Initiation of extensive expansion of radio broadcasting from Mal district

The Minister of Culture, Youth, Sports and Parliamentary Relations, Mr. Madcheb Ould Soueidat, launched a comprehensive expansion of radio broadcasts covering the quiet zones of 29 cities with a large population.
On that occasion, His Excellency the Minister said that this expansion will represent a qualitative addition in order for radio broadcasting to reach areas of silence, which national radio broadcasts did not reach, which would increase trust between citizens in these areas and various public sectors.
His Excellency, the Minister added that this expansion is part of the “efforts of the Culture, Youth, Sports and Parliamentary Relations Sector to embody a comprehensive approach, to advance the sector. Development media is one of its main pillars in an attempt to accelerate the pace of implementation of the ambitious community program of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh Al-Ghazwani.”
His Excellency the minister revealed that “in this sense, numerous activities and programs have been developed that aim to contribute to the development of the country, and the means for this are to educate the citizen, actively involve him, build trust with him, provide opportunities for young people and release their energy.”
His Excellency the Minister emphasized that “His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Cheikh Al-Ghazwani, has repeatedly expressed his awareness of the reality of youth and his determination to promote this important segment, whose concern is considered to be a concern for the present and future of the country .”
He explained that his sector “tried to embody the vision of His Excellency the President of the Republic by creating a city sports tournament in Nouakchott in which 1,700 young people from Nouakchott participated in order to develop mass sports and spread the culture of teamwork, discipline and tolerance, which are key skills for future participation in group activities and for professional life.”
His Excellency, the minister pointed out that the sector introduced “a national week for culture, youth and school sports, in which thousands of young people from all provinces of the country participated, opening a new phase of dealing with young people, developing their talents and pushing them into areas that, on the one hand, develop their abilities, and on the one hand, they serve sustainable development. This week, under the high patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic, 15 simultaneous festivals were organized in the capitals of the states, which was an opportunity to discover young talents and a field for positive competition in the fields of the Holy Qur’an, poetry , theater and mass sports…” as he said.
He added: “In the same context, the first edition of the Presidential Award for Fine Arts was launched, through which the government of His Excellency, Minister Muhammad Bilal Masoud seeks to create a new movement in the cultural arena that would preserve and develop cultural heritage and encourage creativity…”
His Excellency the Minister revealed that the sector adopted “a new policy based on realistic and ambitious short- and medium-term plans in various areas of the Ministry’s activities, and the National Youth Strategy 2022-2030 of the week, the National Strategy for Cultural Development and the Monitoring and Monitoring Program of cultural and youth bearers this year. to the capacity development program that will enable the improvement of the administrative skills of workers in the sector and raise the level of acceptance of the reform approach by workers, which we are working to achieve. According to his description.
In the field of information and communications, the preparation of a national communication plan based on the proximity media approach in the service of development is in progress. A support program for national media institutions will be established, in cooperation with development partners, with the aim of increasing their efficiency and creating more favorable conditions for the work of professional journalists.
His Excellency the minister concluded that many provincial and specialized channels and radio stations have been established, and all provinces in the country and many villages and rural communities are covered by radio broadcasts, in order to “communicate directly with citizens across the country through media services as the best a way to enlighten the citizen and deepen his awareness and build trust in him and the people.”
For his part, Mauritania’s Director General of Radio and Television Broadcasting, Mr. Sayed Ahmed Madmou Val Oudani, said that the residential areas of more than 85% of the country’s population have been covered by the FM frequency so far. In addition to broadcasting “our national package to reach all the provinces of the motherland, most of the administrative centers and capitals of municipalities, most of the countries of the African and European continents and vast areas of the Asian continent”, which “enabled a significant following at home and abroad and increased positive impact in bringing cultures and civilizations of the country to many regions of the world.” scientist”.
He explained that Mal district is the last district in the country that is not covered by radio broadcasts. He added that “the launch of a comprehensive project to expand radio broadcasting on the FM frequency wave, which aims to complete the expansion of broadcasting to all provinces, most administrative centers and capital cities of municipalities in the country, and take advantage of the new expansion cities and communities that have been selected after the process sorting which was subjected to a series of objective selective criteria, namely: Angako Fassalah, Shoum Center, Atmishat Municipality, Umm Ashish, Adala, Tanah, Aghlik Ahl Ujh, Tifondi Seifi, Ain Farbeh, Dar Al-Baraka, Ghouri, Madbougou, Anwamkar, L’ Owaisi, Choum, Interkent.
In turn, the mayor of Mal municipality expressed his gratitude to the communication sector and the broadcasting company for covering the area with the broadcasting of the national radio and the radio of the Holy Quran on the frequency, which will allow the residents to listen to public media after suffering from years of “isolation”.
This step is also appreciated by the head of the Regional Council in Brakna, advocating for more services for the residents of the state.

Friday, 25.11.2022. – 17:53

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