“In the case of the Eastern Girl”… State Attorney’s Office: Investigations not attributed


Monday, November 21, 2022

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecution Service has revealed details of its investigation into the incident of the Eastern girl, who appeared in several videos worn around the neck, amid a family celebration of her honor and chastity.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office stated in a statement that the Department of Statements in the Public Prosecutor’s Office monitored the circulation of video clips on social networks in which the girl in Šarkija is carried on her neck in the middle of a crowd of people celebrating her, while she waved happily while one of them cheered over the loudspeaker. proving her honor and chastity, and a copy of the report appeared on the tape. A medical report issued by a public hospital stating that the girl’s virginity and the integrity of her hymen was proven after she signed a medical examination at the request of her father, and among the comments and news which have been published on communication sites about this video is that the girl got married last Thursday night, that is 11/17/2022 AD and got divorced the next day, claiming that she is not a virgin, but at the request of her father, it was proved by a medical examination that her hymen intact.

In this regard, the State Attorney’s Office received a report from the police yesterday, Sunday, November 20, 2022, who followed the above-mentioned recorded celebration, and asked the girl, her father and uncle for the reason for it, so they decided that she got married last Thursday , and then her husband kicked her out of the matrimonial home the next day, claiming that she was not a virgin, which prompted her father to request that she be examined at a public hospital, so that her virginity was proven, and the people celebrated her for it.

In their statements in the police report, the aforementioned confirmed that they made an agreement with the girl’s husband as usual, while the latter’s husband and his family insisted in the report that he confirmed at the wedding venue that the girl was not a virgin, so he informed her father, and after agreed on that, and a copy of the doctor’s report circulating on the monitored video was attached to the report, as a result of which the State Attorney’s Office launched investigations.

As I heard the testimony of the girl and her father, which was completely different from what they concluded in the police report. They decided that the girl, after the usual marriage contract with her consent and the consent of her father, and the release of the contract by the latter, should move with her husband to their residence, and between them there were the usual marital disputes that led to their separation. and the termination of the marriage contract, then the parents intervened to come to an agreement between themselves and dissolve the marriage, and the girl and her father confirmed in the investigation that the latter’s husband did not enter her and did not touch her, and that she was not exposed to any danger from that, and denied what the husband concluded in the police report that he found out that she was not a virgin, and he did not accuse anyone of any accusation.

Signing the medical examination, the girl and her father justified themselves by claiming that she felt pain in the genitals that had nothing to do with the marriage, they also justified themselves that the family celebration of her was without clear reasons known to them and that the matter was nothing but a misunderstanding between her parents because they believed she was not a virgin.

The prosecution also asked the girl’s husband, her uncle and her husband’s uncle, who confirmed the same statements. The husband also confirmed that his hand did not touch the girl, and he did not even uncover her body, denying what he decided. in the police report.

Following the above, the state attorney’s office confirms that this kind of event, and according to what has been established so far, does not represent a legally punishable act that could be attributed to the girl’s husband or parents. of two spouses. Just as the husband’s intercourse with the girl was not proven, or even the indecent abuse of her by presenting her body as a child, just as her father was not proven to have committed the crime of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, and what the husband decided as evidence in the police report that he was locally safe in the girl’s lack of virginity did not find evidence or even the Assumption confirms it in the investigations, because the husband denied these statements, and the girl and her father also denied them.

Regarding this incident, the State Attorney’s Office, although its investigations have so far not charged anyone from it, remains with the community, appealing to the legislator to speed up the consideration of the adoption of a law prohibiting child marriage. , criminalizing the marriage of minors, and increasing the punishment for the one who caused it. Believing in the seriousness of these facts, and the seriousness of their consequences for women in particular, and society in general.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also calls on everyone to adhere to what our official religious institutions have called and confirmed. Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Egyptian House of Ifta, on the need to refrain from marrying minors; Because of the physical and psychological damage this marriage causes to girls, in addition to the social damage, this damage is contrary to the goals of the tolerant Sharia, which is not acceptable to any person, and which does not prevent the imposition of a deterrent punishment for anyone who participates in the marriage of a minor.

It also calls on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to adhere to what these institutions have confirmed and accepted about the need to adhere to what is established in the Islamic legal heritage regarding the “criterion of capacity” in marriage, which is determined by custom, time and place. Or it is permissible to marry underage girls even if their guardians agree. Instead, she must be financially, physically, morally, psychologically and culturally empowered to be able to open a house, appoint a husband and raise children useful to society. They or their guardians are satisfied, which requires criminalization but also prohibition.

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