Children of Gaza.. Innocence is an abundant loan for Israel’s Bank of Purposes

The hands of the clock show four o’clock, on the evening of Friday August 5, five-year-old Alaa Qadum rushed after her father as he left the house, so that she and her seven-year-old brother Riyadh clung to his motorcycle while he was on his way to visit his sister who lives a few tens of meters from his house in Al-Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

Alaa settled down with her aunt, met her children, and joy crossed her face, because she found someone to play with, to tell them in front of the house about her joy that she bought her pink bag, which will follow her dreams into kindergarten, which should have been enrolled before the end of August this year.

And while the innocent five-year-old girl was talking about her rosy dreams, she was surprised by a rocket fired from an Israeli helicopter, near where she was playing, that she drowned in blood, while her brother Riyad was seriously injured, which almost killed him.

Kill innocent dreams

The little girl died at the beginning of life, leaving her brother to sigh from parting and the wounds that settled in his slender body, a few days before the beginning of the school year, while the longing filled her innocent heart to sit on her school chair, and she followed and her pink bag emblazoned with the likeness of her favorite cartoon character Elsa, which she and her mother bought at the market a few days before her murder.

The grandfather of the child, Alaa Riyad Qaddum, in a sad voice and tears asked “Emirates Today”: “What is the fault of my granddaughter, child Alaa, that she is deprived of her life and her dreams that weave in her mind every day? Is my granddaughter firing rockets towards the occupation? How would he kill her childhood in this heinous criminal manner and turn her brother into a prisoner of a sickbed inside Al-Shifa Hospital, as a result of his severe wounds and critical injury.

And Qaddoum added: “Since Friday morning, before the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Alaa was playing in the corners of the house like a butterfly. After that, she went out with her father and did not return to us after that.

Farewell candies

From the Al-Shujaiya neighborhood in the east, to the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, warplanes spread the pain of separation within dozens of homes. Bara’a has four children, including two siblings.

As a result of Israeli shelling, which targeted a residential area near the Imad Aqel mosque, in the Jabalia camp, six citizens were killed, namely Ahmed Muhammad al-Nairab (11 years old), his brother Moamen (5 years old), the child Muhammad Ali Salem (9 age), and child Khalil Muhammad Shabeer. (10 years old), and young Ahmed Al-Fram and boy Khalil Abu Hamada, who is the only child of his parents, after 13 years of infertility.

Two brothers, Muhammad and Moamen, left their house on Saturday evening to buy sweets in a supermarket located next to their house, a few meters away, and on their way back they encountered a group of children playing in front of their homes, due to the high temperature and power outages, whose crisis has worsened since the first day of the Israeli military operation.

Immediately, the Israeli missiles surprised everyone in the area and were faster than Ahmed and Moamen’s return home. And the two immediately rose in height, so that the innocent blood of childhood mixed with the sweets that they had not been happy to eat before the moment of forced parting.

The two siblings, Muhammad and Moamen Al-Nairab, left behind two younger sisters to prevent them from seeing their third sister, who is due to see the light of day in less than two months.

3 brothers and their father

Going from the north of Gaza to the south, reaching the Al-Bureij refugee camp in the middle of the besieged belt, the children of the Al-Nabahin family had no one to cry for but their grieving mother.

As the sun was setting on the third day of the military operation, occupation helicopters killed three siblings and their father at the same time, after firing several missiles at their innocent and slender childhood bodies, directly targeting their home.

Yasser Al-Nabahin (45 years old), father of three children, and twins Muhammad and Dalia (13 years old), and their brother Ahmed (9 years old) were killed.

In connection with the murder of the children of the Al-Nabahin family and their father, Israeli planes targeted a group of children in the Jabalia refugee camp, while they were playing in front of the gate of the “Al-Falujah” cemetery near their home. Najm (13 years old), Hamid Najm ( 14 years old) and Muhammad Najm (14 years old).

The result of the military occupation operation was the shooting of children during helicopter bombardment for three consecutive days. At the end of the Israeli military operation, before midnight on Sunday, August 7, the Ministry of Health announced that 43 Palestinians had been killed. killed, including (19) children and four women, with 311 injured, as a result of intense Israeli attacks on the residents of the Strip, since last Friday afternoon.

In connection with the murder of the children of the Al-Nabahin family and their father, Israeli planes targeted a group of children in the Jabalia refugee camp.

The grandfather of the child, Alaa Riyad Qaddum, asks in a sad voice: “What is my granddaughter’s fault that she is deprived of her life, and of her dreams that she weaves in her mind every day?”

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