Chairman of the Board of Directors told Al-Mal: “Al-Wadi Tourism” aims to break into 5 new markets next year

Hisham Idris, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Wadi Company, a member of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, said that the goal of this company is to break into 5 new tourist markets during the next year 2023, namely Spain, India, France and Canada, in addition to America .

In an interview with Al-Mal, Idris added that the most prominent markets where the company currently operates are the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, along with the Japanese and English markets, in order to attract many tourists from those countries to the Egyptian destination.

Arab market

He pointed out that during this year, there has been an increase in the number of Arab tourists coming to Egyptian tourist destinations, referring to the works on the development of roads, which have led to easier movement.

He pointed out that the transformation of the Nile region into a tourist attraction after the inauguration of the Walk of the People of Egypt, as well as the increase in the number of shopping centers and five-star restaurants, were factors that also contributed to the increase in the number of Arab tourists, stressing that these were the requirements that the Arab tourist needed , and now they are available to him.

Al Arabiya accounted for 40% of North Shore arrivals last summer

He noted that during the last summer season of 2022, the Arab market gained 40% of the total volume of inbound tourist traffic to the North Coast region.

He pointed out that hotels in Cairo have been operating for 6 months, and their occupancy ranges from 80 to 100 percent, noting that accommodation prices have increased due to the increase in the volume of demand for hotel facilities in the Egyptian capital of different nationalities. , whether Arabic or European.

Idris pointed out that the number of Arab tourists to Egypt is expected to increase by 20 percent during the next year, especially from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

London Stock Exchange

Regarding participation in the London Tourism Exchange, Idris said that during this exhibition, Egyptian tourism and hotel companies managed to close numerous deals with foreign travel agencies and tour operators.

He added that the exhibition resulted in confirmed bookings for the Egyptian tourist destination from Scandinavia, India and China, in addition to some European markets.

He pointed out that this year the number of visitors for the Egyptian pavilion was large and different, referring to the positive events and events that Egypt witnessed during the last period of the procession of the royal mummies and the opening of the Road of Rams, with the presence of the political leadership in these events that gave a good impression on tourism. Egyptian.

It is important to note that during November 2021, the Ministry of Tourism opened the Rams Road in Luxor, which is the oldest archaeological road in the world, after the completion of the development project, in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, along with a number of ministers and significant personalities.

Idris added that the London Stock Exchange is considered one of the biggest international tourism exhibitions, noting that Egypt participated in about 50 booths including hotels, tour companies and Nile ships, apart from the EgyptAir booth.

He added that during the exhibition, the Egyptian pavilion showed live clips from the COP 27 Climate Summit, which contributed to a better light of Egypt.

It is worth noting that about 47 Egyptian tourism companies and hotels participated in the exhibition, along with EgyptAir in the Egyptian pavilion, which had an area of ​​630 square meters. The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ahmed Eissa, held extensive meetings with major foreign tour operators to discuss ways cooperation.

3 international exhibitions in which the sector participates in Spain, UAE and Germany

He pointed out that there are 3 important exhibitions in which the Egyptian tourism sector will participate during the next year, which are El Fitour in Spain next January and ITB in Berlin next March, in addition to the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai in May 2023.

Cultural tourism

Idris said there is a strong influx from Spain and Latin America visiting the cities of Luxor and Aswan on direct flights during the current period, noting that inbound traffic from China and India to the cultural tourism cities is expected to increase over the next year.

90% occupancy rate of Nile ships by the end of next February

He added that most of the Nile boats operating between the cities of Luxor and Aswan had reached 90% of reservations by next February, and in Cairo it was between 90 and 100%.

Idris pointed out that the next year is good and promising for Egyptian tourism, especially after the climate conference was held in Sharm El-Sheikh and the Egyptian destination attracted the attention of the world.

Promotional campaigns

He said that the marketing campaigns launched by the Ministry of Tourism, represented by the Tourism Promotion Authority, play a role in increasing inbound traffic to Egypt.

He explained that the conditions the world is going through due to the negative effects of the current war between Russia and Ukraine force many citizens of European countries to spend the winter period in warmer tourist destinations, especially in light of the energy and heating crisis that these countries are witnessing.

He pointed out that the promotional campaigns of the Egyptian tourist destination focus on this topic and market long-stay programs, with the aim of attracting as many tourists as possible, and taking advantage of the high cost of energy in European countries in the coming period. .

The Ministry of Tourism, representing Egypt’s Main Authority for the Promotion of Tourism, has launched a new campaign to promote Egypt’s destination, during the 2022-2023 winter season, with a number of targeted countries; Among them are France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The ministry also aims to relaunch the “Follow the Sun” campaign, which it launched in Egypt’s main tourism export markets during the last winter season and achieved more than 130 million views worldwide, with technical changes to match global trends.

holy family

A member of the General Assembly of the Tourist Chamber said that work is being done on the itinerary for the trip of the Holy Family, noting that after their completion, tourist programs will begin.

Proposal to start a hotel and attract investment in the itineraries of the Holy Family

Idris pointed out the need to start hotels and attract tourist investments on these routes, stressing that each point needs hotel facilities to accommodate tourists, such as Minya, Deir Al-Muharraq and others.

It is worth noting that the path of the Holy Family represents historical and religious importance for the peoples of the whole world, and it is also considered one of the global religious heritages that Egypt is unique to other countries of the world, and thanks to it, the Egyptian Coptic Church has taken a special religious position among Christian churches. in the world, because of its association with this journey to the land of Egypt. During which the Holy Family blessed more than 25 places in different parts of Egypt, after moving between its sides from Sinai in the east to the Nile Delta, until it reached the far reaches of Upper Egypt.


Idris pointed out that the most prominent difficulty currently facing the tourism sector is the lack of trained workers due to the Corona pandemic, suggesting the need to rehabilitate workers in the sector, in addition to raising awareness about tourism.

He added that the sector should be coordinated with other ministries that have a relationship with the sector, with the Ministry of Tourism, except for facilities for the development of the tourist fleet.

He called for the necessity of stopping the policy of burning prices, and at the same time, each tourist city should have a different minimum price from the other.

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