The identity of this child will shock you!! The most handsome actor in the history of cinema was ruined by his friendship with Souad Hosni, married Mervat Amin and died in front of Madiha Kamel!!

Amir Fathi wrote on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 2:47 pm – A group of active accounts concerned about artist news brought back Ali Social mediaA rare childhood picture of a famous Egyptian artist, one of the most important stars, has been circulating Egyptian cinematography In the sixties and seventies.

Where he was very attractive, which made him the “Jan” of that time period, and he was also called the “king of the guitar”, because he is also a “magician” of women, and this was reflected in his personal life; He is a famous Egyptian guitarist Omar Khorshid Who was married four times during his short life, because he died at the age of 36.

Guitarist, composer, actor and producer, Omar Muhammad Omar Khurshid, was born in the Abdeen district of Cairo on April 9, 1945. He lived in an ancient artistic family. “She was very beautiful, and at the beginning of her life she worked as a radio model. She has one sister, Jihan, and two half-sisters from her mother, one of them, a show artist. SherihanHe also has 4 male brothers from his father, and one sister who died in a car accident many years ago.

Omar Khorshid and Mervat Amin

A great love story put together Mervat Amin and guitarist Omar Khorshid, where they were married in 1972, the same year he divorced his first wife, Mrs. Amina Al-Sobky, but the marriage lasted only a year, and it was said at the time that Mervat knew that Omar was in relation to Miss Lebanon Georgina Rizk, so she broke up with him.

After the separation, they returned to married life only 100 hours after the separation, as Khurshid said in an interview with Al-Kawakeb magazine in 1973: “We resumed married life with the aim of calming our minds and nerves so that each of us could determine his position towards the other.” But the truth is that Mervat and Omar did not continue their married life, and Omar traveled to Beirut to work on the film “Guitar of Love”, and stayed there for two months, which is enough time to think from afar without any influences.

Omar Khurshid said: “We have come to a conclusion, which is the impossibility of continuing the marriage, and the separation has become in our interest so that our friendship remains, because our return again would make matters worse, and we may lose our friendship after we lose our married life, and that’s what I don’t want.” Khurshid also noted that the pillars of the success of married life are not completed, and there is no hope for its completion, and that the most important pillar of the success of marriage is the care of the spouses for each other, and that was not there in our lives, because our meeting was fleeting because each of us was busy with our work, and when a man comes home exhausted from work, he has the right to find someone at home, and that was not available to both of us.

Maha Abu Auf’s marriage to Omar Khorshid

andMaha Abu Auf She is the fourth and last wife of singer Omar Khorshid, whom she married in early 1981, a few months before his death, so their marriage was short-lived. When he died in May of the same year, she was four months pregnant but miscarried.

It is said that in 1977, Omar Khorshid married for the third time a Lebanese businesswoman, Dina, and their marriage lasted until his death on May 28, 1981, and he met her in Lebanon during the filming of one of his films. He loved her and married her. with her, and their place of residence was in EgyptTheir marriage lasted a stable period and testified to the brilliance of each of them in their field and work, but eventually conflicts broke out and multiplied, and the divorce did not take place despite Omer’s intention, but he died before completing it, and it was said that Maha Abu Auf was the reason behind his decision to divorce Dina when he loved her and decided to marry her. He promised her and her father that he would divorce Dina within a few months, but he died before that.

Madiha Kamel and Omar Khorshid

There were rumors about a romantic relationship with the artist Madiha Kamelafter their participation in the film “The Oracle” in 1981, directed by Atef Salem, in which the officer entrusted with the order to escort her through the governorates of Egypt falls in love with her as part of her torture, and “Madiha” won more than one award for this role, and the film caused the admiration of the public and achieved great success among the public, and the rumors stopped only after “Madiha” married the lawyer Jalal El-Deeb.

Death of Omar Khurshid:

On May 29, 1981, the “guitar wizard” had a terrible car accident at the end of Al-Haram Street, next to the “Menahouse” and in front of the “Christo” restaurant, after finishing work in one of the big hotels, and she was following him and his wife “Dina”, and the artist Madiha Kamel “Khorsheed” died. As a result, at the age of 36. According to Al-Ahram.

There were rumors that “this accident was planned, especially after his wife and Madiha Kamel testified before the prosecution, because upon returning to the house they were chased by a mysterious car, which left them only after the owner made sure that (Khurshid) crashed with a light pole,” confirming that “this was previously planned.” A senior political official at the time as his youngest daughter fell in love with Khurshid.

It said he was “killed by one of the Palestinian organizations because it decided to kill everyone who went with Sadat to Washington to sign the Egyptian-Israeli peace initiative, including (Khorshid) who was playing guitar in the White House,” the text said. Al-Ahram.

Others indicated that “there was a showdown between him and the statesman because he refused to marry his younger sister, the artist Sherihan, to him.” The killer is still unknown, and the investigation has not revealed the truth about the incident.

His friendship with Souad Hosni destroyed him:

The “Rosa Al-Youssef” newspaper published a chapter entitled: “Omar Khurshid … legend and truth”, stating that it was “from the memoirs of the late artist”. Soad Hosni Which amounted to 350 pages.” The newspaper said the notes “reveal information confirming hostility Safwat Al-Sharif For (Khorsheed).

“Souad” in her memoirs, according to “Rose Al-Youssef”, said that “with Khurshid she spent the most beautiful days of her life between Morocco, Tunisia, Paris and London, and admits that their relationship was born as a result of sadness and despair that befell them after the death of Halim, her friend and Khurshid.” Noting in her diaries, according to the newspaper, that she “wept in Khurshid’s arms, as she had never wept before after Halim’s death.”

“Souad” said in her memoirs, according to the newspaper: “After Halim’s death, Safwat Al-Sharif became the president of the Radio and Television Union in 1981 and then became the right-hand man of the then vice president, Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. , and he did not stop harassing her, and when (Huršid) found out, he went to (Safvat). In his office on television, he threatened him with clear words (Again Suad, no… understand, Safvat).. and (Safvat) , with a stiff face, smiled (at Khurshid) without saying a word.

And the newspaper “Rose Al-Youssef” states: “This was not the first time that Khurshid got angry with Safwat, but it already happened once in 1976, on the second night of the Sham El-Nessim concert, where Halim (reader of cups) sang ), and (Safwat) tried to spoil the night. And at that time, Khurshid intervened to stop him.

“Souad” confirms in his memoirs published by “Rosa Al-Youssef” that “Safwat Al-Sharif started, through some artists and artists working for him, the rumor that Khurshid Ali had an affair with Sadat’s daughter, (Nana) or Jehan Muhammad Anwar Sadat, the apple of her father’s eye because she was the last of the group, beautiful, sweet, gentle, religious and known for her good manners and behavior.

And “Souad” says: “Safwat told Sadat the story of the relationship (Khurshida and Nana), and then he asked Sadat to leave the matter to him, i.e. Safwat, and to give him freedom of action and dealing with this shah, but Sadat asked (Safwat) to act within the limits of the law, He refused to meet (Khurshid), who tried to meet him to explain the matter, after he felt the magnitude of the conspiracy and the danger of revenge.”

“Souad” said: “(Safwat) was not satisfied with that, but tightened the rope around (Khurshid’s) neck and started spreading another rumor related to (Umar’s) visit to Tel Aviv at a time when the Arab countries were on fire after the signing of the agreement , and Kuwait immediately canceled the concerts that Omar was preparing with his band in early 1979. Kuwait even issued a decision banning him from entering its territory, based on Royal Law no. 21 of 1964 on the boycott of Israel and who has to do with it. Qatar also issued a decision on April 8, 1979, banning Khurshid from entering its countries, and subsequently decisions to ban entry into several other Arab countries.

“Souad” added in her memoirs: “After Khurshid left Roland, he and his wife (Dina) were surprised by 3 people driving a green Buick van, from which the metal panels had been removed. Very quickly, until his car did not reach the end of Al-Haram Street in front of (Christo’s) restaurant, and the green car crashed into him, the steering wheel disappeared from his hands, and he violently collided with the middle island, and his body flew out of the windshield, which received triple gunshot wounds in the neck and chest area, and then his body collided with a pillar. Rasvjeta, and it suffered a series of fractures, according to the court medical report, and Omar died in the (Consolation) hospital. while his wife (Dina) was transferred to the (Anglo) hospital.

In the memoir, “Souad” revealed that he was “a musician Muhammed Abd-alwahab He found out about the plot, so he informed (Khurshid) to be sure, and convinced him that he should urgently request a meeting with Sadat, which angered Sadat, who thought Abdel Wahhab was referring to him.

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These were the news details about this child’s identity, which will shock you!! The most handsome actor in the history of cinema was ruined by his friendship with Souad Hosni, married Mervat Amin and died in front of Madiha Kamel!! For this day, we hope we managed to give you all the details and information. To keep up with all our news, you can subscribe to the alert system or to one of our different systems to keep you up to date.

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