White Friday..10 best games for children, with discounts up to 53%

Games are considered one of the most important tools that strengthen a child’s skills, strengthen his imagination, creativity and communication with others, therefore in this report we recommend the 10 best games for the development of a child’s skills, with discounts of up to 53% in White Friday offers from “Amazon” .

Ninjago building set

It comes at a discount of 42%

– Take to the skies with Kai and his Fire Dragon to battle two snake warriors – but be careful, one controls a craft while the other has a flight combo and a chaingun.

– Upgrade your dragon twice to make it bigger, stronger and faster, for this crucial battle to protect NINJAGO City. For completing your mission, you will be rewarded with a collectible flag of valor.

– LEGO fans can build a mobile dragon, then scale it up in two quick steps, for ninja role-playing action.

Building kit and mushroom house

Comes with a 24% discount

– Make a home inside a giant mushroom. Raise the roof and walls to use the crafting table and craft furniture. Outside, help Alex use the bowl to collect the mushroom soup. Watch out: the spider jockey is coming. What will you do – grab an axe, run into the house, or take off your skeleton helmet because it’s burning in the sun? The decision is yours

Family doll set for girls

It comes at an 8% discount

– Give your little one endless fun with this family doll play set. It is made of high quality plastic to give you high durability. Dolls and accessories have intricate details and designs that make them attractive. This set includes doll parents, babies and accessories such as a comb, mirror and purse. When your child plays with this set, he builds scenarios in his head, which develops his imaginative and creative abilities.

The turtle bear game

It comes with a 10% discount.

– This plush toy will stimulate your little one’s imagination and sense of exploration.

– This game will extend the playing time and let creativity run free.

It provides endless hours of fun.

LEGO 60300 City Wildlife Rescue with animal figures

It comes at a 20% discount

– This animal rescue set features an adorable 4×4 steerable all-terrain vehicle with grapple and drone.

– Includes an explorer minifigure that propels children aged 5 and up into action, helping them develop confidence and key life skills.

– Includes a simple building guide and additional instructions – Part of the free LEGO Building Help app for smart devices.

Child bride for girls

Comes with a 12% discount

– Potty training small children can be a challenge, so this potty doll is the perfect solution.

– It’s designed to help you get through tough times and it’s more fun than it looks.

This doll drinks from her plastic bottle. He pees, and when he presses on his tummy, he needs to change diapers.

– When you press her belly, she makes sounds. You’ll also love how cute and compact this game is, small enough that your child won’t feel overwhelmed by it. It encourages imaginative play and allows them to explore the world around them in familiar and new ways.

Batmobile Batman figure

It comes at a discount of 34%.

– Rocket Launcher Batmobile – LEGO Batman DC: Penguin Chase (76181) puts Batman movie superhero action in kids’ hands

– 2 adorable minifigures – In addition to the buildable Batmobile, this playset includes a Batman minifigure with cloth upholstery and a Penguin minifigure with a handheld rocket launcher

– COOL WEAPONS – The battle-ready Batmobile features spring-loaded shooters that fire massive projectiles when kids press the panels on the hood

– GIFT FOR KIDS 8 YEARS AND OVER – The buildable Batmobile toy makes a great birthday or holiday gift for fans of Batman and super cool cars

Connect Four game

Comes with 18% discount

– Challenge a friend to disc throwing fun with the classic Connect 4 game.

– Throw your red or yellow discs into the net and be the first to form a row of 4 to win.

– Block the opponent with your own disk when he is too close to form a row of 4 disks.

Tree Farm Vehicle Crafting Kit

It comes at a discount of 53%

– Delight nature-loving kids with this LEGO Friends tree planter that comes with an eco-truck and tree nursery

– There’s so much in the box, the LEGO Friends gift includes two little brides, a vegetable nursery, a pickup truck, lots of gardening tools and 5 outdoor play figures for kids

– CREATIVE GIFT FOR KIDS 6 YEARS OLD AND OVER – Looking for a game for nature-loving kids? This tree planting toy will delight boys and girls who care about the environment, as well as children who love LEGO Friends vehicles

Say or do game

It comes at a 25% discount

– A game with word or action cards keeps you entertained for longer. The card game is made of high quality materials to ensure durability.

– It is a great game that allows you to enjoy it with friends and other family members.

– This is a question and answer game with interesting, fun and investigative questions. An arcade game makes your outdoor experience fun.

It is an ideal choice for hanging out with the family.

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