The tragedies of Muslim children showed the ugly face of the West

It exposes the painful reality of the children of Palestine and many Muslim countries and conflict and crisis areas in the world; The falsity of the principles of the international community, and this was shown by the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The West only looks at its children and children. Here it whines and shouts at the children of Ukraine and their suffering. As for the tragedy of the children of Palestine for more than half a century, it has blinded its eyes to it and its horrors. who dominated the pain and killing on the bodies of the children of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Uyghur Muslims, like them in Myanmar’s Arakan, nothing raised his conscience, as if they were not small.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) confirms that aggression, poverty, conflict, deprivation of care and compassion for children, forced recruitment or forced captivity, facing death from mines or the cold of the camps, winter snow, malnutrition, fatal diseases, kidnapping and trafficking organs; It manifests itself in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Libya, Nigeria, Central Africa, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.

According to the Palestine Prisoners’ Authority, there are more than 50,000 children who have been arrested by the Israeli occupation since 1967, and 160 children are still in occupation prisons to this day, and 49 children have been martyred since the beginning of 2022, bringing their number since 2000, it has risen to 2,240.

dr. Ayman Al-Raqab, leader of the Fatah movement and professor of political science at Al-Quds University, said that there are more than 5,000 prisoners in the occupation prisons, including dozens of children without the slightest crime who are subjected to the most heinous forms of torture, adding that although children , the occupation treats them like offenders.

Al-Raqab condemned the occupation’s violation of the innocence and rights of Palestinian children, the brutal Zionist aggression against them and the sentencing and imprisonment of them, with conditions and policies of detention that are contrary to international laws and norms, indicating that children are between the anvil of killing and imprisonment, or loss of parents and demolition of homes, accusing the international community of responsibility for Zionist aggression against Palestinian children.

Regarding the Syrian researcher and political opponent Abdul Rahman Rabou, he pointed out that the war with the regime created a generation that knows nothing about life except weapons and fighting, and they know nothing about Syria except that it is the homeland of their parents. and the land of suffering and pain.

He continued: “Millions of Syrian children grew up in refugee or displaced families, and the war took away their childhood, innocence and education. Hunger has become their friend, and the loss of Syrian children is the greatest loss the Syrian people have suffered throughout their history.”

Mahmoud Al-Taher, an expert on Yemeni affairs, confirms that the Houthis violated the innocence of Yemeni children, forcibly recruited them, destroyed their schools, committed all means of aggression against them, killed small children with snipers or mines and stole their food and medicine, adding that the Yemeni children are experiencing the tragedy of deprivation, killing and epidemic, expressing their dismay at the displeasure of the International Community towards the Houthis, after all they have done from murder, torture, starvation and deprivation, and robbed them of their natural rights to live safely, play and grow in a healthy environment .

Wael Samir, a writer and Islamic preacher, said that the West knows nothing about human rights and children to celebrate the International Children’s Day, adding that if the world makes a children’s day, then we remind them that there are dozens of prisoners. of Palestinian children in occupation prisons, so where are their rights and freedoms and how children and minors are detained in family prisons Without any movement of those who claim to defend children, condemning the crimes of the occupation in exchange for satisfying the wishes of the occupation militia.

Sameh Bassiouni, head of the Supreme Committee of the Nour Party, said that while the world celebrates International Children’s Day, the terrorist crimes committed by the Zionist occupation against the children of the Palestinian people, day by day, continue to reveal their bloody terrorist face, explaining that the brutal occupation practices inhuman terrorist cruelty in a multiple and continuous way against the children of Palestine, emphasizing that these constant terrorist practices require the real attitude of this international community and all interested countries and bodies that always call for the meaning of freedom, humanity and children’s rights and demand them in all forums to stop these bloody crimes.

Ahmed Al-Shahat, a political affairs researcher, said that the occupation’s arrest of children and their families over the years is a criminal behavior that Jews have become accustomed to and is not new or surprising to gangs that make a living from occupation and killing. Sexual culture, ways of practicing safe sex, the right of a child to learn about and practice homosexuality, and bombarding children with film and propaganda materials that encourage and embellish the image of homosexuality, emphasizing that they will rely on the occupying power. or talking to her will lead to results is impossible, just as reliance on child rights associations is striking From the imagination, emphasizing that the only solution for the Islamic and Arab nation is in the vigilance and awareness that must grow in Islamic nations and societies at the level of the individual , society, state, government, institution, system and everything else that is a mirage from which we will not derive any benefit or benefit for our people or our children.

Al-Fateh - Syrian refugee camps

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