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Melhem al-Hakim:
The body building conference, attended by the head of the Athletics Office, Muhammad Al-Hayek, and two members of the Executive Office, Ayman Al-Ahmad and Muhammad Al-Khidr, did not witness many interventions, but despite the small talk, it carried the concerns of the entire game. Considering the financial fees imposed on sports houses far from their ratings, especially in the countryside where there is no crowd of people or means of transport, saying that it is unreasonable for a sports house in the city center to pay 200,000, for example, and a sports house in a remote village pays the same amount, and the need to set up a system that prevents the practice of other games in Bodybuilding house or practicing bodybuilding in specialized houses in karate, taekwondo or etc. What the players noticed is that bodybuilders are trained by people who are not members of that game. Also, interventions came that students or graduates of the Institute of Sports are required to treat students of the Faculty of Physical Education. and medical students in terms of the diploma when they attend the first courses in it, so they directly enter the third degree, with the fact that sports houses should be allowed to accredit the trainers of the diploma. The third and the second until all the coaches of the game have obtained their first degree.

Biota chaos
The head of the Football Association, Manar Haikal, answered in the affirmative, promising that the training match will remain connected with bodybuilding, and that the students of the institute will be excluded, so they are directly called the third level and give the governorates and their homes a grace period for approving third and second level coaches. , provided that coach is within the specified period, i.e. he is not yet entitled to attend The prescribed course for advancement is two years between degrees, but if he has spent two years or more and has not followed the course, he and the right of his club are entitled to the law and a large financial penalty is imposed, referring to the executive office that the gaming federation has its own opinion when granting a license to any house, and according to him.. there are many houses that we know nothing about.

We hear about support, but we don’t see it?
The most important intervention came with full transparency from the words of the hero, Amin Al-Harith, who said: “We always heard that the federation thanks the executive office for its support, but we really don’t see it on the ground. Also like plane tickets, and even participation is out of his own pocket, so where is the laudable support?
And the hero adds: “We brought all the heroic titles on all the forums, and we did not see that any of the members of the office received us at the border or at the airport, and we did not hear a word of congratulations for a day, and even that we were honored with an amount of, for example, 100 thousands of kuna, you would hardly buy one box of supplements from which tax is deducted, i.e. tax is deducted, asking in front of the members of the executive office why honor is decided and under which item honor tax is paid?
Harith adds, “Not only that, we as champion bodybuilders have fans from the public and private sectors and from retailers, but the restrictions imposed on us prevent us from agreeing with them to accept our participation or to be “sponsors and supporters” for our championships .After all, a champion has a family to take care of and spend, not just himself and prepare him for competitions.

Lost earnings
Manar Haikal, president of the Association of the Game, supported what the champion of the game, Amin Al-Harith, said, addressing the members of the office: “We, in bodybuilding, have our income from tournaments and tournaments, but we do not have the right to dispose of them. The office was able to secure our heroes and adopt their participation in full and greater numbers than we now participate. We are, according to the expression of the structure, the only alliance whose approval of participation is assumed. to be immediate, especially since we brought all the minerals and professional cards from various international forums, leading to the title of Master of the Universe.
Accordingly, the member, Muhammad al-Hayek, and with him Muhammad al-Khidr, responded to the claim of the hero and that the financial hardship is the cause of what the hero is going through, who has the right to his connection and his participation is at the expense of the parent organization. in the light of the difficult circumstances that our country is going through, but in the coming days, according to what Al-Hayek revealed, and according to the directives of the president of the General Sports Federation, each game has its own halls, supplies and specialized tools, but it cannot be all at once with considering what we are going through, it will already be noticed gradually and during the next year Every athlete and champion of positive changes, addressing the personnel regarding bringing in fans, said: “On the contrary, as said, do not repay Al-Karim for his generosity .You have absolute freedom and comfort by providing “Spencer”.Study or financial system provided by the Football Association executive office.

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