Experts: Digital signature is the cornerstone for converting government transactions into electronic ones

Mohamed Etman, head of the User Platforms Department at the Arab African International Bank, confirmed that the electronic signature is in line with Egypt’s development goals and strategy towards digital transformation in 2030, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance and benefits of the generalization of the digital signature, whether in financial transactions or obtaining services, which also supports the state’s approach to support this sector..

Ahmed Saeed, Chief Technology Officer at Delta Trust Company, explained that an electronic signature requires proof of the signer’s identity to perform any transaction or obtain any service, thereby ensuring that the service reaches those who deserve it..

He pointed out that the electronic signature protects against security threats that are a headache in electronic transactions, because it makes transactions more secure and with which the user can prove the legality of his right to receive the service..

He added that the digital signature supports the idea of ​​a digital bank by relying on the digital signature because it helps the user to get all his requests from anywhere without the need to go to the bank, in addition to stock trading operations such as buying and selling on the stock market, so that the customer can sign all their transactions securely.

He pointed out that the electronic signature is the cornerstone for converting all transactions to digital, and digital certificate service providers depend on two bodies, namely the registration authority and the certificate issuing authority, and after issuing the electronic signature mechanism, the user becomes a digital identity from the state..

He emphasized that the electronic signature is in line with global trends towards a green society, as it will abolish paper transactions and subsequently eliminate carbon dioxide emissions resulting from paper..

He pointed out that there are challenges to generalizing this presented in technological challenges, which include the obligation to deliver a digital signature service through an intermediary, which is a (Smart Token) that is only used through specific devices such as computers and laptops..

He added that the change to accessibility for simple devices such as mobile phones is very expensive, which requires a change in the legal regulations related to the method of giving an electronic signature, along with legal challenges that require a review of some procedures..

He pointed out that the Agency for the Development of the Information Technology Industry (ITIDA) is the body that deals with changing the regulations related to this industry, referring to the need for the Central Bank to review the procedures imposed on the banking sector so that citizens can distinguish between electronic signatures and logins with a one-time password. . One time password (OTP).

Mohammed Al-Ruwaini, Director of Digital Projects Business Solutions, confirmed e & Egypt Digital transformation is a great opportunity to maximize the importance of the electronic signature, which requires the provision of an integrated electronic signature business assurance system, whether at the level of individuals or companies.

He pointed out that the digital Egyptian portal was an excellent measure of citizens’ response to obtaining services without going to an interest or state agency, which requires increasing encouragement of citizens to use and obtain these services online with the possibility of their electronic signature if necessary. , which requires the importance of raising awareness Citizen has the importance of electronic signature and its advantages.

Mahmoud Ahmed, Vice President of Digital Signature, Inc FEDIS The most important feature of digital signature services is encryption and security, which encourages the individual to use and works to build absent trust in the way of dealing, whether in financial or personal matters via the Internet, and digital signature greatly reduces the use of paper, which is economical in supporting the internal budget either which institutions or companies, as well as reducing transportation costs and time needed to complete any transaction, whether banking or government.

He emphasized the importance of spreading awareness and increasing the trust of individuals for electronic business, thus achieving the goals of the Climate Summit. COP27 To achieve sustainability and create a greener society with low emissions.

Muhammad Al-Ghoul, senior manager of innovation and information technology and communications at Orange, believes that an electronic signature is completely different from an electronic signature OTP (One secret number) needed in bank transactions in the case of transfers or similar, while the digital signature serves to verify the identity of a person and whether he deserves to receive a service, whether governmental or non-governmental, because it is a safe way of dealing with the recipient and the service provider in a way that creates trust in what is between them.

He pointed out the importance of the technology used in financial or government transactions being largely secured to achieve the strategic goals of the institutions that provide the services.

He added that Orange cooperates with Egypt Trust, which is considered one of the oldest companies to provide electronic signature services in Egypt, and this cooperation actually achieves a greater spread of the service in a shorter time, and the generalization of the use of electronic invoices is a step in encouraging companies to use electronic signature..

He drew attention to the importance of legislation that helps in the growth and regulation of this industry, and that the increase in transactions mainly depends on the suitability of the legislation to the given goals and identifying the areas in which electronic signatures can be used..

He emphasized the importance of partnerships that are currently taking place between service providers and various entities, whether from the public or private sector, which will greatly contribute to spreading awareness and increasing the spread of services in a better way..

The session was held as part of the activities of the twenty-sixth session of the International Technology Exhibition and Conference in the Middle East and Africa Cairo ICTwhich was held for 4 consecutive days, from November 27 to 30, at the Egyptian International Exhibition Center in New Cairo..

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