95% of the Century Steal money is inside fortified houses in Mansour and 4 countries

So far, Muhammad al-Sudani, the prime minister, has revealed that less than 5% of the stolen amount, which is about 4 billion dinars, has been returned.

It is likely that more than half of the amount that was stolen was the payment of more than a quarter of a million bank instruments in 4 Arab and regional countries.

It is estimated that the total sentences that could be imposed on the four accused of theft (2 fugitives) could reach a prison sentence of more than 3 thousand years.

But it seems, according to what is reported in the discussions of the “concerned” Shia forces about the method of issuing the refund notice, that “the biggest thief can only bargain for half the total amount”.

Everyone stopped at the sentence that the prime minister mentioned at the press conference, in which he presented the confiscated amounts in a “Hollywood way”, which was understood as a “settlement with a thief”.

Al-Sudani said: “The competent judge will issue an order for Nour Zuhair to be released on bail to hand over the full amount within two weeks,” noting that “the biggest part of the amount Nour Zuhair has is real estate.”

Sources within the coordination framework spoke to (Al-Mada) about the existence of fears among some Shia parties that what happened at the conference could move the street against them.

At the time of the announcement of the refund of part of the amount, there was a “hashtakat” on Twitter criticizing the settlement signals with the theft defendants that were mentioned in the press conference.

Lawmaker Bassem Khashan, who is considered close to some of the Shiite forces within the “cadre”, criticized the way the amounts were presented, which he described as “theatrical”.

Khashan said on his Facebook page: “I don’t know which of my Sudanese advisers advised him this miserable theater of pity for Iraq.”

He added: “The prime minister is bringing an amount not equal to 5% of the money stolen by the arrested suspect Nour Zuhair and announcing to us that he will be released on bail to sell the properties seized by the court and return to the state some of what he stole from her money.”

The deputy revealed that the accused is Zuhair: “He owns banks and a refinery and has huge contracts with the state, in addition to a company in Jordan and funds and companies in other countries, and he acquired all this from corruption deals in which senior officials were involved in to the state, and release on bail will enable them to agree to conceal Other corruption crimes related to the theft of tax secretaries and earlier crimes.

And Al-Sudani confirmed at the conference where he discovered the return of money, which appeared among piles of money, that “part of the stolen money was returned from the tax secretaries”, emphasizing that “the competent authorities managed to return the first batch of more than 182 billion dinars .

And Shia sources say: “There seems to be a deal with the accused in exchange for getting some of the money, which is a dangerous thing that can cause anger on the street.”

And the sources say that it was necessary to “seize the movable and immovable assets of the accused Nour Zuhair and trace all the money and property of his family and the families of other participants in the theft without the need for settlement.”

The parties in the “framework” believe that the remaining money, which is 95 percent of the total stolen, has been found with less than half of it in “houses in Baghdad, and the other half is in the Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.”

As for the half that is in Iraq and is in the possession of Noor Zuhair, which represents about 43% of the total amount of looted property, it is in the form of real estate and cash.

Informed sources add that “houses in Mansour have been turned into armored safes, and there are eyewitnesses in the area who observed the daily arrival of private armored bank cars to transport money near these houses.”

Along with the seizure of a commercial shopping center and dozens of houses belonging to the latest suspect, which are assumed to have come under government control.

The amount offered by Al-Sudani, which represents only 9% of the money in Noor Zuhair’s possession, was with Al-Wad Bank.

According to MP Hadi al-Salami, “20 billion dinars are missing” which should have been among the amounts seized by Nour Zuhair.

Al-Salami said in a Facebook post: “200 billion dinars were in Al-Wad Bank / 14th Ramadan branch. They were seized 3 days after the arrest of Nour Zuhair.”

He added that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani announced 180 billion”, stressing that “20 billion are missing”.

At the last conference, the Prime Minister revealed that “investigative commissions were formed to review the instruments paid out by the tax secretaries”, noting that “the investigative commission pointed out violations and non-payers, enabling confiscation of the funds of the secretaries”.

He continued: “There are bodies in the Tax Administration and other supervisory and responsible persons who facilitated the theft of the commissions”, pointing out: “We will announce about the entities that enabled the theft of the commissions after the completion of the investigation.”

Ritz-Carlton 2

The idea of ​​a “deal” with a thief of public money goes back to the 2019 Saudi experience known as the “Ritz-Carlton deal”, which is part of a well-known English hotel chain located in the Kingdom, where officials were detained during the deal.

In leaks that spread last year, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the former prime minister, tried to conduct an experiment by detaining 100 allegedly corrupt people in Iraq and struck a deal for “half of the stolen amount in exchange for amnesty.”

A commission formed at the time headed by Ahmed Abu Ragheef detained dozens of defendants, but it ended in a torture scandal and judicial intervention to disband the commission last March.

Shiite sources criticize the replication of the Saudi experience because the incident in Iraq “has been completed and its actors are known and where the money is.”

Informed sources state that “the thief must be prosecuted for every check that was spent to obtain money”, and there are a total of 262 checks.

According to the Iraqi Penal Code, the criminal offense of falsifying an official document provides for a prison sentence of up to 15 years, which could expose the four accused to a prison sentence of more than 3,900 years.

The Prime Minister revealed at the conference that “investigative committees came to the conclusion that 114 checks were paid to the accused Nour Zuhair in a total amount of more than a trillion dinars”.

He added that “the company Badia Al-Masar was paid 37 checks, in the total amount of 624 billion dinars”, emphasizing that “the authorized director of the company Badia Al-Masar is named Abdul Mahdi Tawfiq, and its accused owner is Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ibrahim.”

And he continued, “66 checks with a total amount of 982 billion dinars were spent on the Humpback Whale Company to its fugitive authorized director Abdul-Mahdi Tawfiq and its accused owner Qassem Muhammad,” adding that he “paid 45 checks with a total the amount of 607 billion dinars to Baghdad Wind Company for its authorized director Abdul-Mahdi Tawfiq to its arrested owner Hussein.” coffee”.

And he continued: “The money spent amounted to three billion, 754 billion, 642 million and 664 thousand dinars,” emphasizing that “an agreement was reached between the second investigative court in Karkha and Noor Zuhair to schedule the return of the full amount in the possession of the accused.”

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