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Ammon – A delegation representing the bodies of the Aoun National Cultural Association visited the Al Wehdat club to congratulate them on winning the Jordan Cup championship for the 2022 sports season, where dr.
1- Ziad Shelbayeh
2- Hatem Abu Malish
3- Khaled Abu Quta
4- Bassam Shelbayeh
5- Walid Al-Saudi
6- The cup is immortalized
7- Awad Al-Asmar

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Bashar Al-Hawamdeh, the president of the club, welcomed the president and members of the visiting delegation, praising this visit and praising this good initiative and activity carried out by the National Cultural Association Aoun in communication with all institutions of the country and trying to build a partnership with them in order to serve the country and citizens, and the association’s desire to collect and preserve the history of Jordan and the Arab countries. In particular, its national project through which it supports the Palestinian cause by documenting the sacrifices of the Jordanian people and their support for the Palestinian people, among whom, above all, is His Majesty the King. Abdullah II, may God protect him

Al-Hawamdeh referred to the founding history of Jordan’s Al-Wehdat club, which was founded in 1956 and remained affiliated with the Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA) until 1966, when it was affiliated with the Jordanian Ministry of Youth. and Sports.

Al-Wehdat Club has also won the Jordan Football League Championship 17 times, the last of which was in 2019-2020, the Jordan Football Cup 10 times and the Jordan Cup Winners’ Cup 14 times, the last of which was in 2021.

He has also won the Jordan Federation Shield 10 times, the last of which was in 2020, and won the Arab Units Championship 3 times, the Jordan Youth Football Championship once, the Jericho Winter Tournament twice, the Ramtha Championship once and the Jerusalem and Dignity Championship 2020.

In addition to football, the club plays basketball and table tennis, and in total the club won 91 titles in all sports.

Emphasizing that Al Wehdat Club is not only a sports club, but also a social and cultural club, and here it directly meets the National Cultural Association Aoun, where we want to cooperate in the future.

On the other hand, Asaad Ibrahim Naji Al-Azzam, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented the President of Al-Wehdat Club, members of the Board of Directors, players and fans with congratulations and congratulations on the occasion of the club’s victory in the Jordan Cup. Championship for the sports year 2022.

Al-Azzam referred to the process of founding the association in 2018 and its pioneering project that deals with the collection, preservation and archiving of the history of Jordan, its publication and dissemination, and making it available to interested parties and researchers.

He added that we are partners in duties and it is our responsibility, as citizens of the country, to contribute to the building of the country, each through our work position and social position, and what we need today to be one hand to achieve this high goal. goal.

Al-Azzam added that the successes of the Al-Wehdat club and our other Jordanian clubs are in the interest of Jordanian football, its development and reputation.

It is fortunate that our visit today coincides with the victory of the Moroccan national team over their Belgian counterparts in the qualifiers for the World Cup in the Arabic version, hosted by the State of Qatar, who excelled in what they displayed during this global football event. with all professionalism and competence, which led to a great achievement achieved by the Saudi Arabian national team, which defeated the Argentine national team and other national teams. Al-Arabiya achieved positive results worthy of Arab football, which directly indicates the great development and professionalism that Arab teams have become.

Al-Azzam said that we strive and hope for the participation of our Jordanian clubs in the World Cup qualifiers under the umbrella of our Jordanian national team in the final World Cup qualifiers in its next edition, which will be held in North American countries, especially in: (America, Canada and Mexico). Our ambition is legitimate, our aspirations and our dream. It is also great for Jordan to be one of the host countries for World Cup qualifiers in the future, in partnership with another country.

For its part, the delegation of the Aoun National Cultural Society praised in its interventions the great achievements of the Al-Wehdat club at the local, regional and regional levels, noting that these achievements undoubtedly contribute to the development of Jordanian football. Achievements and championships. At the end of the visit, Al-Azzam and Al-Hawamdeh exchanged commemorative shields
The association was represented in this visit by:

1- Lieutenant General Ghazi Pasha Musa Irsheed Al-Tayeb / member of the advisory and management board
2- prof. Dr. Abdel Halim Manaa Al-Adwan/ member of the board of directors/ treasurer
3- Mrs. Narjis Fadl Faleh Al-Dalkamouni / Administrative Body Member / Jordanian Official Track Committee Member
4- Dr. Salah Ibrahim Faleh Al-Rawad / Member of the Board of Directors / Member of the Committee for Documentation, Protection and Archiving
5- Colonel Engineer Abd al-Rahman Mubarak al-Budoor/member of the General Assembly/Executive Director
6- Retired Brigadier General Omar Hamil Al-Zoubi / Chairman of the Palestinian Trail Committee
7- Engineer Muhammad Suleiman Al-Khatib / member of the General Assembly / rapporteur of the Palestinian Committee
8- Mr. Ahmed Mustafa Badran Al-Khawaldeh/ Founder/ Head of the Social Committee

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