Signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore

A successful relationship between spouses is always based on love, respect and participation, and if one of the elements of that equation is disturbed, the relationship threatens to collapse, but the lack of luster in the marital relationship and the disappearance of ardor after a period of married life is not considered a convincing reason that one of two parties in a relationship no longer like the other. Love may exist, but the monotony of life, boredom and lack of will to renew the life path between wife and husband brought him to the recovery room.

Despite the fact that love between spouses has in many cases reached that level, it has not died yet and there is still hope, however faint, that some things will save it. dr. Amal Ibrahim, a family expert, says to my lady: “It remains very confusing, especially for women. Often a woman has some thoughts and doubts about whether her husband is still in love with her or not, maybe because of a woman’s intuition. which never tells her he is lying.

Due to the importance of the matter, and so that the woman does not rush to judge her husband’s feelings towards her, here are the most important procedures that definitively confirm that your husband no longer loves you:

* Signs of the end of love

He always finds excuses for not being at home

He no longer shows any signs of affection.

If you notice that your partner ignores you and spends all his time with others, this is the first sign that his love is declining.

– There is no topic to talk about:

If your husband has been paying a lot of attention to the details of your life, and suddenly he can’t find a topic to talk about, then he doesn’t love you anymore.

He always blames you for everything that happens.

Whatever happens and whatever the circumstances or situation are, you are always in the wrong. That’s what your husband does, he blames you for everything, and in the end he breaks down and leaves you.

It waives your support:

There are ups and downs in life and it’s normal for some difficult situations to happen, so instead of supporting you and that’s his duty, he leaves you and takes advantage of such situations to justify that you’re always the one with problems.

He always finds excuses for not being at home.

He is often away from home, claiming that he spends most of his time in the office due to work pressure.

Signs that you are not in love with him

Disinterest and neglect of the wife

Disinterest and neglect of the wife:

A husband deliberately neglects his wife when he does not feel love or affection for her, which makes him want to be close to her or make her happy. His life, and his unwillingness to sit with his wife, or to show her longing and talk to her regularly.

• Deliberate behavior that distracts him from her when he has to sit at home with her, such as fiddling with the phone, watching TV, or anything else.

• The husband’s failure to share with his wife in various household chores, or to take responsibility with her and help her, especially in some difficult work that she might have to do.

• Willfully leaves the house and spends a lot of time with his friends, leaves her alone and doesn’t care about her feelings or resentment about his frequent going out, stays up late and prefers his friends to being with his family.

Lack of honesty and lack of trust between spouses:

When a man does not love his wife, he does not care about her feelings and may deliberately try to annoy her in improper ways that can destroy her precious trust in him and make her feel that he is not being honest and fair with her, through his following actions:
• Violation of covenants and contracts he made with her, and non-compliance with them.

• He is late for arranged meetings or avoids them without a reason or a nice excuse that justifies his position in front of her.

• Deliberately getting closer to the woman as a valuable goal for him at the beginning of the relationship, and when he achieves it and gets fed up with it, he abandons it and moves on to another goal.

• Resorting to cheating and being dishonest with her, which are traits that undermine self-confidence and cause doubts in a woman’s heart.

Lack of dialogue and good communication between them:

A man’s hatred towards a woman manifests itself through his manner and way of communicating with her, in the following manifestations:

• He deliberately does not listen to her and allows her to express what is going on inside her, and even his displeasure with him, so he stops the dialogue or avoids it or listens only to the part that he likes or that relates to him.

• He always resorts to justifying his behavior and in turn blames his wife, does not admit his mistakes or apologize for them, and behaves like an immature person sometimes where he does not like anything, and criticizes and blames his wife without a clear justification or reason that he deserves it.

• He does not show satisfaction and gratitude for what his wife does for him, no matter how hard she tries to make him happy.

• Disregarding the woman’s wishes or her rejection of some things, excessive dominance and control, his desire to lead the relationship without taking into account her needs and feelings, along with his efforts to change her personality, appearance or behavior in a way that only suits him, without caring for her feelings.

• His lack of effort to achieve a meaningful and effective dialogue that encourages them to improve their relationship with each other.

• Inventing disputes and creating them out of nothing, instead of resolving them amicably and dealing with them wisely and correctly.

Use of offensive verbal expression:

It shows the husband’s lack of love for his wife, the husband can use some verbal expressions and words that hurt his wife’s feelings and hurt her directly by saying that he does not love her, or that he does not want to live with her, in addition to the presence of some other behaviors that repel some men , and these are excessive anger, or screaming at the woman, or pushing her away.

Separation from the woman and weakening of the passion and attachment that bind them as a harmonious couple:

Or he avoids her but makes her feel wrong, so he emotionally abuses her and makes her doubt herself, and she wants to correct her behavior with him even though she didn’t do anything offensive, so he creates a big gap that separates their hearts without visible reasons.

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