Ithmaar Bank Online and how to transfer money

As Ithmaar Bank Online, Ithmaar Bank Online, one of the Islamic banks operating in the field of retail banking, located in the State of Bahrain and licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, under its control, we offer you more on our website. The bank offers numerous services to companies and clients, and among numerous banking services, the bank’s services are characterized by compliance with Islamic law, which seeks to meet the investment and financing needs of institutions and individuals.

Ithmaar Bank Online

Ithmaar Bank offers a number of services through the bank’s website or through electronic banking services known as online services, which is one of the electronic methods through which many financial transactions can be carried out, including access to various accounts, payment as well as money transfer. Checkout is very easy to use, including:

Instant money transfer with the Ithmaar SEND service

Since the service is provided through Ithmaar Bank’s electronic services platform, and is characterized by the safety and speed of transferring funds through internet-connected tablets and mobile phones, money can now be quickly transferred to Ithmaar Bank customers from Bahrain to many countries around the world.

This new service allows you to find out all the details of the transfer process, including mobile exchange rates, where you can transfer money abroad faster, as well as access bank account information, pay bills and transfer money online without the need to register or download files. There is no program, only by application.

More details are available at the following address: National Bank of Bahrain Hotline (individuals and companies)

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MobiCash service

online service or electronic service offered by Ithmaar Bank; Here, you can send the requested amount from your bank account to any phone in the state of Bahrain, and the owner of the phone receives a message from the bank and then goes to the nearest ATM. By subscribing to Ithmaar Bank, the received MobiCash code is entered and after successfully entering the necessary data, the person simply withdraws the cash amount sent to them.

The only thing you need to use the MobiCash service is the subscriber ID number for the electronic transaction service offered by Ithmaar Bank; Here, the MobiCash sender sends a message to the recipient in Bahrain with the amount, and he must be a client of the bank and have an active current or savings account in it. Add a customer to the MobiCash electronic service users.

Ithmaar Bank’s call center offers a wide range of electronic banking services throughout the day to meet the needs and requirements of the bank’s customers without the need to go to the bank to save time and effort.

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electronic password

One of the prominent services provided by the bank is that it is possible to obtain a user password to use electronic banking services at Ithmaar Bank from anywhere in the state of Bahrain. The service is available free of charge on the bank’s website, the link is Or you can log in directly from the internet banking services page.

Enter the IBAN number of the account

IBAN service means this is a bank account number and a unique and unique number for your account through which money can be transferred between different banks, you can download the account number by visiting and then enter the account number. The account’s IBAN number appears automatically.

Services of automated cash registers

It is also one of the electronic services that Ithmaar Bank provides throughout the day to meet all the needs of customers in the Governorate of Bahrain.

Also, cash withdrawals, money transfer services and inquiry services are a balance in which ATMs offer other services that work for the convenience of users:

  • Check Deposit: Checks can be deposited at an ATM and the amount credited to the customer’s account the next day, and this service is currently available at some, if not all, ATMs.
  • Instant Deposit: Deposits are credited directly to the user’s account.
  • Data Update: Where personal data can be changed and updated, including mobile phone number and fingerprint service, where ATMs can be used with personal fingerprints.

internet card

Among the electronic services offered by Ithmaar Bank is a prepaid internet card, which is designed to be used in the payment process on the bank’s website. The online card can be used in a simple and convenient way to take advantage of the instant top-up feature and shop online anytime, anywhere.

There is also the service of immediate collection of the card balance through the electronic payment service or through bank branches.

EQ service

It is also one of the electronic services offered by Ithmaar Bank, which is dedicated to serving the bank’s customers and helping them save time by reducing waiting time and avoiding long waits when going to bank branches.

In cases where it is possible to follow the movement of the client waiting in the nearest bank branches through the application and schedule an appointment to go to the branch and buy electronic tickets through the application that was made over the phone, some information about various bank branches can be learned through the application. and how to access it.

Objectives of Ithmaar Bank

Protection of Islamic principles: Ithmaar Bank is known for adhering to Islamic principles, and aims to work in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law and promote the values ​​of honesty, respect and transparency with clients, as confirmed by their relations with the bank.

Clarity of Purpose: Since its inception, Ithmaar Bank has had a clear objective, which is to be a financial partner that follows Islamic principles to meet the needs of its clients and ensure progress, success and growth in their businesses.

Continuous work: a place where the bank explores all ways of doing business, develops solutions for various problems, and uses all modern technical methods to meet clients’ expectations and ensure their satisfaction.

Beneficial innovations: The bank deals with all ideas that contain innovations to increase the efficiency of the bank and meet the needs of its customers by applying new and innovative ideas, improving the work environment and using expertise and competences that will help the bank to improve the quality of services it provides to all its customers.

Application of ideals: This is one of the things that the bank tries to rely on in dealing with customers, and this is what has been discovered to ensure the convenience of the customer, and not the waste of time and effort in dealing with bank employees and customer service, and that is what Ithmaar Bank is constantly looking for. .

Ithmaar Bank’s call center

In case of any queries about the services of Ithmaar Bank, you can call the call center on the number 13303030 to answer all your questions or submit complaints and ask for help, as well as record data in case of requests for financing from the bank, the contact staff works 24 hours a day to give all the answers. Inquiries submitted by customers, including:

  • Inquiries about status information.
  • Account statement.
  • General questions.
  • Questions of dispute.
  • See the printout of the book.
  • Questions about credit and debit cards.

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