In celebration of “Oscar”, evening, football and stadiums” In the presence of the Minister of Sports

Happy day.. in Dar Al-Tahrir

Zizou is the “party groom”… and Awad is the center of attention… and Maarouf is extremely disciplined

testified Dar Al Tahrir Foundation for Press and Publishing One of its most beautiful nights as it celebrates the heroes and heroines of Egypt from the Oscar-winning Evening, Football and Stadiums Festival in its 60th edition, which is the oldest and oldest sports festival in Egypt and the Middle East. The institution was decorated with ceremonial toilets, and was entertained by sports stars and legends of all generations. The festival was like a holiday for Egyptian sports, held under the auspices of the National Press Authority Engineer Abdul Sadiq Al-Shorbaji.

Amir Mortada, the leader of Zamalek, and Khaled Al-Awadi, the representative of Al-Ahly and Abu Qamar received the Al-Masry Award
Shields of distinction were awarded to Hatab, Allam, Al-Arian, Al-Husseini, Diab..Saif, Amira, Hathout and Al-Komy, media stars

The celebration took place in the presence and under the patronage of Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports. And under the supervision of Iyad Abu Al-Hajjaj Hafez, Chairman of the Dar Al-Tahrir Board of Directors for Printing and Publishing, and with him journalist, writer Abdel Nabi Al-Shahat, editor-in-chief of Al-Mas’ and the Al-Jumhuriya Online portal, and journalist Muhammad Al -Demerdash, editor-in-chief of Al-Kora and Al-Malaab.

The ceremony was held in the Grand Hall of Celebrations of the Dar Al-Tahrir Foundation, in the presence of a large number of sports stars, legends and senior sports leaders in Egypt, including Engineer Hisham Hatab, President of the Olympic Committee, Gamal Allam, President of the Football Association, Khaled Al-Dirandali, vice president of the Football Association, and members of the Jabalia Council, representative Hazem Emam, Dr. Ihab Al-Koumi and Dr. Dina Al-Rifai and Dr. Magdi Abu Freikha, president of the Basketball Association, Abdel Moneim Al-Husseini, president of the Federation of Arms, Sherif Al- Arian, president of the Modern Pentathlon Federation, representative Ahmed Diab, president of the Association of Professional Clubs, representative Ahmed Badawi, president of the Communication and Information Committee for Technology in the House of Representatives, and a group of great stars from the football family and other games. and a host of top sports experts alongside Oscar and Shields winners
The concert was led by the great announcer Farah Ali.

The ceremony began with the singing of the national anthem, followed by a documentary film prepared by the Foundation’s Social Media Department, which included the history of 60 years of the Oscars, supported by appropriate photos, the stars who were honored during the process, the chairmen of the board of directors, editors-in-chief and departments . The play was well received and delighted by the visitors, and the Oscars and honorary shields were handed out to the award winners after that.

Ahmed El-Sayed Zizou, winner of the best player award, received a great welcome when he attended, especially when he came to Dar Al-Tahrir for the first time. Before him came Muhammad Awad who stole the limelight and did not calm down for a moment during the entire ceremony due to the insistence of many to take pictures with him. The Al-Masry delegation, led by Al-Husseini Abu Qamar, the club’s vice-president, was attended by Yasser Yahya and Ahmed Essam Shaaban, members of the board of directors. dr. Sherif Saleh, a board member of the Association of Professional Clubs, sat with them. International referee Muhammad Maarouf very much wanted to attend the ceremony with his family, and he was completely devoted to his place, preserving the calm and dignity with which he appears in the stadiums. As for Hazem Imam, he was the fruit of the ceremony, and received thanks and praise from all present, along with Khaled Al-Dirandali and Dr. Dina Al-Rifai. Despite Ehab Al-Koumi’s association with the Football Association’s Board of Directors, he sat next to major media personalities Hatem Batisha and Hani Hathout.
The following are the winners of awards and Oscars:
Best player and scorer: Ahmed Sayed Zizou, star of Egypt and Zamalek club
Best goalkeeper: Mohamed Awad, goalkeeper of Egypt and Zamalek
Best young player: Hossam Abdel Meguid, Egyptian Olympic and first defender and club Zamalek.
Best Foreign Professional Player: International financial player and Al-Ahly star Aliou Diang.
The best coach: Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, coach of the Zamalek club.
Best referee: Muhammad Maarouf.
Best football supervisor: Amir Mortada Mansour, general football supervisor at Zamalek.
Best youth sector: Enppi club sector.
The best sports project: the new project of the Al-Masry club stadium
The best female athlete: Basant Hamida, who won gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters at the Mediterranean Games, breaking the previous track record.
Best Non-Spherical Sports Player: Azmy Muhailiba, Egyptian and World Archery Champion.
The best coach of the team game: Spaniard Agusti Bosch, basketball coach of the Al-Ahly club.
Best football analyst: Hazem Emam.
Best commentator: Hatem Batisha, current commentator of On Sport and former BN Sport.
Best announcer: Saif Zaher, presenter at On Sport Time.
Best presenter: Amira Gamal from Ontime Sport.
Best sports program: Ontime Stadium with Ahmed Schubert.
Best sports federation: Arms Federation.
A number of stars and great sports personalities who contributed to raising the name of Egypt in international forums and who managed to achieve impressive results were awarded:
– Golden champions at the Mediterranean tournament, 13 players, Amr Reda, “free fight”. Dina Musharraf. Here is the quality. Mariam Al-Hudhaibi “Table Tennis Women’s Team”. P Ferial Ashraf Karate. Youssef Badawi “Karate”. Mohamed Abdel Mawgoud “Judo”. Yousry Hafez ” Boxing. Basant Hamida, Athletics (two golds). Neama Saeed, Weightlifting, two golds. Ziyad El-Sisi, Saber weapon. Mohamed El-Sayed, Fencing Sword. Saif Essa ” Taekwondo
Samar Hamza, world silver medalist, is the first of his kind for Egypt
It was also decided to present special shields in honor of:
Special award for the Equestrian Association
– Special award of the Union of Modern Pentathlon
Ahmed Al-Ahmar
Journalists: Dr. Ehab El-Koumi, Hani Hathout, Farah Ali and Mustafa Goueli
– Great sports critic Sami Abdel Fattah
– Great journalist Mahmoud Maarouf
It is worth noting that the first player to win the award for the best player in Egypt at this festival in 1960 was the late captain Mohamed Rifai, the star of Zamalek in the sixties, who was called the flying full-back. Among the most prominent winners of the title in previous years are Ali Abu Greisha, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Farouk Jaafar, Hassan Shehata, Taher Abu Zaid and Ibrahim Youssef.

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