Jealousy of a man towards his wife and how to deal with a husband who is very jealous of his wife

a man’s jealousy of his wife, It is natural for a man to feel jealous of the woman he loves and his family, and in this case the woman must avoid doing things he hates.

A man’s jealousy of a woman

A man’s jealousy of a woman

A man’s jealousy of a woman arises because of his intense love for her, his attachment to her and his fear of losing her. He can feel anger when he sees her talking to any man other than him, even if there is nothing between them, such as a friend at work, and so on. He can also be jealous of her when she wears clothes that attract everyone’s attention. That makes him angry.


Jealousy is known to be a feeling of extreme anger when another person tries to take away a person he loves or has frequent dealings with, whether it is a life partner or a friend, and it is also a feeling of sadness and malice. when he thinks that he is in danger of losing some of the things that he owns or that belong to him in some way.

Characteristics of a man who is jealous of his wife

A man who is jealous of his wife has many characteristics and does some actions, and we will explain it to you in detail. Follow the following article with us:

When a man feels jealous of his wife, he immediately chooses the clothes she wears when she leaves the house, then he looks at her completely to make sure that there is nothing conspicuous about the clothes she is wearing, and this is due to the fact that he does not accept anyone looking at his wife , iHe does not give her space, because he knows everything about her and everything she does, and he does not allow her to leave the house alone, but she always goes out with him until he is sure that there is no one trying to talk to her, and if she goes to a place outside the house without him, he has to deliver her to this place.

It creates problems, disagreements and sharp arguments between him and his wife about the smallest things. When the woman leaves the house, he does everything to attract her attention, or continues to correspond with her on the phone, or sends her numerous messages through social networks, because he does not he accepts the idea that she is busy with him, but when she comes home he doesn’t feel angry and doesn’t argue with her, because this method is only used when she leaves the house.

A husband can deliberately frustrate some people, and this happens when he sees that one of them is trying to talk to his wife or argue with her about any field, so he immediately frustrates and belittles him in front of everyone, and you can also work on reducing the tasks and achievements that a woman does it for you so that no one feels that she is being admired.

Reasons for jealousy in men

A man feels jealous because of the extent of his love and attachment to the other party in reality and because of a chemical substance secreted called oxytocin, which is the substance responsible for love bonds in any relationship, and this substance makes him want to keep his relationship with the other party and his protection, iHe feels threatened by the fear that the other party cares about anything else or a person other than him, because the man fears that he will be replaced or lose the girl he loves.

This can happen because he was influenced by past experiences. If a man has been betrayed before, he always becomes suspicious and is dominated by many negative feelings, so he can lose trust in the other party. The reason for this may be immaturity, as most young people are known to be more jealous than others in adolescence, and they may also suffer from feelings of lack of self-confidence.

How a husband is jealous of his wife

  • He gets angry when you text someone while he is present. If a woman is talking to one of her friends on the phone, he does something for you that arouses her interest, so he is the focus of her attention.
  • He can make her change her interests or control the things she does for you. She likes everything he likes and hates what he hates, and he chooses her friends and prevents her from communicating with some friends because he doesn’t like them.
  • He can influence decisions that concern her, preventing her from making decisions for herself and resorting to him before she thinks anything through, and he controls all things in her life.

Husband’s jealousy of wife’s family

  • A husband may feel jealous of his wife’s family because the wife does some provocative things or fails to do something against his wife because of the extent of her concern for her family and her preoccupation with her family all the time.
  • Jealousy and envy have a great influence in this matter, because they are two negative traits that can exist without any logical and direct justification.
  • Comparison and preference Although it is natural that there is no comparison between the two relationships, when a woman makes a comparison between her husband’s level and her family’s level and deliberately shames him, this thing makes him jealous of them.

A man who is not jealous of his wife

  • A man who is not jealous of his wife may be because of the great trust which has arisen between them, and his confidence in her morals and conduct, besides that he feels sure of himself, and is not careless in anything that concerns her.
  • Her husband’s long-term preoccupation with work is the main reason for not following her actions or actions.
  • Maybe the wife is aware of everything that makes her husband angry and wants to avoid it from you so that there are no problems or disagreements between them.

Why a man is not jealous of his wife

  • Maybe it’s the husband’s nature to dislike jealousy and he sees it as restricting the other party and making him feel controlled and distressed.
  • Indifference, through the woman’s neglect of herself due to doing many chores at home and the aggravation of the pressures and responsibilities that fall on her shoulders, which negatively affects her relationship with her husband.
  • Avoiding the problem Your husband may be aware that this worsens the relationship between you and does not directly express his jealousy.

How to make a husband jealous of his wife

How to make a husband jealous of his wife? There are many methods and methods that allow you to do this, and we will explain this in the following article:

You should always take care of yourself and your appearance by wearing very nice clothes and applying simple makeup that will bring out your beauty, because this might make him wonder what is the reason for this sudden change andYou should make sure that you leave the hostel more than once, so that you see friends and go out with them, so that he feels that you are busy with him.

Keep some secrets and details to yourself, don’t tell everything to your husband, and when he tells you why you don’t say it, then you deliberately tell him that you forgot, andIgnore some of his calls, not all. If he sends you messages via social media, don’t reply at the same time, but wait a few minutes or hours before replying.

Avoid sometimes asking for him. If you called him every day while he was away, avoid contacting him on the phone for several days in a row.It is possible that you respectfully speak in front of him about the advantages that one of your male relatives has, It is possible that you mention to him how much your brother respects his wife, and he deliberately speaks about you spontaneously and spontaneously.

Distract him by reading novels or books when he comes home or talking on the phone with one of your friends and don’t ask him to sit with you.

How to deal with a husband who is very jealous of his wife

In the beginning you have to accept and understand the keys to any successful marriage and constantly try to change it for the better, but you have to accept it as it is andTry to avoid actions that provoke his jealousy and anger. If he is jealous of your family or friends, do not distance yourself from them, but talk about them with pride in front of them and mention all the positive qualities and advantages he has for them.

Tips for dealing with a jealous man

We will explain tips to help you deal with a jealous man properly. Follow the following with us:

You have to express to him how much you love him and tell him a lot of romantic words and send him a lot of messages that contain flirtatious phrases so that he feels how much confidence he has in himself, andAlways call him during the day and tell him all the things you intend to do for you, don’t give him room to be suspicious or jealous of you.

Choose an appropriate time when you talk to him, so avoid talking to him when he is jealous and angry because in this case he won’t listen to you, andYou must be patient and calm when you are exposed to this matter and avoid entering into sharp arguments or conflicts with him while he is in this situation. Dealing with problems and differences requires reason and wisdom.

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