September Net – What we are witnessing now in the criminal actions of the new colonizer is the same as the actions of the old colonizer (1-2)

November 27, 2022

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First of all, as we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Independence Day, I would like to note that this anniversary, with its great joy, victory and pride, is not only being written about among the people of South Yemen.

Rather, among the entire Yemeni people, as well as all free Arabs and non-Arabs who oppose colonialism in all its forms.

Written by Major General: Luqman Paras
I would like to note that writing from today’s perspective may be somewhat different from writing at the beginning of the event, considering the events that Yemen and the South have experienced, in particular, unlike the approach of the October 14 revolution that culminated in independence, despite not lacking neither did any of the opponents of the revolution who saw Britain as a great power, about which Sun said that independence was difficult to achieve, but despite their insidious statements that were in the interests of colonialism and its collaborators, independence was achieved thanks to the national mass struggle in all regions of the south, regardless of the fact that colonialism went out the door and back out the window, content with its mercenaries and the support of the great powers and their reactionary states. But with the patience of the people and continued resistance and by exposing the goals and objectives of colonialism and its looting of wealth and its struggle against all national forces throughout Yemen and the regions, the second independence will come with God’s will and ability, and the colonizer will come out subdued without return, liked to him or not.
With a cursory glance at the goals of the old British colonialism and the current goals, they do not differ in content, although they differ in the ways and means of their realization.
For example: the convergence of the interests of British colonialism, Saudi Arabia and other countries at the expense of the interests of the Yemeni people and their struggle for their freedom and independence is a goal that still exists, even if the ways and means are different.
– Continuing to attract weak-minded clients and widening the circle of polarization to some of the so-called intellectuals and opinion bearers of the homeland while under the auspices of colonialism as a goal that still exists. Britain is represented with its two allies, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, who pump money into her, forgetting that money didn’t work for Qarun.. when anger comes. God is the answer to the prayers of the poor and the oppressed, the bereaved, the orphaned and the vulnerable in all parts of the country in general and Yemen in particular.
I think my dear brother to the reader and my sister to the reader in Aden and others you remember that on January 16, 1962, Al-Mustrajon Profumo declared that Britain would not leave Aden, meaning that they would make it a large military base for some from the occupied Arabs, the Asian and African regions.. Where the British base from the Red Sea participated in Bab Al-Mandab In the attack on the Suez Canal and Sharm el-Sheikh during the tripartite aggression against Egypt.. and the goal of controlling the sea lanes, islands and ports of all the species still exists today.
In addition to deposits of oil, minerals and agricultural resources (long-term cotton farms in Abyan, Lahj and Hadramout (Mina), as well as fish deposits that fill the three seas in Yemen), the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.
• The new colonialism and its agents, just as the old colonialism did, tried and are still trying to make the southern provinces and other neighboring regions a military base, an extension of their military bases in various regions.
(The construction of bases at the airports of Al-Rayyan, Al-Ghaidha, Socotra, Mayon, Abd Al-Kuri, and the ports that will be established or deepened on the coasts of Al-Mahra, Hadhramaut and Shabwa are only a confirmation of continuity and a reminder of the old-new the goals of British-American-Israeli colonialism and their loyal Arab allies in the service of Zionists and Zionists, and I will not go much into this context except for the sake of a reminder, perhaps the memory will benefit the faithful.
• The fact that when British colonialism and its allies or helpers knew that a revolution had taken place in North Yemen and that the six declared goals were disturbing for it and for Saudi Arabia, and that this revolution, i.e. the revolution of September 26, 1962 BC, would have been an important factor and support for the safe support of the free people of southern Yemen who flocked from all sides from the regions of the south to San’a, and that some of them participated in the limits available to them, either in the revolution during the siege. Indeed, the first vanguards that exploded the revolution were formed from Radfan, led by the hero-martyr Ghaleb bin Rajeh Labouza, starting from Sana’a to get rid of British colonialism and its agents.
That is why Britain, along with Saudi Arabia to a large extent, and all forces hostile to the revolutions, including countries, people, intelligence services, etc., tried to divert the path of the September 26 revolution and neutralize it in terms of content in favor of “Saudi Arabia”, and not in the interest of the Yemeni people, and remain formal without achieving its six goals in practice. In addition, colonialism tried very hard and diligently and is still trying in a wider way to deepen the separation not only between the two parts of Yemen, but also between the so-called Eastern and Western protectorates in defiance of Yemeni unity. Which is under his control.. Honestly, colonialism cannot achieve all its ambitions that we have mentioned and others that have not been mentioned except by eliminating the revolutionary intellectuals, culturalists and free people with their different specializations who are fighting for the independence of South Yemen, defending the revolution in the North, they are regaining Yemeni unity and correcting their course. the establishment of tribal gatherings in the south and north against colonialism, and British colonialism suppressed them as tribal uprisings that smacked of patriotism and knew that if they were organized, they would be We are a force on the side of the revolution or we are joining its framework.
Metafora failed in many of its projects, such as establishing a federation and then an Arab federation for concluding new deals and contracts, and imposing leaders who would be satisfied with its project from opportunists and originally loyal to it. .
Yemen, south and north, suffered from the hated trinity (poverty, ignorance and disease).
Despite this and that, the revolution continued on October 14, which started from the mountains of Radfan al-Sham, and its first martyr was the fighter Ghaleb bin Rajeh Labouza, and a group of martyrs who lit the way for the revolution and were like candles that burned out as would illuminate the path of liberation for others.
With the support of the revolutionaries in North Yemen and all the free people of the Arab world and the world, the October Revolution continued to expand its activities, both peaceful and Fedayeen (Jihad).
Until he encompassed the towns and villages and actually shook the throne of the British ruler (High Commissioner) and sought the help of those with whom he concluded protection agreements and friendship and finally consultations to no avail.
It is true that intellectuals and graduates from Arab countries, as well as merchants who returned to Aden from Egypt, India and some other countries who were enlightened by revolutionary thought through their experience of the revolutions that took place in those countries preceded the September and October revolutions in these countries, they played a significant role in the spread of revolutionary awareness and participation. In the struggle and maintenance of its continuity and with the testimony of the first pioneers of the revolution in northern and southern Yemen.

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