The victory of Al-Akhdar and Samurai is a statement that artistic excellence can rewrite history, Saudi Press Agency

Doha, Jumada Al-Awwal 01, 1444 Hijri, corresponding to 25 November 2022 AD, SPA
As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar continues, with its excitement, anticipation, joy, sorrow and surprises, the fans of this tournament are accustomed throughout its history to live until the whistle of the referee in the last game of this global tournament. football event.
Perhaps the most important thing that this edition of the World Cup testifies to is the new facts that overcome the impossible and reformulate the history of football in general, and the history of the World Cup in particular, while its followers and fans of the circuit, on the other hand, live with distinguished stars and players who may not be present in future editions. In addition to great expectations and anticipation of breaking the records recorded in previous editions of this ancient football tournament, which ranks among the most important football tournaments in the whole world.
The beginning was marked by two Asian national teams (Saudi Arabia and Japan), when they achieved the first and most important surprises at the World Cup Qatar 2022, achieving two important victories over two ancient national teams and candidates for the world title (Argentina and Germany), in the first rounds group stages in this World Cup, since these two victories were related to the level of Good Technician, which canceled the dominance of the two candidates, and the idea that the victory of these two candidates is a given in football The victory of the Saudi Green and the Japanese Samurai was a reward and a fair result for technical excellence on the field in both competitions.
This surprise opened the door wide to the opportunity to raise the hopes and aspirations of a team that, with its fans, saw the impossibility of achieving positive results against a team that made history with its prayers and visits to World Cup stadiums throughout its history, especially from the Saudi Greens who, with 2:1 celebrated against Argentina and the Japanese Samurai, the winner, the Germans, with a pure duo, carved in stone that in the game of football, only dedication, seriousness, focus and technical excellence are recognized on the field, and even that is rewarded with positive results that inspire respect for the competitors, and ignores the historical record and the gold record, whoever owns it.
This World Cup, hosted by the Middle East region represented by the country of Qatar, has not been devoid of events and developments that would change the upcoming results, and speculations about what will happen. Perhaps the most notable of these developments is the confirmation of Brazil star Neymar’s absence from next Monday’s match against Switzerland in the second round of the Group Seven competition, due to a sprained right ankle in his country’s first game against Serbia, which ended in his favor (2 -0), according to what the doctor of the Brazilian team, Rodrigo Lasmar, announced today, revealing in the video of the Brazilian Football Confederation about Neymar’s leg injury: “Lateral ligament of the ankle”, while the defender Danilo suffered a sprained ankle, stressing that the players will not be able to participate in the next match for their national team, but they continue their treatment with the aim of using them in time to compete in other competitions of this World Cup in which the Brazilian national team is recorded as the most numerous team. Kovunjen six times.
For his part, Belgium striker Lukaku appears to be able to take part with his team-mates in his country’s next match against Morocco in the second round of the Group of Six, according to media reports which show the player was seen running with the ball, with the rest group of teammates during training, which took place today in the camp of the Belgian national team on Salwa beach, about a hundred kilometers southwest of Doha, but doubt remains about his participation in the match against Morocco on Sunday, because the Belgian delegation confirmed before the start of the tournament that Lukaku will be ready in the third and final match against Croatia next Thursday.
And yesterday, Thursday, the 29-year-old striker took part in a fatigue class with his national team, i.e. a day after the game in which the Belgians beat Canada hard 1-0 in the first round of the Group F competition, but it is still necessary to “know what will be his condition,” said his Spanish coach Roberto Martinez, who indicated that he was awaiting the opinion of the national team’s medical staff in this regard. The team has a dose of positive morale, especially since some players confirmed in their statements that it will be an important reinforcement that they will need on their side in the upcoming clashes.
For his part, German striker Kai Havertz hopes that their next game against Spain will be a “turning point” for them as players, after the first defeat against Japan 1-2, pointing out that they are going through a bad period as players, so the game against Spain would be it could be a turning point for them, and they will regain their balance if they manage to win, because it is their dream to play a match like this, pointing out that the defeat of this match as for the great Spaniards, who started their career at the tournament with a convincing victory over Costa Rica with seven points, will cause Germany to exit from the World Cup by a large percentage, for the second time in a row after the fiasco at the World Cup in Russia 2018.
In turn, his colleague Julian Brandt, who remained on the bench for the match against Japan, explained that the meeting against the 2010 world champions will be “an opportunity to get them back on track, because they can bring back a lot of confidence and energy.
For his part, Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo made history after becoming the first player to score in five World Cup finals, opening the scoring for his country against fellow countryman Ghana at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Thursday.
Ronaldo’s eighth World Cup goal came from a penalty he took himself and slotted into the Ghanaian net, relieving the 37-year-old who has come under fire after attacking his English from Manchester United and its Dutch coach Eric ten Hag, leading to until the mutual termination of his contract with the club.
Ronaldo opened his World Cup tally with a goal in 2006, then represented it in 2010 and 2014, before scoring four in 2018, including a hat-trick against Spain (3-3).
The 37-year-old surpassed the Brazilian legend Pele, who scored in four versions (1958, 1962, 1966 and 1970), the German Uwe Zeller, who scored in the same versions in which Pele scored, and Miroslav Klose (2002 . 2006, 2010 and 2014).
Ronaldo cemented his record as the top international scorer with 118 goals in 192 games, and became one goal away from equaling legend Eusebio as Portugal’s top scorer in the World Cup finals, but the latter scored all nine of his goals in one edition in 1966. ADVERTISEMENT
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