A wife’s submission to her husband.. boundaries and duties he should know

Marriage in Islam is one of the relationships that is based on many strong bonds. The Islamic religion calls on the husband to treat his wife well and to take care of her in a proper way, and the husband has the right to listen to his wife.

A woman’s obedience to her husband is one of the things that has a great reward, because it guarantees the preservation of the stability of the marriage in an atmosphere full of intimacy and love.

Through our article, we consider together the limits of a woman’s obedience to her husband, her tendency towards it, and the most important duties imposed on her.

What is a woman’s obedience to her husband?

Many people wonder what duties are imposed on women and what are the conditions for a woman to be obedient to her husband?

Some might confuse the concept of obedience to the husband and the wife’s complete abolition of her personality and opinion, but this is completely untrue, because there is no conflict between the two attitudes.

A wife may disagree with her husband on some matters, so a healthy debate is needed to prove the correct point of view, but this does not mean that the wife is crossing the boundaries of obedience, so it must be done within the framework of mutual respect and appreciation.

Among the most important aspects of a woman’s obedience to her husband are:

Obedience is only for the pleasure of Almighty God

The wife is ordered to completely obey her husband in everything except in disobedience to God. There is no obedience to the husband in what is contrary to Sharia and religion, and there is no obedience to the creature in disobedience to the Creator. .

meet their own needs

The husband’s demands in life are within the limits of the wife’s submission to her husband, so she must take care of him in the necessary way, work on good behavior and fulfill all his demands, including marital relations when asked of her.

The marital relationship is based on a strong foundation to satisfy the physical needs of both man and woman and to avoid committing immoral acts. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, emphasized the importance of a woman’s response to her husband. when she asked for it when he said: “If a man invites his wife to his bed and she refuses to come, the angels curse her until morning.” .

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Beautify yourself and decorate yourself

The Prophet, peace be upon him, recommended women to behave well, that is, to take care of themselves and to show their beauty to their husbands in every situation. He said: “Which women are the best? ” This hadith also includes that she should protect herself from falling into sin and that she should protect his money and children as well.

Keeping secrets

Keeping her husband’s secrets is one of the most important limits of a woman’s obedience to her husband. A woman is entrusted with all her husband’s secrets and under no circumstances may she reveal any of them.

Ask permission before leaving the house

The husband has the right to give permission to the wife to leave the house, so the wife must ask the husband for permission if she intends to leave the house, and if the husband prevents her from leaving, she must respect it.

Islamic concepts dictate that the husband’s permission must be obtained before dating.

This is not considered a deprivation of her rights, but it is necessary for the integrity of the family and the care of the children with the constant presence of the wife and mother.

However, the husband should not misuse it to unjustly oppress and control his wife, according to what the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Do not prevent your wives from entering the mosques if they seek your permission,” which may lead to repeated marital disputes. .

a good woman

Good sex

This includes many aspects, the most important of which is beautiful words, so she should speak the best words and avoid insulting or bad words to her husband, because bad manners are among the worst qualities that can be available in a woman, and she may lose her reward, and God will get angry with her.

Ask for permission before posting

God’s Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “A woman does not fast while her husband is a witness, except with his permission, except during Ramadan, and he does not allow a woman to fast while he is.” a witness except with his permission.” A woman’s fasting of Sunnah and excessive prayers without her husband’s permission is not desirable, which may cause him to feel ashamed when he wants to eat. During her fast or if he asked to sleep with her.

The virtue of a wife’s obedience to her husband

A wife’s obedience to her husband is the basis for entering Paradise. A righteous wife who is based on obedience to her husband in all things and helping him in the adversities of this world and the pressures of life is a righteous wife who has nothing but Paradise, as God rewards her with the best reward in the world and in the other world.

But if she dies and her husband is pleased with her, she will enter Paradise, but if she refuses to obey him in what God has commanded, then the angels curse her.

Besides her reward from God, a good and obedient wife enjoys the love and respect of her husband and also enjoys the stability of the family away from marital strife.

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The rule of wife’s submission to her husband

Islamic scholars and senior sheikhs confirm that a wife’s obedience to her husband is not a form of oppression or domination, but rather imposed by God as a mercy for both, thus helping to establish the principles of affection and grace between spouses.

Scholars have also emphasized that obedience to the husband has many checks that prevent him from abusing them. A man has the right to listen to his wife regarding family affairs within the limits of her physical and mental abilities. There is no obedience to Him that she cannot bear or that exceeds her physical capabilities.

The right to obey is also lost in cases of disobedience or forbidden things outside the framework of marriage imposed by Allah and His Messenger.

Hadith of the Prophet about the submission of a wife to her husband

The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, has narrated many noble hadiths that explain how a woman obeys her husband and the virtue and great reward of it, and among the most prominent of them is “Which woman is better?

This noble hadith prescribes the need for good behavior towards the husband within the limits of submission, so that a righteous wife should beautify her husband so that he sees her at her best, and that she treats him well and does not contradict him. , and to preserve himself without falling into sin and to preserve his house, money and children.

In another hadith he said: “If a woman prays her five rak’ahs, fasts during her month, takes care of her purity and is submissive to her husband, she will be told: Enter Paradise through any gate of Paradise you wish.”

The hadith prescribes the reward of a Muslim woman who obeys her husband and fulfills her duties, because she has nothing but Paradise.

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