Tips for strengthening the child’s personality.. from 9-12 years

Most parents try to strengthen the personality of their children, starting with their maturity, which is the period in which they are preparing for a major transitional phase. Where they are on the threshold of adolescence, even though they are still children; They are becoming more independent and better able to handle certain responsibilities, so at this age of 9-12 it was important to first get to know their personal characteristics and then look for the best ways to strengthen their personality. Meeting and professor of psychiatry, Dr. Salwa Al-Rafei; For explanation and clarification.

1- Personality of a child at the age of 9

be better able to resolve any dispute
  • It’s a good time to start talking about puberty with your child, and to talk openly about the changes they can expect.
  • Children are better able to deal with any conflict, and their increasing independence leads them to seek social relationships independent of the family.
  • They will have a strong desire to belong to a group – a group of friends – and find a place for themselves in the school social system.
  • At this age, many children become vulnerable to peer pressure. Because they want to impress their peer group.
  • At the age of nine, children are capable of taking on a number of jobs and responsibilities and will want to participate in family decisions.
  • Nine-year-olds can be paragons of inconsistency, while most will want to expand their social circles.
  • The good thing is that they will still seek refuge in the family if they feel insecure. Children seek emotional security from their parents.
  • Nine-year-olds can be moody, upset one minute and forget what they did the next.

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2- A child aged 9-12 years

Talk to your child about puberty
  • Nine-year-olds begin to face many physical and emotional challenges as they approach adolescence.
  • From the age of ten, children begin to have stronger and smoother muscle control; This allows them to expand their physical boundaries and interests.
  • They will become more independent and private in the way they maintain their personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Girls usually show signs at age 8 or 9; Boys will probably enter puberty a little later, around the age of 10 or 11.
  • It is important to discuss this with the child, especially if the changes or lack of changes are causing distress.

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3- Characteristics of children at this age

Fewer arguments and oversensitivity when doing business
  • They become more independent from the family and begin to understand others’ points of view more.
  • Quarrels between them decrease, and when dealing with them, hypersensitivity appears, which gradually increases. Becoming more like a challenge at the age of 12.
  • Starting at the age of 9-11, the child begins to complain and prove himself, and to believe that he thinks better than adults.
  • At the age of 12, the child becomes an adult project, and begins to acquire personality and cognitive maturity, which is the phase of more thinking.

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4- Tips for strengthening the child’s personality

Strengthening the personality and encouraging the child to pay attention to his appearance
  1. Strengthening the child’s personality requires work on its establishment from an early age, giving the child the right to express his opinion, treating him with respect in front of others, giving him the feeling that he is equal with the rest of the family.
  2. It is recommended to explain to children the purpose of going to school, through a simple explanation of the importance of school and education, along with an explanation of the events they will go through at school, especially how to behave towards teachers and colleagues.
  3. The child’s personality must be strengthened and continuously trained to take care of his neat and well-groomed appearance in order to support his self-confidence and strengthen his personality in an indirect way.
  4. It is necessary to support the health and mental state of the child at school, by daily preparation of healthy meals and nutritious drinks in order to maintain his health at all times.
  5. Promote positive thinking of the child; Encourage him to learn, benefit and strengthen his personality, and this does not refer to giving verbal advice from parents, but to occupying the child with what is useful, such as reading books and stories that support the strengthening of his personality and intellect. .

5- Positive encouragement for the child

Strict punishment weakens the child’s personality and makes him aggressive
  1. The child should be encouraged to get closer to his schoolmates and solve problems that arise between them, solving things wisely without using bad words or scolding. To give him psychological comfort while he is dealing with friends.
  2. Parents’ interest in children’s participation in school activities is a key factor in strengthening their personality. Team work is the basis for building their future personality, and a way to establish a quality method of dealing with crises, challenges and lifelong social relationships.
  3. Resorting to severe punishment, either inside or outside the home, in order to punish the child for his mistakes, as a great insult that can weaken his personality and lead him to aggressive behavior, and this is reflected in dealing with friends and the environment in General.
  4. The meaning of love and respect for the child must be strengthened by the correct actions of the parents. Be a good example to them, giving children the space for kindness, tolerance and the exchange of positive feelings between their friends at school and family members, without exception.
  5. Parents will remain a mirror of the child’s personality; The more parents act with wisdom, respect and balance; The child’s confidence has increased, and the most important thing is to keep him away from your personal problems.
  6. Their behaviors became the keys to the child’s personality towards positive foundations and values ​​that strengthen his psychological health and his ability to build a strong personality among his friends at school and for life.

Note from “Madam Net”: Before applying this recipe or treatment; You should consult an expert.

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