noon bulletin | The occupation tortures Palestinian children in prisons. Sheikhs approve amendments to the Law on Reconciliation… and the fact that the exam date has been moved forward

Al-Fateh published a round-the-clock compilation of local and international news, following events as they happened, the most important of which was: the fact that the first school exams were moved forward. Al-Fateh also reviewed The Arab League is organizing an event tomorrow in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and on the other hand, it announced “Al-Fateh reported on the Senate’s approval in principle for amendments to the Law on Reconciliation in Construction Violations. Al-Fateh also published about the occupation’s torture of Palestinian children in prisons and dealing with them as perpetrators of crimes, along with a series of private reports and statements.

Here are the details..

The fact that the first semester exam date in schools

Some websites and social media pages spread the news about the postponement of the first semester exams in schools, which coincided with the spread of the respiratory syncytial virus.

The media center of the Council of Ministers communicated with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, which denied these articles, pointing out that it is not true that the postponement of exams in the first semester in schools coincides with the spread of the respiratory syncytial virus, and that no solutions have been adopted in this regard.

The media center of the Council of Ministers announced that the health situation in schools is safe and normal and does not require the taking of any extraordinary measures in connection with the postponement of the exams, emphasizing that the exams for the first semester will be held in all state schools on the scheduled date from January 14 2023 to January 26, 2023, according to the timetable For the previously announced academic year 2022/2023 in coordination with the Health Administration in each governorate.

He appealed to the various media and users of social networks to investigate the accuracy and objectivity in the transmission of news and to communicate with the competent authorities before publishing information that is not based on facts and causes confusion among students and parents, report all rumors or false information to the following numbers : WhatsApp of the Media Center of the Council of Ministers (01155508688 – 01155508851) 24 hours a day, seven days a week or via e-mail ( eg).

The Arab League is organizing an event tomorrow in solidarity with the Palestinian people

The League of Arab States announced its intention to organize an event on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People tomorrow, Tuesday, at the headquarters of the Arab League, with the presence of Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki.

Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League, Head of the Sector for Palestinian and Occupied Arab Territories, Ambassador Saeed Abu Ali, said in a statement released today, Monday, that during the event, emphasis will be placed on supporting the Palestinian people in their just and legitimate struggle to end Israel’s occupation, self-determination and the embodiment of their independent Palestinian state and its capital Jerusalem.

It is important to note that this event, which is organized every year by the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and its missions abroad, comes as a confirmation of the central importance of the Palestinian cause and full support and solidarity with the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle for freedom, independence and the establishment of their sovereign state Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, which is guaranteed by the principles of international law and confirmed by resolutions International Legitimacy.

video | In response to the confessions of the Shiite general in the American-Iranian cooperation.. Sameh Bassiouni: Iran and its Shiite speakers are a threat to Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Engineer Sameh Bassiouni, head of the Supreme Committee of the Nour Party, released an audio and video clip showing the confessions of a Shiite general showing the danger Iran and its loyal Shiites in the region pose to Arab security in general and to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. those in particular.

In a Facebook post, Bassiouni explained the seriousness of Iranian infiltration into some Palestinian factions, while explaining the extent of continued US-Iranian cooperation, despite the ever-false claim that there is zero conflict between them.

The Shia scholar said in the video that the strategic majority is in their hands, referring to the oil of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Syria and Lebanon, and one of the largest newly discovered oil and gas mines in their hands, as well as control of the main straits, the Strait of Hormuz and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab, indicating the possibility of affecting international traffic at any time.

The Shiite generalist pointed out that the Suez Canal is very important, but its key is Bab al-Mandab, which is controlled by Iran, and he pointed out Iran’s presence in the White, Mediterranean, Red, Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, as well as the field value of Hezbollah. in Lebanon and that he controls all sides, and also said that the Shiites dominate Palestine through the Islamic Jihad movement, according to him.

At the end of the passage, Al-Muammar confirmed America’s willingness to sit down and coordinate with Tehran.

Deadly racism.. “Killing with one shot without mercy” is the slogan on the clothes of the Zionist occupation soldiers

There were many pictures of occupation soldiers with racist slogans, including “one shot kill without mercy” and “one shot, one kill, no remorse”.

These photos were taken during the occupation army’s attack on foreign and solidarity activists in Tal Rumeida, Hebron.

In principle, the Senate approves amendments to the Law on Conciliation in Construction Violations

The Senate, during today’s plenary session, which was presided over by Councilor Abdel Wahhab Abdel Razek, President of the Council, approved in principle the draft law on amendments to the Law on Conciliation in Construction Violations.

This followed the consideration of the report of the joint committee of the Committee for Housing, Local Government and Transport and the office of the Committee for Constitutional and Legislative Affairs on the draft law submitted by the government – and referred to the House of Representatives – regarding the legalization and reconciliation of some construction violations, and two of draft laws submitted on the same topic by each of the representatives of Ehab Mansour, the representative of Amr Darwish.

The draft law is organized into 15 articles, along with two articles on the adoption of executive regulations and publication in the Official Gazette. In the first article, it is allowed to codify and harmonize the conditions of some construction violations, which are committed as a misdemeanor. provisions of the law governing construction, which were proven to have been done before its provisions entered into force and their construction integrity was proven on the 17th of 2019, which are violations of approved planning lines, violations of easement rights prescribed by law. rights, violations of buildings and objects of prominent architectural style, and within the boundaries of areas of special value, and exceeding established height limits. From the Civil Aviation Administration, or beyond the requirements of state defense affairs, as well as construction on state-owned land, cases of changing the use of areas for which have been issued detailed plans and changes in the use of places for carports, all in accordance with the controls established by the bill, including the consent of the competent authorities.

The legislator also allowed harmonization in the case of construction outside the approved city area, considering the cases listed in Article 2 of the Law on Construction published by Law no. (119) from 2008, government projects, public good projects, and built-up blocks near urban settlements, villages and their dependent areas, and cities occupied by residential or non-residential activity, until the date of the aerial survey determined by the Ministry of Defense.

Finance identifies 4 cases of denied extraordinary allowance and pension

The Ministry of Finance has identified 4 categories that do not meet the conditions for payment of living expenses compensation established by Law no. 166 from 2022, in Resolution no. 590 from 2022, regarding the rules for implementing the provisions of Law no. 166 from 2022, after approving extraordinary compensation for living expenses for employees covered by the Law on Civil Service and non-government employees. exceptional support.

The groups that are denied the cost of living allowance are: First category: employees and workers entitled to it who work abroad, with the exception of those whose work abroad is considered an extension of their original work in the country.

The second category includes employees and workers sent to work abroad.

As for the third category, it includes employees and workers who are on extraordinary leave without pay.

The fourth and last category included those who do not receive a salary in their homeland from the ranks of employees or workers who are abroad on special leaves, annual vacations, scholarships or scholarships, for the duration of the leave, scholarship or scholarship.

The allowance is paid to those who exercise the right to it upon returning from work abroad, secondment, leave, scholarship or mission, starting from the day they received work abroad.

Normalizing homosexuality, then fighting and punishing the maladjusted… “Preacher”: This is the West’s plan to promote immorality

dr. Muhammad Saad Al-Azhari, an Islamic preacher, warned of the danger of imposing cultural hegemony and normalizing homosexuality.

In a post on Facebook, Al-Azhari wrote: If the matter was compatible with nature, man would have been created and had the ability to conceive and reproduce regardless of gender, but because this is nonsense, incorrect and contrary to instinct and normal instinct, then we God created in a perfect image, then honored us and created a world for us to use in our interests.

And Al-Azhari continued, saying: Therefore, the inability of man to conceive and give birth is proof that otherwise the destruction of mankind is even before it defiles the normal nature.

The Islamic preacher added, saying: Cultural domination is meant first by normalizing sin in the name of cultural diversity, then by making a difference in sin, then by fighting against those who are instinctive and normal under the pretext of being one-sided and exclusive, and then by imposing sanctions on them because are extremists!!

Al-Azhari emphasized that it is the embodiment of the path to homosexuality.

And Al-Azhari continued his speech, saying: The conclusion of the battle is that God did not create us as animals seeking what they want, but honored us and gave us reason and sent messengers so that there would be no argument for it. fake and deviant, so choose your path between normal and deviant, and after all, life is short, no matter how long it is, so don’t be one of the fakers!

And he said: “Their tendencies do not stop at the perverted relationship between man and man or woman and woman. On the contrary, they got their freedom in intercourse with animals without the consent of the animals!!”.

He concluded by saying: If there was a type of plant through which homosexuality could be practiced, they wouldn’t stop it!!

The occupation tortures Palestinian children in prisons and treats them as the perpetrators of crimes

dr. Ayman Al-Raqab, leader of the Fatah movement and professor of political science at Al-Quds University, said that there are more than 5,000 prisoners in the occupation prisons, including dozens of children without any crime. The occupation is dealing with them as perpetrators of crimes against security.

In statements to Al-Fateh, Al-Raqab condemned the occupation’s violation of the innocence and rights of Palestinian children, the brutal Zionist aggression against children and the expected punishments and prison terms against them, along with detention conditions and policies that are contrary to international laws and norms, pointing out that the children are between the anvils of killing and imprisonment, or losing their parents and demolishing their homes, blaming the international community for the responsibility of the Zionist aggression against the children of Palestine.

The Committee on Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs stated that more than 50,000 children have been arrested by the Israeli occupation since 1967, and confirmed that 160 children are still in occupation prisons, noting that 49 children have been killed since the beginning of the year, making the number of child victims from 2000 to today has risen to 2,240 dead.

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