and your heart, your intellect and your mind and all your feelings.
  • Rose Lan: A phrase that is said and repeated to this day, happiness is an expression of something that enters the life of every person in more than one part, and no one can remember through which door that happiness enters.
  • Helen Keller: American Literature Helen Keller had a judgment about happiness that is characterized by greatness and strength, and her name echoed in the sky of literature and culture, and she has about 18 books in different fields behind her.

Helen said that when one door of happiness closes, another door immediately opens, but when the human soul is forced to look at and control the closed door by other circumstances, it affects our emotions that we do not notice and do not pay attention to the opening of the door. .

  • George Sand: He is known for his great women’s movements, he has many books and literary works that left a mark in literature, and he wrote romantic stories and created many female readers.

Georges Sand said that if a woman does not make her husband a close friend, a woman’s happiness and joy are lost again and again.

Happiness in this world can only be achieved if one loves others, and others love him in their heart.

No human being can dictate happiness.

  • Leo Tolstoy: One of the most famous writers with deep thoughts, writing and writing, and one of the conditions for successful happiness is that the bond that develops between man and normal life must never be broken.
  • George Bernard Shaw: He said that happiness radiates from people wherever they go, and the other side gets happiness from the first to spread it.
  • Paulo Coelho: He said that there is more than one thing that prevents an individual from experiencing the right taste of happiness, and one of those things is that a person lives in the remnants of the past or old time, observes others and occupies his mind with what is happening around him. .
  • Naguib Mahfouz: Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz had a unique touch that was considered wisdom on happiness, as he said that one cannot be happy without self-preserving dignity.
  • Ali Al-Tantawi: He said that happiness is not counted from a lot of money, slaves, palaces or land, but from the happiness that comes from the heart and is sent to the whole body.
  • Abdel-Wahhab Al-Mutawa: A person’s true happiness is that which makes a person feel that his personal conscience and his inner spirit are full of comfort and confidence.

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In this article, we have discussed the meaning of happiness and the nature of happy people and have given you many meanings and expressions of happiness. We also discussed the relativity of happiness and the differences in people’s perception of happiness. We wish families, thinkers, and writers happiness. You like this article

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