Minister of Awqaf: Attacking public money and state property is a legal and national crime

dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa, Minister of Awqaf, delivered a sermon on Friday at the new “Al-Saha Mosque” in the center and city of Shebeen Al-Qanater in Qalyubia Governorate, entitled: “Halal Earnings”, in the presence of Chancellor Omar Marawan, Minister of Justice , Sheikh Safwat Abu Al-Saud, Undersecretary of Qalyubia Awqaf Directorate, and Dr. Abdel Rahman Radwan, Advocacy Director of Awqaf Al-Qalyubia Directorate.

The Minister of Endowments confirmed in his sermon that the Prophet of God, peace be upon him, explained to us the clear difference between what is permitted and what is forbidden, and what is in between them, such as (peace and blessings of God be upon him) says: “The permitted is clear, and the forbidden is clear, and between them are doubtful things of which many people do not know.” People, he who shuns doubtful things, clears his faith and honor, and he who falls into doubt, falls into what is forbidden, just as a shepherd grazes around the temple and prepares to graze in it. Indeed, every king has a sanctuary, and Allah’s sanctuary is truly His sanctuaries.” And this is what the Prophet said: Allah (may the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) said about it: “Consult with your heart, righteousness is what pleases the soul and is easy for the heart, and sin is what in his soul is blistering and wavering. in your chest, even if people gave you a fatwa and they gave you a fatwa.” Everything you do is pleasing to God and you are not afraid that people will know about it and you do it openly, transparently and clearly, that leads you to the Path of legality, God willing, and whatever you do with anxiety, fear, apprehension, doubt and hiding, you must reexamine yourself in it.

As confirmed by Juma, the companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to leave some of the halal things for fear that it might be suspected of haram, because they knew about the illicit money in this world. and the hereafter. Glory be to Him: “As for the grandfather, he was for two people who are in the city, and he was under him as a treasure for them, and their father was pious.” May God be pleased with him. ), of God’s Messenger (as), then he said: Messenger of God, I am asking God to answer my call, so the Prophet, peace be upon him, said to me: “O Sa’d, order that your food be answered, and so the One in whose hand it is The soul of Muhammad, the morsel of the servant is mine.” What is forbidden in his heart is what is received from him for forty days. work, and every slave whose body grew from illicit food, then the Fire is more worthy than him.” The call will be answered.” And a righteous woman passed by a group of people who were philosophical, who agreed on form rather than content, and she said, “Who is your sheikh?” They said so and so, and she to him: How do you eat? He said to her: I call God, and I eat with my right hand, and I eat from what follows me, even the smallest morsel, and it is good for me to chew. She said to him: “Eat as permitted and eat as you wish. If he reads what he reads and names what he named while eating forbidden things, it will not benefit him at all.”

He combined the forbidden with the permitted in order to multiply it

The forbidden entered the halal, so he scattered it

And Jumaa pointed out that some people can say, but we see it differently, so we tell them that if God gets angry with a slave whose provision is forbidden, then if his anger increases against him, He blesses him because of it. And the Prophet (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him) says: “He whose flesh grows from forbidden food, hell deserves more.” And he (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him) says: “Whoever takes away the right of a Muslim by his oath, Allah has made Hell obligatory for him, and Paradise forbidden him.” A man said to him: “He said: And if something is small, Messenger of God?”

The eukaf minister also emphasized the necessity of earning in a legal way, where it was said, Messenger of God: What is the best income? He said: “A man’s work is with his own hands, and every sale is justified.” The work of his hands, and God’s prophet David ate from the work of his hands.” He works for the honor of the work, emphasizing that a justified sale is a sale in which there is no fraud because our Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him) says: “He who deceives us is not one of us”, and a justified sale does not have a monopoly because our The Prophet, peace be upon him, says: “A monopolist is cursed. Justified sales do not take advantage of crises or people’s needs.” Because our Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, says: “He who enters into some of the prices with Muslims in order to exaggerate them, then it is the duty of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, to burn him with a stick.” bone of fire on the Day of Judgment.” and there is no fraud in that; Because our Prophet, peace be upon him, says: “Two sellers have a choice, until they part ways. If they are honest and clear, they will be blessed in their sale, and if they lie. and hide the truth, the blessing of their sale.” Glory be to Him), and there is nothing for you except what is written for you, for forbidden is the deadly poison in this world and the fire that burns in the Hereafter, as He, Glory be to Him, says: “Those who devour unjustly the orphans’ money only burns the fire in their bellies. Money from waqf and anything from the public good is a legal and patriotic crime and a greater sin because of the many rights that belong to it.

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