The process of narrowing the vagina… Some women run behind it, and others force it

Society prepares women to constantly fight windmills, to wage battles against social heritage, to try to stop time to prevent wrinkles from creeping in or to hide gray hair. For some, the gaze is fixed only on the external appearance, but there are other, more hidden wars raging in the vagina.

As is known, the vagina is a sensitive female organ that is of great importance due to its connection with the sexual process, so some women develop a fear of it and of it, so that the woman in question is afraid of losing her virginity before marriage, or expanding the vagina in a way who does not satisfy her husband after marriage.

This is where medical operations and procedures in the intimate area came from, such as lightening or narrowing the vagina to increase sexual pleasure, especially to satisfy the husband’s desires.

An operation that is rarely needed

After a natural birth, the vagina is expanded to facilitate the exit of the fetus. For years, the belief has been spreading that the vagina should return to its pre-pregnancy size, as part of a series of “obsessions” with the sensitive area of ​​a woman, and some argue that the vagina should remain narrow. and after giving birth to ten children, and it’s better that she stays pink like flowers all her life.

Accordingly, the process of narrowing the vagina, which began as a repair in cases of severe damage to the vagina during childbirth for a giant fetus, for example, until it came to the special request of couples who feel that this “giant vagina” “swallows their sexual possibilities and makes that they don’t enjoy the relationship.

In her interview with Raseef22, consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, Effat Al-Serafi, revealed that the process of vaginal narrowing has greatly expanded in recent years, “as part of women’s efforts to achieve physical perfection, so that their husbands do not feel any change with great number of natural births, and also in the hope that they will improve their sex life.” she said.

The process of narrowing the vagina, which began as a repair in cases of severe damage to the vagina during childbirth for a giant fetus, for example, until it came to the special request of couples who think that this “giant vagina” swallows increases their sexual abilities and makes them not enjoy connections.

On whether this surgery is necessary in all cases, Al-Sirafi said: “In normal childbirth, the uterus does not dilate from the outside, it dilates from the inside. She continued by saying: “Sometimes, the muscle may need to be repaired because of the negative impact on patient’s life, such as urination, but in normal cases there are exercises that work to re-strengthen the muscles and there is no practical need for this process at all.”

In this regard, Effat El-Serafi advised women to practice Kegel exercises, which is a form of pelvic floor exercise that involves squeezing and relaxing the muscles in the pelvic and genital area. These muscles support the pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus, small intestine, and rectum. Regular Kegel exercises during pregnancy and postpartum help improve and maintain bladder and bowel control by increasing the strength, endurance, and proper function of these important muscles.

In other words, Kegel exercises strengthen the support of the pelvic organs. Vaginal birth is one of the possible causes of pelvic organ prolapse, because pregnancy and vaginal birth can weaken the muscles of the pelvic floor, so they do not provide sufficient support to the pelvic organs. .

And they please their husband

Obstetrician and gynecologist, Yasmine Abu Al-Azm, spoke about the process of vaginal narrowing, telling Raseef22: “In many cases, this operation is performed in the wrong way and does not give the expected result for the patient. The narrowing happens outside the vagina, and therefore does not improves the condition of the muscles from the inside.” Which is already used in the sexual process, and the place of penetration becomes smaller and smaller, which makes intimacy painful for the woman, without increasing the degree of satisfaction for her or even for the husband.

Many years ago, a culture spread that the vagina should return to its pre-pregnancy size, as part of a series of “obsessions” with the sensitive area of ​​a woman. Some argue that the vagina should remain narrow even after giving birth to ten children, and it is better if it remains pink for life like flowers.

When asked about the prevalence of this operation and its misunderstanding, Yasmine said: “Some women resort to this operation due to the pressure of their husbands who hear about it from their friends, and believe that it will improve sexual relations after childbirth, but without the true wishes of the woman herself.”

The paradox is that some women do not voluntarily decide to undergo a vaginal narrowing procedure. In many cases, some doctors perform this operation without referring to the patient, with what is usually called the “husband stitch”, which Dr. Walid Sarhan talked about in a short video posted on Tik Tok, which he considers a kind of circumcision, because it exposes the woman pains that can be continuous and chronic, or it leads to loss of sensation in the intimate area, and he believes that the doctor has no right to do it, or the husband asks that it be done without referring to the woman.

In this regard, engineer Azza Badran, who is forty-six years old, told about the traumatic experience she experienced during natural childbirth, which left an indelible scar in her memory: “After the interruption of natural childbirth, I discovered that there were additional stitches in the vaginal area. What I later found out was the contraction of the vagina after the birth, which my doctor did without consulting me for approval, to improve the condition of the vagina, which had a little slack during the birth.”

Badran added to Raseef22: “However, the matter did not depend on a few extra stitches on my body that I did not know about, because they were a source of pain in themselves. Indescribable pain during intimacy, and I narrowed the vagina in a way that made penetration very difficult, and with the increasing pain in my mind related to sex, my sexual relationship with my husband decreased for several years, until we were able to overcome this matter together.

This unfair narrowing of her vagina was described by Gaza as similar to the circumcision she underwent as a child, as she had lost feeling in that area for a long time.

So, the process of narrowing the vagina can be one of the forms by which society puts pressure on women, an additional pain that some women choose voluntarily just to please their partner and make him enjoy sexual relations more, or an experience that she goes through without her knowledge, and not considering the unfair effects on her body or even her enjoyment. Personal relationship, as if the vagina belongs to everyone but its rightful owner.

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