How do we discover children’s talents? Advice from 8 experts and writers

The formation of a child’s future personality has become one of the factors of ensuring a clearer future of countries, therefore it is necessary to develop talents that build that personality, and each country has steps it has achieved in this field, and steps it strives to achieve, but initially it depends on the talented people themselves, to ensure survival. A safe and stable community.
A group of experts from several countries discuss the factors that influence a child’s giftedness from their point of view.

In Riyadh

Dr. Salah Salih Mimar: Do not burden a talented person beyond his capabilities

Dr. Saleh Mimar: Differentiating the gifted from his brothers is a common mistake among parents

He is an author and educational expert in the field of thinking, giftedness and creativity. The unintentional killing of gifted personality is a consequence of our family practices and educational systems. dr. Mimar spoke about incubating the creative ideas of talented people within the university to come up with innovative startups that find their supporters outside the university, and apply them in Saudi Arabia under the (National Talent Identification Program).
Distinguishing the gifted from his brothers is a common mistake among parents, says Dr. Mimar, which causes direct and indirect hostility between brothers, he continues, saying: “Parents should not burden the gifted beyond his capabilities, and should not associate his actions with his talent, so that the child does not hate the word gifted.”
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Dr. Khaled bin Saad Al-Arfaj: Do not impose your personality on your children

Dr. Khaled Al-Arfaj: Discovery skills can be developed through dialogue with parents

One of the things that helps us discover talents, according to Al-Arfaj, a human development coach, is to leave the child while playing to practice full experience and problem-solving expertise, he continues, saying: “Our reactions must be balanced and calm when the child stop the game, because he practices discovery. Discovery skills can be developed through dialogue with parents and watching scientific films related to the subject of study.

from Jeddah

Hind Noman: Talented people in Saudi Arabia participate in international programs

Hind Noman: We have to listen to the gifted child’s questions

She is a psychologist, behavior modification, skill development for children and adolescents, and intelligence testing. She discovered that 90% of talents are in children from birth, and then they either decrease or increase. Hind calls for the discovery of these talents by constantly exploring the child’s abilities and always being interested in discussing his preferences with him. She continues, saying, “Talented people in Saudi Arabia participate in international programs, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, and whether it’s people with special needs or natural children.”
Specialist Hind urged parents to listen to the questions of a talented child, no matter how strange they may be, and commented: “Don’t disappoint him, because gifted people always think outside the box.”

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Muhammad Pasha: Leave the door open for discussion

Muhammad Pasha: He must have experience to gain information and experience

He is a family relationship counselor, who calls for the discovery of talents by constant monitoring in the manner of the talented, and if it is wrong, correcting mistakes is a good way.
The child, from the point of view of specialist Muhammed Pasha, must have experience in order to gain information and experience, on certain grounds, he continues to explain: “You must know the child’s preferences and preferred activity, focus on his reactions, include him in school or family activities, listen to his opinion and open a discussion with him.” Either at home or at school.”

from UAE

Amira Ali Boukadra: Investing in today’s talents is a guarantee of tomorrow’s wealth

Amira Ali Boukadra: Investing in today’s talents is a guarantee of tomorrow’s wealth

She is a writer and co-founder of Ghaf Publications bookstore. According to her, the language factor fostered by reading is what creates a gifted and confident child. He continues: “There is a great interest in children in general and gifted children in particular in the UAE, where there are reading festivals such as the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival and reading and writing competitions for children.
Time, money and effort are tasks that parents must provide in order to take into account the emotional and psychological needs of a gifted child. She continues and says: “Talents are the hope and wealth of the future. If you invest in talents today, you will guarantee wealth tomorrow.”

from Morocco

Habiba Lazraq: Every child has different intelligence

Habiba Lazraq: Talent limits deviant behavior and social problems

Habiba Lazraq, an expert in motor psychology and educational specialist in Casablanca, believes that talent makes its owner happy and satisfied in the future life, and is revealed through play and dialogue with the child.
In Morocco, there are many school activity centers to allow children to express their talents and feel happy, such as painting, sculpture, music, dance and others, from technical schools. And he continues: “Talent limits delinquent behaviors and social problems that can arise due to lack of interest and underestimation of our children’s talents.”

from Egypt:

Dr. Maamen Mahmoud: Law that opens the eyes of sources to discover thousands of talents

Dr. Maamen Mahmoud: Indicators of innate talent will represent talent that needs attention

dr. Maamen Mahmoud, an expert in talent development, suggests turning a child’s natural abilities into a lot of fun in his life, then he will become gifted. She also spoke about the projects that Egypt has created to nurture the talented, continuing, saying: “The state has issued Law 204, which provides for the creation of a new award called the “State Award for a Young Creator”, which will open the eyes of many, who are under hid thousands of talents under its covers. She added: “For a gifted child to express himself more through movements, drawing and colors, using his voice or moving his body. These are all indicators of his innate skills, which will of course be a talent that needs attention.”

From Lebanon

Fatima Sharaf Al-Din: Don’t praise your children too much

Fatima Sharafeddine: A child’s self-esteem and sense of satisfaction grow when he finds someone to help him

A child’s self-esteem and sense of satisfaction grows when he finds someone to help him develop his talents, so he gains the courage and skill for continuous research. This is the method that Fatima Sharaf Al-Din, a writer of children’s literature and an emerging artist, follows in her writings.
What each country offers in the development of talents, Fatima attributes to the possibilities of the parents themselves, and the availability of educational clubs for children, and in her opinion, excessive and repeated praise of a child’s talent by parents can cause him to feel arrogant.

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