Al-Nahda check their advantage against Al-Seeb in the best matches of the 11th round of the Omantel League

Al-Suwaiq battle Al-Musanna and Bahla are greedy for Al-Ittihad points

Tomorrow night, the games of the eleventh stage of the Omantel Football League competition will open this season, through the establishment of three fiery confrontations. Masne, who is scheduled for tomorrow evening at 4:40, on the floor of the Al-Rustaq sports complex, and at the same time Bahla receives his guest. Al-Ittihad on the floor of Nizwa Sports Complex for the opening matches of the eleventh stage. After ten complete rounds, this season’s Omantel Football League competition was marked by 117 goals scored, 45 wins and 23 draws, spread over 15 negative and 8 positive draws.

Seeb – Al Nahda

Al-Seeb and Al-Nahda will meet in the final matches of the eleventh stage of the Omantel Football League competition, as the upcoming clash will take place at Al-Seeb Sports Stadium tomorrow at 7:15am. The motivations and aspirations of the two teams differ at tomorrow’s summit, as leaders Al-Nahda look to consolidate their lead in the league’s overall team standings table, while Al-Seeb look to progress further up the ladder.

Al-Seeb, the defending champions, in tomorrow’s game will arm themselves with the farmers and the crowd to defeat the ambitions of Al-Nahda, who lead the table with 24 points, a task that will not be easy at all. the country’s holders looking to make up for their mishap in the previous round when they fell into the trap of a negative draw against injured Al-Ittihad, in which Al-Nahda grabbed a hard-fought victory at the expense of their visitors Al-Bashaer, a naked orphan.

Al-Nahda is looking forward to a continuation of good performances and a series of positive results in the league competition, hoping for an eighth win in the competition at the door of their host Al-Seeb, hoping to reach the twenty-seventh point and guard their lead from the invaders lurking within , and the closest to them is Al-Rustaq, the direct pursuer in the leading battle, because the latter is only moving away. With only three points difference from Al-Nahda, which threatens the ambitions of veteran national coach Hamad Al-Azzani battalion. Al-Nahda is well aware that it is facing a real, thorny test against its host Al-Seeb, who will put their hopes and desires to win three points at stake, but they will certainly not give up on it and will try to get it and grab it before a specific task which does not accept half solutions.

Al-Nahda are racing against time to finish the first stage of the round as winter champions, with just two rounds remaining until the curtain falls, as they face Al-Musanna in week twelve and host Tire in week thirteen, but either way must clinch a top-of-the-line matchday eleven win against host Al-Seeb tomorrow night. The defending champions are keeping their unbeaten record for the eleventh consecutive game in the competition after playing 10 matches without tasting the bitterness of defeat, thus winning 7 matches the most they have won in our league this season and drawing 3 matches.

Al-Nahda has the best offensive line in our league this season, because the attacking line managed to shake the opponent’s nets on 12 occasions. There is optimism ahead of the top of the cloud that will double the morale of Al-Nahda -Nahda and raise the ceiling indicator of their expectations before they collide with the obstacle of Al-Seeb in the task of consolidating the desired leadership.

In tomorrow’s summit, Al-Nahda will rely on the star of their Senegalese attack, Abu Bakr Demba Camara, who is the top scorer in the league competition this season with 6 goals, and who will hope to succeed and represent a turning point in the meeting at the top of the eleventh stage game against Al-Seeb tomorrow night.

For his part, the title holder looks forward to exploiting the country’s workers and the public in pursuit of the respect and welfare of his guest, Al-Nahd, the leader, and achieving the goal and objective in reaping his fourth victory in the competition. , with the goal of breaking into the top spots in the overall standings of the league teams, as Anya ranks seventh with 13 points, but has two matches to play. Delayed in the balance against Bahla and Sohar, they could find themselves on points difference if they win their full points.

Al-Seeb has played 8 matches so far, won 3 matches and drawn 4 matches, the last of which was against Al-Ittihad with a negative result in the previous round, while losing one match, his forward line scored 9 goals and his the defense line conceded 4 goals.

The defending champions fear a continuation of the bleeding of points after a sudden stumble in the last round against Al-Ittihad, where they produced a lackluster performance that deserved a negative result, but they want to make up for it in tomorrow’s summit clash against leaders Al-Nahd, looking forward to containing the latter and stopping his tireless efforts to consolidate leadership. And he moved them away from the closest Mlaqih Rustaq.

Al-Seeb will be hoping to boost their ambitions to move up the table before they face their hosts Al-Nasr at the Al-Saada Sports Stadium in Salalah next week for the twelfth stage of the league competition, armed with the power to organize their defensive line, which is the third strongest defense line in the league competition, conceded 4 goals this season tied with Rustaq, the runner-up in the standings with 21 points.

Al-Suwaiq – Al-Musanna

Tomorrow night, all eyes will be on the Rustaq Sports Complex, where the upcoming derby match between Al-Suwaiq and their guest Al-Musannah will be played as part of the eleventh stage of the Omantel Football League competition this season, in a match that cannot be divided into two, because the two halves of the derby are in a frantic race to win three points. Wanting to improve their positions in the overall standings of the league teams.

Al-Suwaiq, led by his coach Muhanna Al-Adawi, enters the derby calculations with the motive of compensation after losing to the host Amman Club with an unanswered goal, after the tenth round, experiencing the third defeat of the season in the league competition, thus dragging the tails of disappointment, retreating to fourth place in the standings., froze the score at 17 points, after which he played 10 games, won 5 games, drew 2 games, lost 3 games, his offensive line scored 8 goals, and the defensive line conceded 6 goals.

Asfar Al-Batinah is looking to erase the big disappointment he suffered in the previous round and turn the page of the defeat against Oman Club, looking forward to honoring his neighbor Al-Musanna tomorrow night and restore his balance and recovery in the league competition by getting back on the winning track with victory and achieving his sixth victory in the competition up to the twentieth point barrier. And regaining his at least third place.

While Al-Suwaiq plans to restore their lost winning streak, Al-Musanna shares the same aspirations and goals with their neighbor in winning all the points for the derby match, aiming to improve their position in the overall standings of the league teams.

Al-Musannah, led by coach Hussein bin Musa Al-Saadi, ranks ninth in the rankings with 12 collected points from 10 matches, with two wins, 6 draws, two losses and the offensive line managed to score 8 goals, and there were as many in the net goals.

Al-Musannah saved themselves for the sixth draw in our league this season, after neglecting two valuable points, and refused to come out with a tie, a goal for the same, against their host, Sohar, in the last round. In the competition, after a series of drops and sadness, due to which many stolen points were bled, this will be achieved only by waking up and waking up at the expense of neighbors Al-Suwaiq in the meeting with tomorrow’s derby.

Additionally, in the derby encounter, Al Musana will rely on their top scorer Brazilian Adaliton Rodrigues, the league’s second top scorer with 4 goals, as they hope he can make the difference and provide the much-needed technical upgrade to his team tomorrow.

Bahla – Union

Bahla Al-Mantashi hope to build on their remarkable four-to-two win over Al-Orouba in the previous round to continue their campaign of good performances and positive results when they host Al-Ittihad at the Nizwa Sports Complex tomorrow evening for the eleventh week of the competition. Oman Football League.

Bahla enters the matches with the hope of winning its fifth victory in the league competition and thus reaching the eighteenth point that guarantees it competition in the quadruple part of the standings, as it currently occupies fifth place with 15 points collected from 9 matches. , having won 4 games, drawn 3 games and lost 2 games, is considered the second strongest offensive line-up in our league, scoring 10 goals together with Tire and Al-Nasr, while scoring 7 goals in his net.

Bahl, led by their national coach Abdulaziz Al-Riyami, are counting on their foreign professionals, Ahir Carter and Robert Jansah, who have scored 3 goals each in the league competition this season, in tomorrow’s game, which presents another type of challenge for the away team, Al-Ittihad Club, which enters tomorrow’s match with the hope of winning its second victory in the competition. The league dusted off the twelfth place, where it is currently with 6 collected points from 10 games, because it was satisfied with one victory, a draw in 3 games and losing 6 games, and has the worst offensive line in our league with 3 goals, and also has a bad defense that conceded 11 goals in 10 games.

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