Hunters for women and money.. Cairo 24 Mafia breaks into marriage offices and exposes the trade in legal and customary marriages

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 – 5:50 p.m

Some people feel the fear of growing old without marriage and children, and between thinking about an unknown future partner whom young women are waiting for, who is knocking on their door or young men who are waiting for a “halal girl”. Young people and starting a family, but there are also those who have specialized for serving divorced women, widows and customary marriages.

Legal office for marriage

Cairo 24 tried to break into the world of matrimonial offices, as the editor of the report claimed that it was a woman who was approaching forty, and she was looking for a husband after she was late to get married, as well as to examine their requirements and find out how couples are matched, but it turned out that most of these offices are owned by men who prey on young women before they are adults in order to have sexual relations through social networks, as appeared on most sites, or for the purpose of collecting money.

Marriage offices

There are groups that will admit only women who agree to polygamy, and if they are two, three, and four adherents, they will not be accepted among them or find a sought-after bridegroom, simply because all the men present are legally married, and perhaps some they have children from them, and their age varies between 30 and 60 years, while it is above them.

Marriage offices

Your weight, skin color and your order… Legal and customary marriage offices are a window for women and relationship hunters

And there are others who will only accept the entry of committed women into their groups, where questions such as: Do you pray, what kind of veil, is there a will to wear the niqab, and the like.

One of the offices, through the Facebook platform, connected him with a restaurant chef who was only 27 years old, but he told Cairo 24 that the marriage with him was taking place within customary and legal frameworks. In the first meeting, he confirmed that he did not accept money unless the applicant wanted to pay, because he did not say a specific amount, saying Look how much you want to pay and pay.

Chef Ahmed – a pseudonym – said that he does not have an office in the literal sense of the word, but he helps in the marriages of girls, because a woman came to him who wanted to find the man of her dreams, and he promised her that he had all the required specifications, and after a short time he called her is to give her the good news that he has found her a bridegroom, adding that he has decided to take on the role of a bridegroom desired by a lady who has not seen him but proposed to her but could not fulfill her demands.

Conditions for registration of marriage

Owners of legal and customary marriage offices are looking for connections and money

This came while he had men for customary marriage, if any woman wanted, because he said that he had previously been married by custom for 3 years, so he came up with the idea of ​​making a page for legal and customary marriage, and there is nothing defending marriage with advanced women to Him, even if it was a customary marriage, pointing out that it is unofficial and does not contain any rights, commenting: If you became pregnant and they took your paper, that is a big problem.

The owner of the office, who actually works as a chef in a restaurant, confirmed that he does not have an office or lists of men who want to marry except for a few, but any woman who proposes to him will inevitably find her request, whether it is a legal or customary marriage, and his role he does not end there, but coordinates the place and time until the duo can meet in his presence.

The other office, which was contacted, left a message confirming all the figures, which is that it is necessary to pay the amount of £400 through the cashier, otherwise the bride’s details will not be published so that he or she will be lucky, so the Office Owner asks about the physical details , height, weight, skin color and other long data that are published on the legal marriage page, and of course he did not forget to ask about the woman’s financial situation.

Conditions for registration of marriage

To stay clear about whether the bridegroom will be a divorcee or a widower, and we cannot know whether he is good or not. Our mission ends when we connect you with each other.. That sentence was in response to the application of choosing a groom for marriage, as the owner of the office explained that he accepts all young men and women who apply for marriage from unknown persons, after that they are not responsible for what is happening further.

The basic principle for anyone who claims to be a matchmaker is to write the specifications and wait in line, even if that line is a horrible illusion created by the site owner until the applicant is convinced that he is actually looking for a match, but most sites that Cairo 24 entered their world and found it based on two coins. He is either the owner of the groom’s office and is looking for a bride or a wife hunter.

Conditions for registration of marriage

And earlier, the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, through a live broadcast on his YouTube channel and the official website of the house, said that there are conditions for the marriage to be valid, because the secretary of the fatwa confirmed that there is none. thing like customary marriage, as the first condition for a correct marriage formula is that there is a married couple and the woman’s guardian who will say to the husband: “Your wife is my trustee according to the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Prophet. ”, and the husband says: “I accept her marriage for myself, for myself.”

The second condition is that there is a dowry that the groom gives to his bride, and there are no legal obstacles to the marriage, such as that the woman is his sister by nursing and that she is not married to another man, and that he is not married to four and she is the fifth , as well as that he is not married to her sister.

Witnesses are what the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa confirmed for a valid marriage. Two honest witnesses must be present and the spouses heard very clearly for this contract to be witnessed, and accordingly the neighbors, relatives and family are known, and finally a paper is written about what happened in anticipation of any impending corruption.

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