Ghost writer Jawad.. stories with educational values ​​and a special touch that speak to today’s children with vocabulary from his world

Unit 11-26-2022

The simulation of the child’s world and the ability to express his needs and ideas requires a lot of skill and deliberation in the formulation of every creative work whose purpose is to communicate with the child and influence his different inner and outer worlds. From this connection, her love for the world of childhood and her professional experience with it, writer Duha Jawad wrote most of her works. Focused on children, and this made her a prominent writer of the younger generation, who writes narrative stories for children that have a special touch, and scenarios of peculiar ideas related to today’s child and the vocabulary of his world, with important educational values ​​that he presents in an attractive way. The unit met the writer Duha Jawad, with whom she talked about her literary experience and special approach to writing for children. The following dialogue took place:

– About her personal map and her beginnings of writing in general, and especially for children, she said: Duha Ahmed Jawad is the author of children’s books, stories, screenplays and educational texts. The beginnings of writing were when I opened my eyes to the world and saw a book in my father’s hand. I learned to read and write a lot of vocabulary at home before starting school, and I started school at the age of five. And every time my father took me to the school library, I would get out of it with my little hands, not being able to cover all the stories I had chosen, I looked forward to them, as if I were carrying a treasure! I also remember reading texts and poems from Čitanka in all classes of school from the first day I got it in my hands. Genetic predisposition could also play an important role in the development of the linguistic and literary factor. I grew up in a family of knowledge and literature. My father and uncles are educators of generations, including scholars, lawyers, writers and poets. Most importantly, the amount of love and tenderness my parents gave me was, and still is, enough to give me wonderful positive energies. My literary inclinations first appeared in the writing of thoughts, prose and short stories, and as for writing for children, it appeared later after I became a mother. And it was a decision, not a coincidence, when I realized the importance of childhood in building a person’s personality and directing his behavior and what will happen in the future, and the great role of stories in raising a child; That’s how I started to care about everything that is aimed at children and I believed in the necessity of the existence of literature that suits the child and respects his intelligence. The first challenge started from myself: Can I write for a child? I wrote a few stories and then sent them to the Syrian General Book Organization and Osama magazine. My talent was met with interest and encouragement, and I continued to write while studying children’s literature and working to develop my tools. When I won first place in the competition for a short story for children of the Ministry of Culture, I felt anxiety and great responsibility before joy! This feeling accompanied me in every success that followed and it encouraged me to study more and work dedicatedly in the field of children’s literature, as if I were in a race against time! The road before me was not paved with beautiful roses, as some believe; On the contrary, there were a lot of holes, and some sharp thorns and sharp stones that made my feet bleed, but I made progress despite all the obstacles and I am very happy that I am going the right way, and my goal is to weave with the threads of love warm stories that protect children from frost of this abandoned world… Joy remains. The greatest thing is when children admire my stories, and I see their beautiful surprise, the glow of joy in their eyes and their sincere smiles! Regarding the standards she adopts in her literary works aimed at children, she said: There are a number of standards that guide me in writing for children, which are educational standards away from the role of a preacher and a direct style, and psychological standards It is not necessary to learn, because it is it is necessary to know literary genres and the artistic and literary origins of each literary genre. The workshop I recently presented for children’s writing training under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the Directorate of Children’s Culture in Latakia was a good opportunity to collect, organize and classify my ideas and the sum of what I have learned and gained a career through my literary work, and a lot more put in the hands of the participants as a signpost that leads them on the right path and contains milestones that enlighten them. It guides them and saves them a lot of time and effort, and they just have to go that way and work with a lot of seriousness and perseverance in order to get to what they are striving for and what we are striving for. And as for the workshop I hold for young people to learn how to write screenplays (comic stories), that’s another word, in short, it’s an additional area of ​​beauty! About her most important works she said: All the publications that have been issued to me are important, at least to me, because they did not come about by chance or luck, but as a result of work, planning, persistence and a very great effort; Writing is not easy, especially for a child. I am proud of all the work I have done, but one of the important turning points is that my book “A Warm Colorful Journey” /published by Dar Ashjar/ has been shortlisted for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for children and the category of literature for young people, which is one of the biggest international awards in terms of value and worth. About the challenges faced by this type of children’s literature, she said: Children’s writers are faced with numerous challenges and difficulties, because most children’s writers in our country are not free to write; They have other jobs from which they earn a living, and a writer needs a sense of material, physical and psychological comfort in order to be creative, because in the end he is building a homeland. As for the biggest challenge, it is the temptations that this fast-paced world puts before our children. Amazing technology has provided the child with many dazzling worlds and endless possibilities. It is enough to move your fingertip across the screen to move to various worlds! However, in my opinion, it is the most beautiful challenge because it forces the writer to develop his methods in accordance with today’s child in a continuous movement of research and painstaking work. This is what makes me similar to children in their love of curiosity and passion for learning, adventure and new experiences, in constant vitality and in the certainty that the child in me will never leave me.

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