Music, singing and poetry.. Eternal images in the round world

From ancient times, the Greeks were interested in sports and poetry, and both were consistent on the same field during the People’s Games and the Olympic Games.

Poets also sang about great athletes, and poetry was presented in musical works, accompanied by the background of a sports show.


The Greeks seriously strived for perfection between spirit and body, so they cared about the spaciousness of the spirit and the development of its abilities, just as they cared about sports in all its forms, and they were always connected with music, singing and poetry, so athletics was one of them. of the most prominent sports.

The organizing committee of the tournament required poets and artists to create songs that support the players during the tournament.

The greatest winning poems were written by poets, in honor of sports heroes, just as artists and poets gathered in booths around sports stadiums, and drew inspiration from the movements of heroes, artistic images and translated them into works of art and poetry, and in the ancient Greek world it was a custom that the best minds of the country meet in one place, to exchange experiences, opinions and skills.

The Greeks seriously strived for perfection between mind and body, so they cared about the spaciousness of the mind and the development of its abilities, just as they cared about sports in all its forms.


The sports audience has always had a taste for art and does not accept that what is bad enters the poetic sphere of life, as it completely rejects it in the mathematical aspect. What happened in 384 BC with the tyrant Dionysius, who is the god of wine among the Greeks , confirms the connection between artistic taste and mathematics. If a tyrant brings actors to the sport, to recite his poems, and that is not good, then an angry mob of the crowd goes to his tent. , beat him and set him on fire.

About sports.. you are justice

And the end of the nineteenth century witnessed the return of the French historian Pierre de Coubertin to the Olympic Games, who was impressed by the behavior of the Greeks towards them, and designed their symbols and flag.

At the Games in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1912, music, architectural painting and poetry – lyrical and epic – were included in the Olympic list, and Coubertin even included his own poem entitled “Ode to Sport”, which won a gold medal that year. writing in it:

“About sport, you are beautiful.. About sport, you are justice.. About sport, you are happiness. The body trembles with bliss when it hears your call.”

He also wrote, “It’s very inspiring to imagine athletes on the edge of their seats.”

At the 1912 Games in Stockholm, Sweden, music, architectural painting, and poetry—lyrical and epic—were included on the Olympic list.

The role of poetry in the Olympics declined after its translation became difficult. Due to the influx of songs from different countries of the world, to participate in this massive global concert.

Enthusiasm and flame

However, art returns as a cover for sport during previous world leagues. During previous World Cup tournaments, the idea of ​​releasing a World Cup song, which FIFA markets before and during the tournament, has been included.

Later, this song turns into a unique language that is heard and repeated by all the inhabitants of the world, from the farthest to the lowest. These songs also contribute to inflaming the enthusiasm of the audience, and increase the response of those who do not care about football. to blend in with the global community.


With the development of technology, people’s interest in football has also increased, and the ability to follow matches has become easier through websites that stream matches for free.

The role of poetry in the Olympics declined after its translation became difficult. Due to the influx of songs from different countries of the world to participate in this big global concert.

The ability to spread the idea of ​​the World Cup has also become easier among the public, with the presence of websites that allow the song to be spread through various tags and simple technical tools that allow the public to record their own video. him.

Despite the criticism of the song “Peace Peace” launched by the organizing committee of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and sung by the Lebanese singer Myriam Fares, the song became popular on the Tik Tok portal and spread among young people. people.

Among the songs that went viral during the launch of previous World Cups was international artist Ricky Martin’s song “Go Go”, which accompanied the launch of the World Cup in France in 1998.

International singer Shakira’s song, “Waka Waka”, which she launched to mark the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, has been insanely extended.


The enthusiasm that separates sports from art makes the human voice mind and body; As the value of sport grows in the active body, through its movements, sounds and energy, and in prominent muscles and hot blood, it constantly strives to prove its worth by winning.

Despite criticism of the song “Peace Peace”, launched by the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and sung by Lebanese singer Myriam Fares, the song has become popular on the website “Tik Tok”.

Art grows in a contemplative mind, a burning mind, a spirit that always seeks beauty, practices it individually or collectively. The advantage of art and sports is that they are based on joint action, which makes the moment more valuable and enjoyable.

Arabic songs related to sports

Lyrical poetry in the Arab world has always been associated with the success of Arab teams and clubs, during local or international competitions. In the eighties of the last century, the song “The Most Important Egyptians” composed by the Egyptian poet Salah Jahin and sung by the singer Yasmine Khayyam appeared.

This revolutionary song was associated with the rich history of the Egyptian national football team and Egyptian clubs such as Al-Ahly and Zamalek, as it increased the public’s solidarity with the players and contributed to strengthening their support.

The Jordan Sports Club, which is considered one of the headquarters of Jordanian clubs, has also shone in the Arab world.

In Saudi Arabia, the song “Ya Nas al-Akhdar” written by Badr bin Abdul Mohsen and sung by Talal Maddah appeared. As for the UAE, the choral song “Mansour Ya Our Team” expanded on the words of the poet Ali Al-Khawar, and The song “Hey My Team” written by the poet Ayed Bin Ghaida appeared in Qatar.

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