The children of the Najm family… the occupation exterminated them and destroyed their dreams (witnesses)…

As the sun neared the end of the last day of Israeli aggression, and after some reports that a truce would soon be reached, a Palestinian family was on the brink of a heinous Israeli massacre, in which a group of children were killed.

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, an Israeli aircraft targeted a group of children with destructive missiles while they were playing inside the al-Fallujah cemetery in Jabalia camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, resulting in the instant death of 5 people. children, including 4 from the same family: Jamil Najm al-Din Najm, 4 years old, and Jamil Ihab Najm. 13 years old, Hamed Haidar Najm 16 years old, and Muhammad Salah Najm 16 years old.. And the fifth is their neighbor, the child Nazmi Abu Karsh.

scattered pieces

Mrs. Nour Kamal Diab, who was deeply saddened by the loss of her only son, the child Jamil Najm El-Din, spoke about the wonderful atmosphere that “Jamil” provided despite his youth, and she mentioned in an interview with the “Arabi 21” camera that he she dreamed of seeing herself as a young man passing high school. Successfully enrolling in college and marrying him.

Diab recounted the moment of the occupation bombing, and said: “I was sure that Jamil was in the cemetery. I went crazy when I knew he was killed. When they brought him to say goodbye to him, I wanted to take him from them, and his smell was musk.”

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The grieving mother called on all international institutions, courts, human rights institutions, as well as Arab countries to “stand by the Palestinian people and prosecute the occupation, because what he did is a heinous crime,” adding that “this is an innocent child who was killed in cold blood . The children entered the cemeteries to read Al-Fatiha on their grandfather’s grave, they will take out the severed pieces from it.”

“Where is humanity? Where are human rights?”, she asked painfully.

On the other hand, father Ihab Jamil Najm, the father of the martyr Jamil, confirmed that they tried to keep their children in their homes during the entire period of Israeli aggression, noting that at the time when there was talk of the imminent announcement of a truce between the resistance and the occupation, the children started leave their homes and gather at the cemetery opposite their homes to visit their grandfather’s grave.


Najm told Arabi 21: “It was only a few moments, when the occupation planes hit them with a missile that tore them to pieces, leaving them drowning in a pool of blood, where they were taken to the hospital,” adding: “I knew that he was killed, and I’m collecting the remains of my son, what happened, a very difficult situation, and I don’t want anyone to see it.”
It should be noted that the Israeli occupation army admitted to executing five children in the Al-Falujah cemetery, and the Israeli security service confirmed that five children (Najm and Abu Karsh) were killed in an attack by the Israeli air force on the last day of the aggression against Gaza, and they residents of Jabalija.


On the occasion of the “International Children’s Day”, which is celebrated every year on November 20, the day when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, “Arabi 21” started publishing video episodes about martyred Palestinian children .During the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in August 2022.

Details of the aggression

The 2022 Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip for the 16th consecutive year began just before the afternoon of last Friday, corresponding to August 5, and continued violently for three days, with the occupation army launching intense high-explosive rocket attacks on various Palestinian cities in the Strip .

Occupation warplanes targeted many homes without prior warning, except for civilian sites and sites of Palestinian resistance, which responded to the aggression by bombarding numerous Israeli settlements and cities with home-made missiles.

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During this aggression, the occupation army carried out several massacres, in Jabalia and Beit Hanoun in the northern sector, the city of Al-Burei in the center of the sector, and in Khan Younis and Rafa in the southern sector. Children, 4 women, and 360 different injuries.

During the Israeli aggression, the occupying army killed, in two separate attacks on two residential houses, the leader, Tayseer Al-Jabari, commander of the Northern Brigade in Saraya Al-Quds, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement. It is the first military attack by which the occupier began the aggression against Gaza on Friday, August 5, and the following evening, Khaled Mansour, the commander of the Southern Brigade in the “Quds Brigades”, was killed in a second attack that destroyed several houses in Rafah, in the southern strip. .

Israeli aggression caused great damage to many media and civil institutions and destroyed 9 residential buildings, along with about 1,500 residential units, of which 16 were completely destroyed, 71 units were rendered uninhabitable, and 1,400 units were partially damaged between severe and moderate damage, with the destruction of dozens dunes. agricultural.

It is important to note that the civil protection crews in Gaza faced great difficulties in rescuing civilians and extracting the bodies of martyrs from under the ruins, due to the fact that the occupying army deliberately targeted some densely populated places, in addition to the poor logistical capabilities at its disposal. of civil defense in the belt, which carried out more than 124 operations during the continuation of the Israeli aggression.



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