Judgment from the life and sayings of some wise men

Judgment, which is considered a lesson that guides us through many situations throughout life, has wisdom and teaches us a lot about every situation we live in our life, be it sad or happy, so in this article we will talk about many rules of life that will give you many lessons to help you. You have different experiences with augmentation.

Rule your life

Here, dear reader, is the best life assessment you will need for many different experiences in your life.

  • Life is very much like a mirror, you will get the best out of it if you smile at it.
  • It is not important to live everyone’s life, but it is important to live well.
  • Sometimes it seems to us that life is long and sometimes short, it all depends on the way we live.
  • There is no justice in life, this is the truth.
  • Life is like an elevator, sometimes it lifts you up, sometimes it wears you down.
  • In school they teach you a lesson and then test you, but in life you will be tested and then you get a lesson.
  • No one can stand on your back unless you bend over.
  • A drop of rain hits the rock, not hard, but often.
  • Nothing makes us old like experience and nothing calms us down like disappointment.
  • Loyal friends love the hand and the eye, if the hand hurts, cries or cries, the hand wipes it.
  • You only become friends with the perfect person when you believe in yourself.
  • He who continued his youth missed his old age.
  • If people hadn’t made mistakes, the eraser wouldn’t have been invented.
  • A small voice is louder than a shout, humility corrupts pride, and kindness conquers pride.

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The most beautiful words about life

  • When the lions are silent, the parrots start chattering.
  • Everything except the mind is cheaper, the more of it, the greater its value, and the speech of a man indicates the strength of his mind.
  • It’s not a shame to fall, it’s a shame not to get up.
  • The most beautiful thing that happens in moments of disagreement is the sincerity behind the praise.
  • Life swings like a pendulum between pain and boredom.
  • A curmudgeon is someone who has lived life without tasting it.
  • Do not judge your future from now on, because before the peace the prophets took care of the sheep and then led the nations.
  • Life is short, but our misfortunes make it longer.
  • There are two things that destroy a man: preoccupation with the past and preoccupation with others: by knocking on the door of the past, the future is lost, and he who cares to observe others loses great comfort.
  • Don’t despair if you turn back, remember that the stock has to come back to rise at full strength.
  • Tell those who wear them that their inspiration doesn’t last long, because as happiness fades, so does anxiety.
  • A life ruled by your mind is much better than a life ruled by other people’s words.
  • Respect comes before love, honesty crushes lies, repentance burns the devil, and truth destroys lies.
  • If you see a person giving you advice while yelling at you, don’t interrupt them, because behind that anger is a great love for you, so don’t be like someone who breaks the alarm because they woke it up in the morning.
  • There are three men in a woman’s life: a father she respects, a brother she fears and a husband she loves and loves.

The most powerful phrases in life in 2020

  • Life is a beautiful novel, which you must read to the end, without stopping at the sad line, the next one can be happy, and the end can be better.
  • You cannot find happiness in pain.
  • Intelligence should not give your opponent an answer to the question asked, as this gives him an opportunity to formulate the next question.
  • Victory is tastier when they bet on your failure and success.
  • You may find that the alternatives are more beautiful than the higher priority ones.
  • If you lose your loved ones, you will not die, but if you lose your dignity, you will live dead.
  • Life has trials and challenges, you are smarter when you suffer, stronger when you fail and more optimistic when you smile.
  • For some people we want older versions so the updates back then changed them a lot.
  • Human words are like dust, if you don’t blow them up, they will crumble under your feet, testing your spontaneity so that tongues don’t fall silent.
  • Although insignificant, there are details that can seriously blow our minds.

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Words of some wise men about life

Naguib Mahfouz said:

  • I can tell if a guy is smart by his answers, I can tell if a guy is smart by his questions.
  • A wise man should not be stubborn when luck breaks.
  • Suffering has the side of joy, the softness of despair and the meaning of death.
  • If money is the goal of those fighting for power, there is no harm if it is also the goal of the unfortunate voters.
  • Notwithstanding this depravity of mine, I was amazed that it was puffed up and exaggerated and beset, and had power and effect, and preached everything from a needle to a missile, and preached a great human direction, and yet the human mind shrank and withered into the vulgarity of a mosquito. Exhausted by cowardice, hypocrisy and emptiness.
  • Democracy is eager to learn. As for the totalitarian government, it is not in its interest to spread knowledge and enlightenment.
  • The conscious mind can respect an idea even if it does not believe in it.
  • Life is a flood of memories that flow into the sea of ​​oblivion. As for death, that is an established fact.
  • Revolutions are led and carried out by the brave, and then the cowards win.

Gibran Khalil Gibran said:

  • You can’t laugh and be rude at the same time.
  • Mother is everything in this life, comfort in sadness, hope in despair and strength in weakness.
  • Every spring and winter the heart trembles, and every night behind the curtain the dawn smiles.
  • A pessimist sees only his shadow in life.
  • There are those who complain that the flower is thorny, and those who are optimistic that the rose has thorns.
  • My mother’s face, my mother’s face.
  • He does not write with ink like someone who writes with the blood of the heart.
  • I planted my pain in the whip field and joy returned to me.
  • The most depressed people who do not know the reason for their regret.
  • Tortoises are more experienced at hitting turtles than rabbits.
  • Yesterday is today’s memory, and tomorrow is his dream.
  • The human race has not acted on the words of the one who said it best. So you see them killing criminals and prophets.

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Ibrahim al-Fiqi:

  • When we blame others, we become their victim, justify our actions against them, and give them a part of the last moments of our lives.
  • Keep an attractive smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like smiling, pretend to smile, because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish reality from what is not, so it is better to opt for a constant smile.
  • Whatever the circumstances, whatever the challenges and whatever the external influences, you have to feel positive.
  • When we call people by their names, I think our names are the most beautiful thing our ears have ever heard, so we call people by their names.
  • Live every moment as the last moment of your life, live with faith, live with hope, live in love, live with struggle and appreciate the value of life.

At the end of our article, we talked about a sentence about life that will help you move forward in life and learn lessons.

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