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Kindergarten search Maktoob, kindergartens are among the most important educational institutions, and there are state and private ones, and their goal is to prepare children for the following educational stages, elementary, preparatory and secondary, and they are intended only for children, whose age ranges from two to seven years, those whom God loves, and are considered loved Also by all.

He is looking for a complete kindergarten

The purpose of conducting a search for many and different kindergartens is as follows:


  • Training children to communicate and integrate with children of the same age through playing with them
  • Providing help to children to get rid of the phenomenon of introversion at home, the fear of leaving and facing the very act of leaving without parents.
  • Providing equipment and tools that stimulate children’s minds to perform skills and practices that benefit them, such as reading stories, performing mathematical operations and learning music.
  • It serves as a place where parents leave their children safely, because many parents have work and jobs that they cannot leave, so they reach for kindergartens.

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Kindergarten teachers

Kindergarten search

When you research about kindergartens, you will find that the majority of educators in this institution are women, because women are the ones who can take maximum care of children, because they have the tenderness of a mother and the ability to understand what a child wants, and they are able to explain his behavior well and present proper help to the child unlike men.

Kindergarten work requirements

There are difficult skills and requirements that you see when you are looking for a kindergarten, because doing this profession is very difficult and demanding, and you need special abilities in teachers who teach children at this stage of their lives, and parents should not accept less than the skills required from teachers , in order to keep their children.


Physical characteristics of the parameters:

Among the criteria for looking for kindergartens is that the women who work in them must have certain physical characteristics, namely:

  • The teacher should not have any diseases that affect children’s education, such as limb defects, poor eyesight or speech difficulties.
  • If her body is healthy, it means that she is not overweight, or that she does not move energetically, or that she does not have enough energy for hard work in such institutions.
  • Take an interest in her clean, attractive appearance for children, because children will try to be like her.
  • You can provide any kind of help or psychological support to the children.
  • to be educated.

Mental and emotional skills:

  • You need to possess many mental abilities such as exceptional intelligence, quick thinking, to be able to deal with sudden problems or difficult situations.
  • Quick notes and have an imagination that allows them to creatively explain science, invention, invention and art to children.
  • Maintaining accuracy.
  • Have enough patience to hear children.
  • The ability to self-control, as a result of the frequent disturbances of children.
  • She has no contract with the children.
  • Always stay calm, do not lash out emotionally and shout at children.
  • Knowledge of behavior that can harm a child and its avoidance.

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The role of educators in kindergarten

The role of the educator is very important, and it is not easy to achieve it when looking for a kindergarten:

  • She has the same role as a mother

She not only teaches the child, but also fulfills the role that the mother used to have at home, as she helps them adapt to the new place where they spend most of their time.

He is dealing with people who are very patient, so he can do this task because he has great patience.

  • they represent the actions of society

It teaches children the customs and traditions of the society in which we live.

  • Link between kindergarten and home

He knows the problems that plague the child, and informs his family so that they can be adequately resolved.

  • You are obliged to keep the children in line in the classrooms and teach them about order.
  • Encourage children to think freely and openly.
  • It works to clear the clutter.

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Characteristics of kindergarten accommodation

Kindergarten search

Kindergarten search

The place where children will learn must have many characteristics, and among these characteristics are the following:

  • The place should be spacious enough for you to feel comfortable, because there are children who are afraid and suffocate in a closed space.
  • It should contain gardens, plants and trees that help the child to meditate and think.
  • There are many colors and images that help him innovate.
  • It has the necessary tools to make different things and to help with invention.
  • There must be a lot of books about scientists and how they try to develop science.
  • Contain many pictures of famous people, which helps them meet people.

What we should teach children

Children at this stage should be taught many things that limit them in looking for kindergarten, namely:

  • Confidence.
  • Ability to drink water and eat independently.
  • To understand the importance of education and its role in the progress of life.
  • Contribute to clarifying the importance of the role of mother, father and teacher.
  • Teach him to always thank God for his blessings.
  • Teaching him to pray.
  • Encouraging him to perform more the duties of our Lord of Zakat and fasting.
  • To understand the purpose of this life.
  • Answer all his questions that may come to his mind.

We must thank the teachers who contributed to this role, worked on its success and helped children properly present the concepts of society through Kindergarten search We should always remember that they are the foundation of the foundation, and we thank them in all celebrations and occasions, because they carry a lot, because it is not easy at all with children.


Note: The content of this news was written by Mohit and does not reflect the views of Egypt today.

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