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From miracles it is said that reality is stranger than fiction, and most of those who say this do not believe it, because imagination moves in an open space without borders, without limits, without laws, while reality is ruled by rules, traditions and procedures, in which people can be strict to death or tolerate them to the point of excess. I think that the imagination of the writer Youssef El-Sibai, when he wrote the play “Association for the Killing of Women” in 1951, did not come up with the idea that after 70 years was hanging around in the brains of the “wives”, as a revenge to El-Sibai for what he said in the words of Noah Effendi, the hero of his play.

Professor Yusuf inspired Noa Efendi to found a wife-killing association to free himself from the tyranny of his wife, Umm Abduh, and convinced his companions to join her as the only way to “save man from the clutches of woman.” Nuh was angry with Umm Abdo, because she called Sheikh Ajayeb, to work as a veil that will prevent Nuh-Effendi from basbs for sixes and snorkels, and he will be pleased with them.

In short, the play was very comical, full of paradoxes and exaggerations about the “institution of marriage” and what happens in it. Youssef Al-Sibai wrote a sarcastic tribute to the critics who criticized his first play “Umm Monotonous” very harshly. , and said: To the critics who accused me of shame and swindlers, I dedicate more lamentations and clowning!

But after 70 years, realistic clowning has surpassed the imagination of Noah ef. Now a woman can file a lawsuit for disobedience to her husband, or a lawsuit for obedience, and these two cases are already being discussed in the courts these days. it is not surprising that the “Husbands Discipline Association” appeared on the stage of life, and it was founded by a group One of the Egyptian women by chance set its statutes and business procedures that regulate the “locking of husbands in homes, ” without the right to leave without written permission with consent wife’s “Recruit” in the family battalion, he follows instructions, obeys orders, otherwise he will be exposed to unwanted consequences. The story began with wives accompanying their children to private school, exchanging morning greetings sometimes, meeting at school sometimes, you know a word from here and a word from here, then the knowledge spread to a cup of cappuccino and a cup of juice in a nearby cafe, the circle successively widened , relations grew stronger, then languages ​​became entangled, along with stories From the side of their husbands, they discovered a common space, which is the husband’s long-hour absence from home. The excuses are the same, and each of them has heard them dozens of times in soap operas and movies before marriage: very busy, meetings and meetings. In our country, their husbands are mostly successful businessmen, or older employees in giant companies, and they are between thirty-five and forty-five years old, so about, and the country has a crisis of spinsters and spinsters, demanding polygamy to an extent, surprisingly, quite a few girls. Those who are not in marriage they are well-educated and from decent families, but their years are almost slipping out of their hands waiting for the knight of their dreams who never comes on a white horse, as youth these days they do not favor “wives with a strong personality” and are comfortable with an “honest woman” , the wife of C. El-Sayed in the movie Between the Palaces. In short, the social environment arouses fears and forces “she” to keep her gaze in the center of her head, because many girls prefer a mature, ready husband, and men by nature, like Noah Efendi, have deviant eyes, tender hearts, and their senses are like taut strings on which are easy to play to any beautiful woman, and the Eastern man, by nature, is dying to prove himself., as a stallion of the tribe and the Don Juan era.

The women said: Danger threatens on the horizon, and our husbands are lost and tempted to kidnap them.

An idea sparked in the brain of one of them, and she said, We need to formally inform them of this concern.

One of them asked: How?

Another strongly boycotted them: There is no communication, no telegraph, that is the only solution, “prison at home” after working hours, and without a permit there is no way out.

The others said in one breath: Rejection is certain…and a statement can cause crises and problems.

The most intelligent of them answered: A strong message remains…that we know they are under surveillance and we follow their every step. They came up with the form of the statement, and one of them designed it, and at first they printed a thousand copies. Indeed..the permission form is very elegant, it consists of three parts: the upper part..the permission to leave the house filled out by the husband, then the text of the permission: Your Excellency, beloved and respected wife, I submit to your Excellency a kind request to allow me to I leave the house on…responds to… .From the hour…to the hour…, for the following reasons (only four reasons are available and there is no fifth). I further promise Your Excellency in your capacity as the highest authority in the House that I will return in time for the expiry of the permit, with my willingness to bear all the penalties below in case of delay, the applicant (… ..).

The central part is for official use, filled in by the wife, and reads: After considering the request of our beloved husband, and after reviewing the explanations and reviewing the above file, we, the wife, have decided as follows: First. ..the husband is allowed to go out from the hour… to the hour.. Second, the husband is not allowed to go out for the following reasons: 1- The term of the previous final sentence has not expired, 2- The candidate has exceeded the number of permitted outings this month, 3- The wife’s mood is bad , 4- Too much elegance, which raises doubts about the reason for leaving.

The last part.. the list of punishments, which are 6 punishments according to the type of offense, sleeping alone without dinner, confiscation of money, frowning and grimacing in the morning and evening, confiscation of marital rights, confiscation of the use of the telephone at home, confiscation of the phone and car keys. And indeed, every woman’s declaration form flew away with an urgent message to her husband’s cell phone? What do you think and what will the answer be?

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