Blind revenge.. The mother violates the innocence of her child and deprives the father of seeing him

Amal Fouad

Children are a great blessing from God’s blessing to His slaves. They should be kept and looked after, and not endanger any of their rights, especially by parents, and try to avoid exploiting them in any cheap way in resolving disputes. or bills or to take them from one of the parties as a means of pressure, regardless of the size of the differences between any of them. par.

But in the case of the child “Fahd”, the opposite happened. The child is not over 3 years old. In his few years of life, he achieves nothing but play and play, innocence upon innocence. He derives his being from his parents, but his mother, who took advantage of his innocence and violated his rights when he was a child, decided to record several clips to take revenge on her husband. Not only that, but she tried to teach him how to call and train him to sell, not considering his youth and his inability to speak Was she happy with this?!, and why did she do it Exciting details about the life of child Fahd , and even more exciting scenes about a mother who humiliated her child in a way that contradicts childhood rights.

In a state of extreme anger, the husband, Mahmoud M., 26 years old, began his speech, saying: The interference of parents in the married life of their children sometimes leads to countless disasters, and that a woman with a weak personality in front of her mother listens to her words as a worker on heroism, to the extent that she gave her the opportunity to control her mind and interfere in the various affairs of our lives until she forced her to refuse to travel and live with him in her hometown and family home “in Al-Ayyat “, due to the difficult financial situation and the inability to continue spending on him in the new rented apartment, as if he were reliving the events of the movie “Passport Story”. ” when she objected. The artist, “Mary Munib,” the mother-in-law, “her daughter, Souad Hosni,” traveled with her husband, the artist, “Shukri Sarhan,” to his workplace in one of the provinces due to the nature of his work, and made their lives hell and sought to separate them, just as she had made my life a living hell, and made her daughter violate the innocence of her child The boy and his display selling girls’ yarn in a “heart-wrenching” scene in the Arab quarter of Ghoneim in Helwan, and she she was not satisfied with that, but posted the footage on her Facebook page with the aim of revenge and earning money through other communication sites. wa To save his life and not allow anyone to hurt him or violate his rights, and some of the many feelings that cannot be described in words of love and tenderness for her child, and this was manifested by beating and denying the sight of the little child when the child uttered the word ” dad”.

get to know

The story begins with the husband recounting the details, saying: “When I met her as one of my neighbor’s girlfriends, her name is Sahar, she is 23 years old. A love story developed between us that lasted more than two years. She was originally from Helwan. She was with her parents and her four siblings. A relationship developed between us and I decided to marry her and the story ended.” love through marriage is safe; He started life in his apartment inside his father’s house in Al-Ayyat, and a year and a half after his marriage he left his father’s house in search of a life. He rented an apartment in the Arab area of ​​Ghoneim in Helwan, where he lived with his wife for more than three years. on which he did not save as long as he could satisfy it, even though he was an ordinary employee. After that, financial crises began to follow. Mahmoud had difficulty paying the monthly rent and decided to return to his father’s house again, but Sahar strongly refused, and disagreements and problems began to arise between them from time to time, and the parents of both sides intervened and the water returned to normal . again, and in spite of all that, she was dissatisfied, preoccupied with money and how it was coming. She was not satisfied with what God had given her, especially in the last days before going to the family home, so she was preoccupied only with the fact that she would never return to the house his family, to the extent that her mother and brothers asked him to divorce her if he decided to return to his father’s house.

And things blew up 9 months ago; When there was a verbal argument between him and his wife over her refusal to return with him to the family home in the “Al-Ayyat” area, even though he explained to her his inability to continue in the new rented apartment and the difficulty of spending on it, because his salary is still small, but she insisted on her request, which made him angry and he left the house because of her. told that her mother came and brought her back to the family house. However, the family members refused to communicate with him, and insisted on preventing him from seeing the child, and to further humiliate him, the brothers beat him and inflicted severe injuries on his body and his left hand, which led to amputation and disability. Poor husband, although he maintains the relationship between them, that his son does not grow up between a separated father and mother.

Attempts at reconciliation

The husband resorted to consensual solutions through the usual sessions of people with rational minds, and they are residents of this area, and all attempts ended in failure because the mother controls all her actions and the daughter cannot contradict her, and they gave a choice between returning to their decision and living with by his wife in the midst of her family or separation, but the husband refused this method, and received the insults he received, and was prevented from seeing his only child, and if only things had stopped in this place.


While the husband was casually browsing his Facebook page, he was surprised by his wife who posted an offensive video of his little child while she was trying to teach him to sell cotton candy and left him in the middle of the street which set fire to the father’s heart, so he rushed to her and accused her of was dishonest with him, so he didn’t expect for a single moment that she would make his life. The child is a way to get revenge on him, and he told her that he would file a lawsuit against her to take away her custody because she did not trust him, in addition to prevented him from seeing the child for more than 6 months, as well as every time the father bought clothes and gifts for his son and went to her family’s house to see his little one and meet Joy and pleasure are in his heart, but they refuse to receive him or to see his little one, and they drive him out of the evil of his banishment so that he can return to his involvement in what he bought for his little child and see the joy in his innocent eyes.

And the father concludes by confirming; That suddenly and without any introduction, his life turned into a terrifying nightmare after a failed marriage experience from a wife who does not understand and does not appreciate the true meaning of married life and when to stand by her husband in his crises, and he says: Unfortunately, she gave birth to “Fahda” and after all the calamity that had befallen child and father since the events of Teška, the husband resorted to suing for the young sight in order to be able to see his only child at the time fixed by the court.


Finally, the father had no choice but to file a report at the Helwan police station accusing his wife’s brothers of assaulting him when he asked to see his son, and of humiliating his son on the street and trying to force him to work at this youth and begging by displaying their pictures. on social networking sites, and the father is surprised; Why are they doing such actions to his son?! The investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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