Global Auto is the representative of the BMW Group in Egypt

BMW Group, specialized in the production of luxury, sports and electric cars, announced that it has chosen Global Auto Group as the official dealer for BMW and MINI models in Egypt.

This came on the sidelines of a press conference held by the company in the presence of Dr. Thomas Rehn, President of the BMW Group in Africa and Eastern Europe, Engineer Fahd Al-Ghanim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Auto Group, Muhammad Kandil, CEO of Global Auto Group, Ambassador Frank Hartmann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cairo, and Ambassador Ghanem Saqr Al-Ghanim, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Cairo, and a group of leaders and managers of the global BMW Group and Global Auto Group.

Global Auto acquired the Bavarian Automotive Group, a former dealership for two luxury brands, in a deal that included an existing network of service centers and showrooms, as well as the BMW assembly plant, which includes three production lines with a total capacity of 10,000 vehicles per year.

Global Auto Group was founded through an alliance between the Kuwaiti “Ali Alghanim and Sons Automotive Group” and the Saudi company “Mohammed Youssef Naghi Motors”, along with the “Al-Arjani” and “Al-Safi” groups.

Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Group has extensive experience spanning over three decades in the luxury car market in the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Iraq as an agent for the BMW Group.

On the other hand, “Mohamed Youssef Naghi Motors” has been the official dealer for the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than twenty years, and in turn has rich experience in sales and after-sales. service sectors.

Global Auto has an ambitious plan to strengthen its presence in the Egyptian market, largely keeping up with the growing demand for BMW and MINI cars in one of the fastest growing markets in Africa. Since this expansion plan includes the development of existing showrooms and service centers of the two luxury brands, with the opening of new showrooms and service centers across the country, especially in new regions and cities, in accordance with the latest standards of the global BMW Group, BMW Retail Next.

Global Auto also shares the German giant’s commitment to promoting sustainability and focusing mainly on the preservation of the environment and natural resources. In order to achieve this lofty goal, Global Auto will not only introduce BMW i electric models to the Egyptian market, but will also through the company rationalize natural resources and use sustainable energy in its facilities, such as generating electricity from solar panels, adopting water recycling methods , and other mechanisms that are in line with the concept of sustainability that the BMW Group strives for globally in order to become a fully sustainable automotive company in the near future, which is also in line with the vision of the Egyptian state (Egypt Vision 2030) and its development. plans related to sustainability.

In addition to providing all BMW models, BMW M sports cars, as well as electric BMW i models, the BMW Premium Selection group of certified pre-owned cars, as well as luxury MINI models to all its customers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Global Auto will also provide all its services to customers and their cars under one roof, including various car financing services and all car insurance programs.

Thomas Raine: Providing a complete range of mobility solutions

Thomas Rehn, head of BMW Group Africa and Eastern Europe, expressed his gratitude to be back in Egypt once again, saying: “I am delighted to return to Cairo again to congratulate the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on a successful hosting. Climate Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh and brings good news regarding the future of the BMW Group in Egypt. I am honored to announce Global Auto Group as the official dealer for BMW and MINI cars in Egypt, one of the largest important markets of the BMW Group in Africa.

He added that it is expected to provide an integrated set of different mobility solutions to meet the different requirements of our customers in Egypt, considering digitalization, electric mobility and sustainability as keys to our success in the future.

Fahd Al-Ghanim: Egypt occupies a great place for us, and the automotive sector is an investment opportunity

For his part, Engineer Fahad Al-Ghanim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Auto Group commented: “We are proud to have chosen our company to represent BMW and MINI in Egypt, and look forward to serving the customers of the two luxury brands, current and future. I can only say that Egypt enjoys a great place for us, and the automotive sector in it offers a huge opportunity for investment, and we are confident of increasing the growth and position of BMW and MINI in the country, and then taking the throne of the luxury car market in In Egypt, in large proportion to the name of the two brands, Al-Farhatain is synonymous with excellence and luxury in the automotive world. And over the next few years.

He revealed Global Auto’s intention to make investments estimated at more than $150 million, which will translate into the creation of more than 1,600 jobs, led by a group of young staff with the highest level of skills and experience in the Egyptian and regional automotive sector. , to provide an exceptional ownership and service experience. After sales service exceeds expectations.”

Muhammad Kandil: We present all BMW sports and electric models.. We present luxury MINI cars

Mohamed Kandil, CEO of Global Auto Group, confirmed the company’s strategy and vision for BMW and MINI customers, saying: “We are committed to providing a pioneering and unique experience in the automotive sales and after-sales sector to our customers, in line with with the strict global standards known to the BMW Group, from Raising the luxury car ownership experience to a whole new level, focusing primarily on customers and putting them at the top of our priorities. Starting next Saturday, we will start sales and reservations for BMW and MINI models.

Launch of BMW Premium Selection for certified used cars

And “Qandil” added the beginning of after-sales services for our loyal customers in all our service and maintenance centers. We will provide a variety of digital services from viewing the models of two luxury brands through our mobile application, to booking a test drive, to booking a car after choosing its technical specifications and various equipment, with the possibility of booking various maintenance appointments, and on top of that, we will offer a number of Among the new services for customers, including “Door-to-Door Service”, which involves sending a qualified representative from the service center to pick up the car from the customer’s desired location, transport it to the service center for maintenance, and then return it to the home or workplace, according to the customer’s wish to provide an electronic payment service,

Providing a variety of digital services for the first time to provide a pioneering and unique experience in the luxury car sector

Also, for the first time, we offer the Video workshop service, which gives the customer a photo report about the car from the service, in order to inform the customer about the condition of the car and the work required for repair, if any. This service also allows the customer to receive instant electronic approval of the requested business at the end of the report that he has reviewed on his mobile phone and by electronic payment, all without leaving his seat. We will also launch the BMW Elite program, which offers a package of exclusive benefits for families who will own more than two BMW or MINI cars, or both, through Global Auto.

For the first time in Egypt, all BMW and MINI cars are offered a comprehensive maintenance package

Kandil continued: “For the first time in Egypt, we are announcing the introduction of all new BMW and MINI cars, with a comprehensive maintenance package covering periodic maintenance costs for a period of three years or 60,000 km (whichever comes first), with a warranty of five years or 200,000 km (as soon as possible).”

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