Back and piles of money from both sides.. Iraqi Prime Minister: We returned 182 billion Iraqi dinars | News

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani revealed that his government managed to recover more than 182 billion Iraqi dinars (about 124 million dollars) in a record time from the looted funds of the tax secretariat, which amounts to 2.5 billion dollars.

Al-Sudani confirmed – at a press conference held in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, yesterday evening, Sunday – that the competent authorities managed to return the first part of more than 182 billion dinars. And those who fail to facilitate confiscation of trust funds.

He also made it clear that functional bodies within the IRS and others in control and positions of responsibility facilitated the process of trust theft, stressing that the Iraqi government will publicize the parties that facilitated the trust theft after the investigation is complete. .

“We will spare no one”

He indicated that his government will not exclude any party involved in the process of stealing the safes, and that the investigative committees formed by the government concluded that 114 checks were paid to the accused “Nour Zuhair” with a total amount of more than a trillion dinars (684 million dollars), while to which he pointed out that “37 checks were spent.” With the total amount of 624 billion dinars (427 million dollars) to the company “Badia Al-Masar”, and that “the authorized director of the company is called Abdul Mahdi Tawfiq, and its accused owner is Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ibrahim.”

He added that “66 checks totaling 982 billion dinars ($672 million) were paid to the Humpback Whale company for its fugitive delegate director Abdul-Mahdi Tawfiq and its accused owner Qassem Muhammad,” adding that “45 checks were paid in the total amount of 607 billion dinars ($415 million) for the Baghdad Wind Company to its authorized director Abdul-Mahdi Tawfiq and its arrested owner Hussein Kawi.

Al-Sudani indicated that the disbursed funds amounted to more than 3.7 trillion dinars ($2.5 billion), and that an agreement had been reached between the Second Investigative Court of Karkh in Baghdad and Nour Zuhair on the schedule for the return of the full amount in the possession of the accused, and that the competent judge will issue an order for his release on bail for the surrender of the entire amount within two weeks, pointing out that the largest part of the amount held by the detainee Nour Zuhair consists of real estate.

Support, opposition and satire

And the appearance of Al-Sudani at his press conference, with stacks of money on his hips, raised the bar; A wave of comments on social networks, between supporters and opponents of this movement.

Iraqi journalist and writer Abd al-Latif al-Hadjul condemned the appearance of al-Sudani next to the money that was set aside for him, and linked it to the delay in the payment of the salaries of public servants in the country, as he tweeted: Dear citizens of Iraq: We apologize for the reason for the delay in your salaries because the money was counted as a photo session. Tomorrow is the bill. Thank you for your understanding. Ministry of Plays Iraqi.

As for politician Salah Al-Arabawi, he criticized the settlement with the defendants in a tweet, saying: “An important step Al-Sudani is taking to recover the money, but… are the settlements now made with the thieves after they were made with terrorists?!”.

Meanwhile, journalist Ahmed Saeed said: “The theft of the century is not two and a half billion dollars, but 20 years of our lives, stolen while we witness corruption, blood and failure to build a state of institutions and laws.”

A follower’s revelation of putting money on the shelves sparked a new wave of mockery, and his enemy is cheating Iraqis, while an account identifying itself as “Abu Mustafa Joud” tweeted, saying: “They don’t have 40 million, they’re all tens, and they leave their faces . Miz Alamoud duplicates the deal of the century.”

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi wrote on his Facebook profile: “The camera exposes the falsehood of the Sudanese. By simple calculation, the amount on the covered table on both sides does not exceed tens of millions.”

As for the Iraqi woman Lina Al-Aseel, she criticized the Sudanese photographer and called him unprofessional.

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