“A stop on the death train.” A psychiatrist calls for the rescue of children from the game “Evil Baba Baba”.

Blue Whale, Fire Fairy, Pokemon Go and many other free electronic games that fall under different classifications such as horror games or challenging games have recently led to violence, bloodshed and suicides of many people in the world. It seems that the world is waiting for cases of suicides or new mental disorders through the game of the evil grandmother that raises the alarm among children because, it seems, they will follow the same footsteps of previous games of violence and blood indulgence.

This was pointed out by Dr. Sana Abdel Raouf – a professor of child psychiatry and a consultant for communication, capacity development and behavior modification – who, through the Al-Dustour newspaper, calls for the need to save children from the evil grandmother game Grani, after receiving three cases of children aged of 7 years using this game Over months their behavior has changed from calm and normal to violent, scared and trying to self-harm.

Abdel-Raouf explained to “Al-Dustour” that a few months ago she received three cases of children (friends) aged 7 who played the evil grandmother game, sometimes alone and sometimes with each other, and their parents complained that their behavior turned into violence against themselves and others, the environment, as well as their constant fear and terror and repeated attempts to harm themselves.

During Dr. Sana Abdel Raouf’s discussion with the cases, their conversation was as follows:

You locked me in a scary place and beat me until I bled

Child Moath: “I’ve been playing the game for more than a month. This game is divided into 5 levels over 5 days. On the first day I try to escape from the evil grandmother who was dragging me, but she grabs me and hits me on the brain with a bat. The second, third and fourth the same day repeats itself. As for the next day, the fifth is when I can’t escape from the evil grandmother who is dragging me (she grabs me and locks me in a scary place and keeps hitting me on the brain with a stick until I bleed).

The child confirmed that he “plays evil grandma for two to three hours a day, sometimes alone and sometimes with two friends.” He became violent, beats his friends, fights with his mother and treats her badly when she takes his cell phone away from him after two or three hours of playing this game every day, and he insists on taking it from her in order to continue playing.”


I feel that someone is pulling me and trying to pull my leg

And (Moath) continued the conversation with Dr. Sana Abdel Raouf, saying: “I feel that someone is walking behind me everywhere and I am afraid of him. When I want to sleep, I feel someone pulling me and trying to pull my legs, and I became afraid to sit or sleep alone. And when I want to go into the bathroom, I call my sister to go in with me, because I’m afraid to go in alone, and I’m afraid to go anywhere alone.”

The child’s mother explained to the doctor: “Her child was one of the quiet characters characterized by the natural mischievousness of children. Recently, however, she noticed a change in his behavior to extreme violence, repeated attempts to injure himself and his intense fear, especially at night or while goes into the bathroom. This drove him to sleep with her instead of sleeping in his room and going into the bathroom with her or his sister, or going into the bathroom alone with his constant chatter in the bathroom to overcome his sense of dread, prompting her to leave child psychiatrist to resolve this matter.”

A class action lawsuit with the same symptoms

The child’s mother, Moaz, confirmed that “there are two other friends of her child of the same age who play evil grandma games with him, and suffer from the same symptoms that her child suffers from. Their behavior has turned into violence, hitting friends and not fearing that they will see blood. They also feel constant fear and that someone is following them.” In addition, they feel something pulling them and try to pull their legs while sleeping. ”

It works to legalize blood and distort the image of ancestors

Abdel Raouf confirmed for “Al-Dustour” that this game is dangerous, because it works to abuse children and facilitates their bloodshed. Also, it distorts the image of grandparents in the eyes of children, since during the game they face an evil grandmother who locks them in a scary place and constantly beats them until their heads bleed. This can lead to children changing their feelings towards their grandparents, either out of fear of them or violence towards them.

It is important to note that the evil grandma game was developed in 2017 and is specifically intended for young people aged 17 and over (but this does not prevent children from downloading and using it). This game falls under the category of first-person horror games and has had more than 100 million downloads so far. The story of the game is based on the fact that a man is driving a car at night and crashes into an old man’s house because of the darkness, and his grandmother hears him and goes and hits him with a stick to make him lose consciousness. Once he wakes up, finds himself in one of the rooms and tries to escape, but his grandmother hears him and hits him again, then he loses consciousness again, and when he wakes up, he finds himself in the same room, tries to escape, but discovers that his car is not completely cut. So he tries to scavenge and collect parts to fix his car and escape from evil grandma’s house without being seen so she doesn’t hit him again and send him back to the room. At the end of the game, if the player can’t escape, the evil grandmother takes him to a scary room and keeps hitting him on the head until he bleeds out and kills him.

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