Mai Selim, in an interview for Al-Mal: Don’t be distracted by heroism and wait for my new songs

The star Mai Selim has decided to return to the audience with the strength of the next period in cinema and singing after a long absence, since in the coming year 2023 she will participate in more than one film, most notably in the film “Tarot” with two stars Sumaya al-Khashab and Rania Youssef .

“Money” spoke to Mai Selim about her upcoming artistic work in cinema and singing, and her opinion on many things, including the decisions of the Music Professions Union regarding festival singers and others, and her opinion on acting in cinema and drama… to text dialogue.

The star Mai Selim said that she is very excited to participate in the film “Tarot”, which brings her back to the Egyptian cinema screen after a long period of absence, noting that the work deals with the discussion of an important issue, which is sexual harassment, noting that they have a strong chemistry with the two stars of the film, Rania Youssef and Sumayya al-Khashab.

In an interview with Al Mal, Mai confirmed that she is not interested in acting in cinema or television dramas. Because what always preoccupies her is to present to the audience significant roles in any artistic field and for these works to reach their hearts.

And about the reason for stopping the film “Darb Nar”, which she intended to act with the star, Yasmine Rais, she said: The film was stopped in the last period due to production conditions, and she hopes to collaborate with Yasmine in a new work of art during the next year.

She noted that she is starring in another film, “Captain Jack” directed by Shadi Ali, which she hopes will be a huge success when it is released.

Dunya Taniyya is not fair because of the timing of her show and I was happy to work with Laila Elwi

Regarding the series Dunya Tania, in which she participated in the Ramadan season this year, she said: The work discussed important social issues, but I see that it is unfair because of the time it was shown in the month of Ramadan compared to others Working with her a lot, and it is not the first time that she has collaborated with her, because they have participated in more than one artistic work together in the past years, including the series “Haya and Da Vinci”, in which the star Khaled Al-Sawy starred, confirming that I was greatly missed in Egyptian cinema and I hope my next steps will achieve great success in the coming year.

And about the spread of modern digital platforms in recent years with great force, and many stars have flocked to present series on them, Mai said: Indeed, these platforms have become attracting a large number of stars and audiences, so I hope to present artwork on one from platforms in the coming period after my experience in the “retroactive” series. She was well regarded at the time of release.

Decisions of the Union of Music Professions about festival singers to resolve the current crisis

And about the reason why she hasn’t released new songs for years, she said: I will come back to singing strongly in the coming days, and I recorded more than one song with producer Alao Lashin, which will gradually be released to the public in the coming period.

In relation to the decisions of the Union of Music Professions that it recently made regarding mahraganat and rap singers, led by the current captain, artist Mustafa Kamel, Mai Selim said: With all due respect to the decision of the Musicians’ Union, of course, these Decisions stem from their vision to it is the perfect solution to the crisis of mahraganats and rap singers, due to which some of them were briefly suspended.

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The sweetest days” brought me back to my passion for singing years later

And about her previous song, “Ahlot Al-Ayyam”, which has been trending for the last period, despite being released to the public more than 9 years ago, she said: I didn’t expect the song to be trending after these years , and it encouraged me to return to singing again after a multi-year hiatus.

She also spoke about how much she, like other stars, is interested in trends and said: She is never interested in these things in her artistic and private life, but only cares about presenting what she is satisfied with in her artistic work.

She explained that she has been listening to different styles of music for a long time, sometimes she likes to listen to rhythmic dance songs and sometimes emotional romantic songs or songs of dramatic sadness, and she constantly follows musical developments on a local and global level.

Competition in the music market is a healthy phenomenon

Regarding the difficulties with the singing competition at the moment, despite the spread of various means of technology and social communication, she said: I see that it is a very healthy phenomenon that there is strong competition in the singing market between different singers, with a variety of music that is presented to the audience as something especially, and the one who evaluates the content positively or negatively is the audience.

With regard to the reality of the severe health crisis she faced in the last period, she said: Indeed, I was going through a severe health crisis for a month and more, and it was completely hidden from view, but she has improved a lot now, thank God, and confirmed , saying that many of her close friends and siblings have stood by her in her recent crisis.

I hope to work with Mohamed Saad in the cinema and the new public theatre

And about the stars with whom she hopes to collaborate in the new year, Mai Selim said: She collaborated in more than one film work with the comedy star Mohamed Saad, in addition, she worked with him in a play entitled “The Lemby in Jahilia”. ” years and achieved good success, with the explanation that she likes to work with him.

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