An international brand is causing outrage with shocking images of children…and celebrities in motion

The French house “Balenciaga” caused outrage around the world for its promotional campaign in which children appeared with sexual accessories, for which the brand apologized and launched a counterattack through the judiciary.

This time, the subject of controversy was the Gift Collection advertising campaign, which in some images shows a little girl standing on a bed carrying a bag in the shape of a white bear tied with a black belt.

Balenciaga, owned by France’s Kering group, also acknowledged in an apology it issued on Monday, days after it deleted campaign images and all account images, that “some consider these accessories to have sexual connotations or suggest sexual practices involving sado- masochism,” according to an AFP report.

And the famous brand admitted in its statement that these accessories “should not have been displayed with children”, emphasizing that what happened was the result of its bad decision and that it bears “full responsibility”.

However, netizens pointed out that one of the photos shows a bag produced in collaboration between “Balenciaga” and “Adidas” placed on top of documents containing excerpts from a decision of the US Supreme Court regarding the sexual exploitation of children.

Cartoon messages

Some social media surfers felt that there was a connection between the two images, believing that they indicated the brand’s deliberate desire to send a hidden message, which Balenciaga denied, condemning the two as “child abuse”, stressing that it had never intended to “show this idea within campaign”. propaganda”.

She confirmed that she was responsible for the lack of censorship regarding the second image. The brand indicated that it filed a lawsuit regarding the inclusion in its campaign of “these unapproved documents, as a result of irresponsible negligence.”

Lawsuit.. and $25 million in damages

The New York Post reported that a lawsuit was filed in a New York court against “North Six” production and interior designer Nicholas de Jardin, seeking $25 million in damages. Balenciaga did not confirm this news in its statement.

“There was certainly no malicious conspiracy, and as Balenciaga knows, several boxes of documents were obtained from the rental site and contained photographic materials,” Amelia Brankoff, Nicolas de Jardin’s defense attorney, said in a letter to Agence France-Presse.

She indicated that “representatives of Balenciaga were present during the filming.”

Kim Kardashian breaks her silence…and expresses her shock

And “Balenciaga” already apologized last week, but she sent a new apology on Monday after the comments of the American star Kim Kardashian, who is one of her media faces, who broke her silence.

The reality star, whose accounts have 74 million followers, said she was shocked by the “disturbing images” given that she is a “mother of four”, adding that she had taken note of “Balenciaga’s withdrawal of the images and her apology”.

And on Sunday night, she tweeted: “As for my future with Balenciaga, I am re-examining the relationship that unites us, based on the brand’s willingness to take responsibility for something that should never have happened, and the actions I expect from it in terms of protecting children.”

Before that, the famous American model Bella Hadid deleted the posts of the French fashion house, in the first reaction of a public figure, after the escalation of criticism against “Balenciaga”.

Arab stars and fashion bloggers are on their way

On the other hand, famous Tunisian model and TV presenter, Reem Al-Saidi, shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she appears to be ripping off Balenciaga’s shoes, and said: “As a mother, an influencer and a public figure, I have a lot of followers on Instagram , I cannot remain silent.”

She captioned the video, “Kim Kardashian, it’s your turn…I challenge you to do the same.”

Many stars showed their solidarity with Ree, such as Mona Zaki who shared the video via “Instagram Story” and commented: “We will never buy from this brand.”

On the other hand, Saudi actress and singer Aseel Omran wrote, on Reem Al-Saeedi’s video, which she shared on her account, “Long ago, whoever used these images was imprisoned as an abuser or sexually interested in children.

On the other hand, Lebanese journalist Wissam Braidi posted a video on Twitter in which he said that there are some companies like “Balenciaga” that do not work in the field of fashion, but implement certain agendas, such as changing the mentality of accepting some unacceptable topics in society.

A number of fashion bloggers in Kuwait also joined the campaign to boycott “Balenciaga”, and expressed their anger by throwing the brand’s shoes and clothes in the trash, such as Sondos Qattan and fashionista “Marmara”.

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