“I poisoned him while he was eating, and his lover broke his head.” Neighbors of the plumber, Al-Munib: “His children are orphans” (video and photos)

“Food poison, broken head and mouth sores”… Witness the cruelty experienced by “Ahmed Mohamed Hassan”, a 45-year-old plumber, at the hands of his playful 25-year-old wife, who was stripped of her feelings of humanity and mercy, and she followed the path of Satan to fulfill her satanic desires, and sacrificed her life with her husband, in whose protection she lived for a year and a half, gave birth to a fruit (a five-month-old baby), and she left all that behind, to throw herself into hug her lover, 35-year-old Amel, to cast a net of love for her with his sweet words and promise her a successful future, but the dreams turned into murder. She was the one who planned it.

The devil’s plan, the playful wife began to think how to get rid of her husband in order to have peace with her lover. It was planned and carried out with the help of a lover. The time has come for implementation, as is the custom of an ordinary husband who returns from work tired to take a break, and the wife starts preparing the food that was part of the plan. , put the “poison” in her so that she could control it, and in a few seconds called her lover, to climb into the house without anyone seeing him, to do what they had planned, to hold a wooden club (forest) and strike a series of fatal blows to his head, and the plumber fell victim, drowning in his blood

The plan didn’t end there, the two lovers sat down in front of the corpse of a simple worker, so the implementation began to remove suspicion from them, which consisted of the lover hitting the woman with a simple blow on the head. head, and as soon as he ran away, the woman screamed for the family to gather and inform them that an unknown person had attacked their house and entered. They have to be beaten, so that the husband becomes a victim of that traitor, leaving behind his two children.

The editor of “Al-Fajr” moved to the scene of the murder of a plumber by his wife and her lover on Al-Fakharani Street in Al-Munib

One of the neighbors: I met him before he was killed when he was going to the pharmacy, he was tired

“He was a good man who did not lose sight of what happened to him.” The first words of the neighbor “Ahmed the plumber”, 45 years old, were “Adam Ahmed”, one of the neighbors. incident, I met the victim, “He was going to one of the pharmacies in the area. I greeted him and asked me. He told me he was going to the pharmacy because he was tired of high blood pressure.” I don’t know that it was the last meeting.


His wife told us that an unknown person attacked them and killed her husband

I woke up the next morning to the news of his death. The neighbor continues in his interview with “Al-Fajr”, I didn’t know how it happened and how he was killed a few hours after I met him, his 25-year-old wife surprised him, only to scream and collapse in tears and hesitation: “Unknown a person attacked us and beat me and my husband and he died. Save him.” Neighbors tried to save him, but to no avail, so that his good soul could ascend to his creator.

One of the neighbors: His wife poisoned him, and his lover tattooed him

Another neighbor of the victim, Muhammad, takes the hadith, saying: “About six o’clock in the morning, I was next to the property, buying bread from the oven, and I learned that Ahmed the plumber had been killed, and that an unknown person had attacked them by beating them to death victim.” But after a few hours, the truth surprised us. Shockingly, what the wife said was a lie, so it becomes true that she was behind the murder of her husband with the help of a person. “And we heard from the investigation that he was her lover, and they got rid of him, that his wife poisoned him, and his lover stabbed him until he died,” indicating that the dominant man was miserable because of the bite of Ziva for his family.

The accused is 20 years younger than him, with whom he married after the separation and had a daughter

And the neighbor adds, in his words, about the victim: “Ahmed the plumber, he is a difficult man. Everyone loves him in the neighborhood. He had a son from his first wife for 7 years, and after divorcing her he decided to try his luck again, and that wife was 20 years younger than him, until they get married and the fruit of the marriage is (a 5-month-old baby), so that she can take care of his son from the first moment. wife, explaining: “The wife was always grateful to him when she talked to the neighbors to tell them that he sees nothing wrong with him”, which indicates that there were marital disputes, but that they did not lead to murder.


Neighbors want to punish the unfaithful wife

The plumber’s neighbors demanded from the victim: “We want the right of an overbearing man, what is his sin that makes him like this, and the accused orphaned the children, and the accused must be through him for every woman seduced by the devil, I want the most severe punishment.”

Details of the investigations and detention of the accused

The South Giza Prosecutor’s Office ordered the detention of the wife and her lover for 4 days pending an investigation, accusing them of murdering their husband for fear of exposing their relationship with Al-Munib in Giza.

The South Giza Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the murder of a worker named “Ahmed Mohamed” in his 30s (a plumber) by his wife and her lover in an apartment in Al-Munib in the Giza district, and the two defendants admitted to the incident.

Confessions of the Accused and the Lover: Our Fear of Exposure

The lady told the investigating authorities, I met my lover a long time ago and I tried to leave my husband, but I couldn’t, and recently I was afraid that my husband would discover my relationship with my lover, so I decided to get rid of him myself, so I am with my lover devised a plan to get rid of him, so on the day of the incident I put a poisonous substance in a cup of tea for him to drink and control her by dealing with it.

The woman added in her statement that after controlling her husband, I called my lover to go to the house at dawn, to get rid of him once and for all, so he grabbed the mole and hit him several times on the head until he fell dead on the spot , and we scattered the contents around the apartment, to remove suspicion from me.

The woman got rid of her husband with the help of her lover

The investigation revealed that the wife and the lover hatched a plan to kill the husband because they did not reveal their betrayal to him, so the wife planned to put a poisonous substance in the cup of tea that the husband drinks after returning from work, so that she can control it, then she informs the lover about the end his mission, so he goes to the house and gets rid of him to be free for them.Atmosphere.







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