The Agricultural Bank intends to issue an electronic wallet “Wallet Agri” soon.

The Agricultural Bank has unveiled the Wallet Agri application, which represents the first digital product that the Agricultural Bank of Egypt intends to launch soon on mobile phones, an electronic wallet in Egypt, as well as the ability to pay bills, bills and shop online. at any time and from any place.

This happened during the participation of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt in the Cairo International Technology Conference and Exhibition, Cairo ICT 2022, in its twenty-sixth session, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center, from November 27 to 30.

Through its pavilion participating in the exhibition, the bank emerges with a new and distinctive look that reflects its efforts in the development plans of the bank and its banking services in general, with a focus on digital transformation plans and digitization of all its banking operations. and financing services in order to meet all the needs of its clients and keep pace with the technological development of the banking sector in accordance with the vision of the state and the central bank. In turning to the digital economy and encouraging the use of electronic payment methods, which contributes to the achievement of financial inclusion as one of the pillars the Bank’s strategy for contributing to the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development.

During its participation in the exhibition, the bank reveals a set of electronic applications and digital services that the bank has launched or will soon launch, such as electronic service centers, electronic wallet Agri, agricultural platform, electronic credit system for companies, and other applications in which the bank participates, such as the Tahwish savings app that the bank launched with the National Council for Women to empower rural women.

The bank also launched the electronic farmer application to help farmers and farm owners in obtaining loans for plant production of crops, along with the electronic circle application with the company Dayra Digital Solutions, whose idea is based on the well-known system of association as a way of saving and solidarity between people and other applications that meet the needs of bank clients. To use digital banking services and find alternative payment channels, while facilitating access to the necessary financing for projects and economic activities, especially in the agricultural sector, in a way that contributes to the acceleration of the approval rate of agricultural loans in all forms, with the aim of strengthening the capabilities of farmers and increasing agricultural production.

The Agricultural Bank of Egypt presented, through its pavilion, interactive electronic screens that explain the functions of the applications that the bank intends to launch during the coming period, how to use them and ways to benefit from them through a comprehensive explanation provided by the bank’s employees to the audience of the exhibition, which during its experience had excellent public interaction with these services.

Regarding the bank’s participation in the ICT Fair in Cairo, Mr. Alaa Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Agricultural Bank of Egypt, confirmed the bank’s desire to participate in the exhibition every year, as it is the most important event in the technology sector in Egypt. , the Middle East and Africa, and testifies to the presence and representation of various state agencies, banks, telecommunications companies, and those interested in modern technology in all its areas.

Faruk indicated that the bank’s interest in electronic banking is to keep up with the development of the banking market, since the bank sets digital transformation as a strategic and ambitious priority in order to keep up with the great development of the banking sector in accordance with the state’s vision. and the guidelines of the Central Bank of Egypt, given that the digital transformation is the basis on which the state relies in the implementation of Think of the “New Republic” in the implementation of the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, and in an effort to advance the principle of financial inclusion and attracts several groups that are not involved in the banking system, the most important of which is the youth group, which uses technology to perform all its transactions and activates the initiatives of the Central Bank Bank in digital transformation.

He emphasized that the bank is rapidly implementing the bank’s plan for digital transformation, digitalization of all its services and the achievement of national financial inclusion goals by introducing electronic payment and collection systems in the agricultural sector and the Egyptian countryside, in addition to launching a set of digital products and smart applications that meet the needs of its clients to use digital banking services and find alternative payment channels.

Farouk revealed that the bank intends to open four new digital branches in cooperation with i-Finance by the end of the year, which will increase the number of electronic branches of the bank to 6 branches, since electronic branches are considered a unique experience for customers because they only deal with technological means without any human intervention, which indicates that the large expansion of digital services requires continuous strengthening and modernization of the bank’s technological infrastructure in an effort to adapt to this development, which is why the bank is implementing an ambitious strategy for the development of technological infrastructure. keep pace with advances in banking application technology.

While participating in the exhibition, the bank reflected on its efforts in the development of technological infrastructure through the opening of the “Data Center” development and modernization project in the main center of the bank, so that the bank has an integrated technological system in accordance with the latest international specifications that meet its operational needs and requirements of its clients in accordance with the latest methods used in banking business. It guarantees its ability to expand digital services and products and update the bank’s future operations with the highest levels of quality and security standards.

The center includes the latest equipment for data centers in the world, and is one of the few centers in Egypt that managed to receive the international UPTIME accreditation certificate from the American UPTIME Institute.

The center was built on an area of ​​1,000 square meters in order to be able to adapt in the long term and face all new developments, and the center is equipped according to the latest systems and technological applications.

The bank is also reviewing the electronic financing services it provides through the “Agr Misr” platform in collaboration with the company e-aswaq, which is considered the first electronic platform for the agricultural sector, since the Agricultural Bank of Egypt is considered the first bank in Egypt to provide its customers with the service obtaining agricultural loans for crops electronically and completely.

The agricultural platform allows the user to apply for all types of agricultural loans provided by the Agricultural Bank of Egypt by registering through an electronic farmer card, where he can apply for a loan from the Agricultural Bank using the platform at any time and from anywhere with The application is also studied electronically, and then the loan amount will be added to the Al Falah “Meeza” card.

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