Sponsoring children for operations and food distribution.. “Future of the Nation” organizes extensive activities in the governorates.

The Future of the Nation party organized today, Monday, a series of service activities and events for members and citizens in the provinces of the republic, as part of the party’s plan for state participation in providing assistance to citizens and the fight against high prices. and also within the party’s ongoing campaigns for communication with the Egyptian street and citizens, believing in its important and effective role in the necessity of presence and cohesion with citizens.

Cairo Governorate

The Resource Development Municipality of Nuzha Division has started the implementation of the “Warm Winter” initiative, to distribute a large number of blankets to people in Nuzha area who are most in need and cannot face the severe cold of winter. In this context, the Secretariat distributed gifts to the children in the ward on the occasion of the celebration of the childhood holiday.

And in the governorate of Giza

Talbiya department secretariat organized an exhibition under the slogan “Winter without cold”, where 2,000 pieces of winter clothing for the most vulnerable groups were presented free of charge.
The Atfih Center Secretariat also continued its medical convoys by launching a free medical convoy no. 343 in the village of Al-Kedaya.
Sheikh Zayed City Municipality also responded to a call from a parent in the city to perform a delicate operation for her son after he was involved in an accident.

And in Qena governorate

The women’s secretariat in Bandar Qena organized an educational symposium entitled “Women and sustainable development towards a better world” in the Al-Hasawiya area of ​​Qena, about the role of women in achieving sustainable development by introducing them to their rights and duties and how to become a supporter of their family and society. The symposium dealt with the role of women in achieving sustainable development and their role in changing bad habits and behavior in raising children and educating them about the need to take care of their health and the health of their families, what problems they may encounter and their key role in seriously contributing to climate change through the rationalization of the use of energy and water.

And in Qalyubia Governorate

The Women’s Secretariat at the Benha Center held an exhibition at discounted prices of the necessities of the Egyptian family and all their needs, in a partisan unit in the village of Shablange, as part of a series of exhibitions for the “We are with you” campaign, launched by the Women’s Secretariat in the governorate, in order to provided all the needs of the Egyptian family at reduced prices. The exhibition included ready-to-wear furniture and clothing, household appliances and doll equipment at discounts of up to 35% compared to similar products on the market.

And in the province of Port Said

The Municipality of Port Fouad Awal distributed a certain number of food aid packages to the most needy families, and the Municipality divided its members into several teams in all partisan units in the city, in order to distribute food packages to each of the most needy. needy families in the city area, and from It was decided to include all the most needy areas and families in the city area, through the distribution of foodstuffs successively through the members of the Municipality, and the distribution procedure was carried out according to the lists that were prepared. on the ground to ensure that we reach our families from the most deserving families in need, in all secretariats at the governorate level.

And in the New Valley governorate

The Secretariat of the Dakhla Center organized a fun day for determined people, in cooperation with the Dakhla Youth Administration, a fun day for determined and willing children with their families and their families, at the headquarters of the Al-Rashida Village Youth Center. – children participating in the fun day were given appropriate gifts and souvenirs, and art competitions were organized for them.
The Women’s Secretariat at Al-Kharga Center also launched a community initiative in the center’s schools, under the slogan “I have the right to know my friend’s language”, to familiarize school students with sign language. language, in the implementation of the directives of the political leadership to integrate determined people into society.

And in the province of Menoufia

The Municipality of Ashmoun Center continues to establish sales points for the sale of food and catering products, meat and poultry at reduced prices, under the slogan “against high prices”, to counter the greed of traders and high prices in the markets. Also, large quantities of rice are provided at a price of 14 pounds per kilogram, and the exhibition also includes a section of detergents and paper at reduced prices.

And in the governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh

The Public Action Secretariat of the Bella Center launched a new campaign, under the slogan “Plant a fruitful tree for Egypt”, in support of the presidential initiative to plant 100 million trees throughout the country to preserve the environment and deal with climate change, where numerous youth and party members, in in cooperation with the school administration, they planted fruit trees in the yard of the Hassan Mustafa Elementary School, with the joy and happiness of the school’s students and teachers.

And in the Governorate of Ismailia

The secretariat of Qantara West Center continues to distribute a certain number of school bags and shoes to orphans and disabled students at Abu Rashid Joint Primary School and Sheikh Radwan Preparatory School, to relieve the burden on parents and students of the center and to encourage disabled students and orphans.

And in the Governorate of Gharbia

The Women’s Secretariat in Zefta organized a workshop for women, on crafts and handicrafts, to teach women and girls to make handicrafts, in several courses on the art of crocheting, knitting, beading, embroidery, bags, artificial roses, soap making and accessories. The course aims to support women in all ways and help them increase their family’s income and enable them to succeed and achieve their desired goal.

And in the governorate of Fayoum

The Fayoum Center Youth Secretariat launched an initiative called “Green Awareness and Reconciliation with the Environment”, for planting and reforestation in front of schools and entrances to the center’s villages, in support of the presidential initiative to plant 100 million trees across the country to preserve the environment and face with climate change.

And in the province of Damietta

The Secretariat of Health and Population of the Kafr al-Batikh Center organized a free medical convoy, which included a number of medical specialties, in cooperation with the medical laboratory, where 300 cases were examined and free medical analyzes were performed at the secretariat of the center. headquarters Continuation of medical convoys, every week, to take the burden off our families.

In Beni Suef governorate,
Al-Fashn Center Secretariat organized an educational symposium titled “National Projects and Environmental Sustainability to Cope with Climate Change” at Saft Al-Nour Preparatory School of Al-Fashn Education Authority. The symposium included the distribution of school tools to students attending the school.
The youth secretariat in the governorate also announced the opening of applications for the table tennis tournament at the governorate level, and the tournament is intended for 100 players from all the centers of the governorate, with the qualification being held by the knockout system and material prizes. give in the first three places.

And in the province of Assiut

Over the course of two days, the Secretariat of Mass Actions in the Badari Center distributed a large number of boxes of in-kind aid in groceries and fresh municipal meat to citizens from the most needy and vulnerable families in the villages of the Badari Center. in its eight local units. The initiative has also reached the remote central islands, confirming the role of the community party to support the most needy and caring families and to reach out to them everywhere.

And in the province of Aswan

The Secretariat of Draw Center continued the medical convoy for free treatment of eye diseases and fight against the causes of blindness, in collaboration with Eye Care Center and Aswan Al-Khair Association, in Nagaa Wans and its affiliates affiliated with the center. To continue his work during the next week to cover a number of villages and hamlets of the center.

And in the Alexandria Governorate

The secretariat of Muharram-bey’s department organized free groups for teaching students, answering their questions and inquiries, repeating what was previously learned, and also organized a workshop for learning to draw children and developing their skills.
Al-Montazah Third Ward Municipality also organized a free medical convoy, to provide medical support and health care to people who specialized in internal medicine and did tests for kidney damage and kidney function, and a set of medical advice and guidance was provided to people.

This comes within the framework of the social role of the “Future of the Nation” party, to support the efforts of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian state institutions, by initiating and organizing community events and initiatives, in different fields to meet the needs of citizens, and in the implementation of directives Eng. Ashraf Rashad Al-Sharif, Secretary General and First Deputy, President of the National Future Party and Leader of the Parliamentary Majority in the House of Representatives.

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